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#169. Mystery Trip – TICK!!

I am BACK from my Mystery Trip!! ūüėÄ Well…that was well and truly worth the wait! haha…

I was sent to Tangalooma Island Resort, Moreton Island, Qld!!!!

Tangalooma Sunset from my room at the Resort....WOW!!

Tangalooma Sunset from my room at the Resort….WOW!!

WOW how did I get so lucky!?! I literally could not believe my eyes when I took off the blindfold in the carpark – YES, that’s right I was blindfolded for part of the trip down, so seeing where we were headed wouldn’t give any of the game away! haha. Just one element of the awesome fun that has been the leadup, anticipation, and unfolding of the 3 days of my magical Mystery Trip!!¬† The months, weeks and especially in the days beforehand, leading into my Mystery Trip…SO looking forward to going away….but not having ANY idea of where I was being sent to…wandering just what had been planned for me, but being absolutely Clueless – SO MUCH FUN!! ūüėÄ

Keeping the Mystery alive...until literally the very last minute! haha

Keeping the Mystery alive…until literally the very last minute! haha

I will be sharing the (masses of! lol) photos, and a Blog in the coming days about all the fun, magic, and awesomeness that happened while on the Trip – (I am so, so tired right now I can barely think straight!!) haha its fair to say that I made the absolute most of EVERY moment I was away….and more!

#169 Mystery Trip….*AND*…a surprise tick off the List while I was there…#132 Parasailing – TICK!! off of my Chasing My Dreams bucketlist….!

Parasailing...."I Believe I can Fly!"

Parasailing….”I Believe I can Fly!”

what a magical way of ticking these off the List! (along with sunset cruise, dolphin feeding, whale watching, and staying in a beautiful oceanview King room at Tangalooma Island Resort, Moreton Island, having so much amazing fun!)

Tangalooma Island Resort...Paradise on Earth!

Tangalooma Island Resort…Paradise on Earth!

Thank you SO much Billy (STA Travel Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore), for creating this awesome bit of magic in my life, which I will never, ever forget!¬†and also Laura, Tim, and¬†Christina at STA, who also kept the mystery alive, the whole way through!! I TOTALLY recommend this agency, and this man for all your travel plans – he really personalises your plans, and treats you with so much fun, and definitely not just like ‘another number’!¬†

There is SO much to do on the Island...this place DARES me to be adventurous! it!

There is SO much to do on the Island…this place DARES me to be adventurous! it!

Stay tuned….photos and blog to come, in the coming days!

Anything is Possible….when you add a¬†little bit of mystery and fun to the mix!

Its about the Journey not the Destination!

“Its about the Journey not the Destination” – Living life the ‘bucketlist way’ isn’t about ‘ticking something off a list on paper/a website etc’ like a to-do list that you check off, its about the entire experience –
what you learn/ what you discover about yourself and the world around you
stepping outside your comfort zone
discovering that you really are capable of more than you ever thought possible
putting more fun in your life
that worry really is pointless as ‘whatever is going to happen, is going to happen regardless of worry or not
how open you can be to life and its wonderful opportunities that present itself
how to experience pure ‘childlike’ magic and joy

..and so many more reasons that are personal to you when you experience ‘whatever it is’. Many of these ‘life lessons’ have been learnt before the ‘tick off the bucketlist’ has actually happened!

If you focus on the may miss the magic of the journey along the way!

If you focus on the destination…you may miss the magic of the journey along the way!

The huge lesson I’m learning right now, with the awesome, fun, leadup and anticipation towards my Mystery Trip, is how much Ive changed over the last 3 years of living this lifestyle.¬† It is SO empowering to just LET GO, to ‘relinquish control’ of what is happening in my life, and to just go with it! ūüôā For my Mystery Trip that is kicking off tomorrow, the ‘old me’ (I¬†come from¬†a background of anxiety/panic issues as well as my disabilities) would have been going out of my mind with worry and nerves at this point, the day before I leave, wanting to take back at least some of the planning of it (I havent been involved in ANY of the decisions that have been made about my Trip, apart from obvious discussions about what needs my disability brings up etc…and of course my budget and how many nights away I want the Trip to be).¬† All the ‘what if’s – my energy levels, issues concerning my disability and travel/going away, wanting to take back control of knowing where Im staying (even what area – city/country/coastal etc) so I know for a fact that its disability-accessible etc, wanting to know how far away from home Im going (or even what kind of transport I’d be using…for all I know, I could be flying tomorrow, or hopping on a train…I have NO idea! haha), even to the point of needing to know what/how much I’m doing while Im away so I know that I will ‘last the distance’ energy and capability-wise…not to mention the fact that I’m going away solo, the old me would have been worrying about what to do if Im on my own and ‘something happens’, or if I get sick etc.

…but the NEW me, the me I have created myself to be now, is putting full trust in my travel agent and the discussions we have had, and in the Universe, that everything is going to be just fine..and that its going to be SO MUCH FUN!!….it certainly is, at this point! haha…I am LOVING the leadup to it! ūüėĬ† My biggest ‘worry’ (although its not really a worry, its just making sure I have enough options), is to make sure that I have the clothes to fit the occasion….as I just DONT KNOW what ‘the occasion’ is going to be! ooooh….haha.¬† I have no idea where I am going to end up over the next 3 days – but, the journey leading to ‘wherever it will be’ has been amazing to experience, and so much fun (my travel agent is also having fun¬†totally keeping the mystery from me – we were giggling like teenagers on the phone yesterday haha¬†– Im¬†loving that he is really enjoying the ride, with creating this experience for me!)¬†…that if I end up somewhere ‘awesome’ that would be an absolute bonus….even if its camping, or somewhere not far away, that will be fun too!

The big lesson here is, I’ve truly realised how much this whole Chasing my Dreams bucketlist journey has changed me as a person…and the new me, is so much more FREE¬† than I used to be….and that is awesome, with knowing how much I used to let life ‘eat me up’ inside of myself! ūüôā

ONE MORE SLEEP…Mystery Trip…..Here I COME!! ūüėÄ

¬†Anything is Possible….when you open yourself up to the mystery of life itself!

Eye on the Prize – No matter what!

When you have a Goal in your sights, and are striving towards it – you may have setbacks and obstacles come your way. Dont Give Up…don’t let these stop you!¬† If you keep your ‘eye on the prize’, and keep focused on your Goal, no matter how long it takes, that Goal will be yours – just think how amazing it will feel, when you do achieve it….especially after fighting through all the setbacks you may have had! If your Goal is that important to you….you wont let ANYTHING stop you!

With the Sunshine Coast Marathon fast approaching, and that 2km finish line in sight in my mind (#145 on my bucketlist)…winter has also reared its head – and so has my usual ‘colder weather health niggles’ (thanks, asthma – yep, why don’t I add yet another health complication to my life!?! grrrrr…lol) – I keep getting shot down with having to rest up and step back my training, taking it a little more gently than usual on some days (but keep moving!), on more days than I care to count at the moment – BUT, there is no way I am going to let this stop me!EyeonthePrize
More training and no health issues would make that finish line easier to get to, yes…but all I can do is, get stuck into my more intensive training whenever I can; ‘turn off’ the worry that this will impact on my Goal (Im ‘cautiously worried’, as I know how quickly my health can ‘turn bad’…but I cant let worry overtake my mind); – and most importantly, have FAITH that I WILL cross that finish line, no matter what it takes on the day. I could sit back and say…’well, my health is getting in the way once again, so I will just give up and try again next year’ (for the Marathon), but no I wont….as its far too important to me! Sure, if my health niggles were far more intrusive/serious, I wouldn’t be silly about it and I would step back (which is why Im stepping back so often right now, so my health issues don’t get more serious)…but, while I still can, and whenever Im able to get out there and train for it – NOTHING is going to stop me on my mission to cross that 2km finish line on 31st August!

Anything is Possible…when you keep your¬†Eye on the Prize!

SBH Qld Fundraising update!

On 27/28th May, I headed down to Sunshine Plaza shopping centre in Maroochydore, to hold fundraising for SBH Qld – what an incredible two days of discovering so much ‘good’ in this world, and in the local community¬†– with the negatives that we are faced with in our lives and in this world…it was amazing, humbling, and very heartwarming¬†to receive so much generosity – both in monetary donations, and in encouragement and support for my major 2014 Fitness Goal of getting up out of my wheelchair and walking the 2km in the Sunshine Coast Marathon.¬† This¬†support from others, even from people I don’t know, makes my task of crossing that finish line on 31st August just that little bit easier to face (in my mind at least..working the body up to it is a different story¬†–¬†2km is a LONG way, to me its going to feel like a full¬†Marathon, I know it!)¬†– words of encouragement, really do work miracles in helping someone believe in themselves even more – and with every donation, this also gives me a personal boost as well!¬† Overall¬†over $200 was raised in the two days¬†– incredible support for SBH Qld – thank you! ūüôā

Community Site at Sunshine Plaza (opp. Police Beat, near Kmart)

Community Site at Sunshine Plaza (opp. Police Beat, near Kmart)

Looking forward to doing it all again commencing Sunday 8th June!

In the meantime, if you would like to donate to SBH Qld, and/or support my efforts in the Sunshine Coast Marathon, you can either click on the Donate button on the right hand side of this page….or click on the link below and this will take you to a page which outlines other ways you can help support SBH Qld…or me personally towards my Goal!

How you can help


Thank you so much¬†to everyone who has either donated to SBH Qld, or supported/encouraged me on my current venture, thus far¬†– you are awesome! ūüėÄ

Anything is Possible…with support and encouragement!

#169 Mystery Trip – Here I come!! :D

#169. Mystery trip – MAJOR UPDATE!!

After about 18 months, lots of twists, turns, and delays…but still holding onto the Dream that it WILL happen one day – here I am down at STA Travel, signing the documents, and booking in my Mystery Trip! Post-it notes were used to hide the crucial details..and I am STILL none the wiser! haha…oh wow this is a real step out of the comfort zone – but I LOVE IT!

Signing my life away for 3 days! ..ooohhh its all a BIG MYSTERY! :D

Signing my life away for 3 days! ..ooohhh its all a BIG MYSTERY! ūüėÄ

On June 21st, I will be picked up at my door, and my life will be basically thrown over to other people for 3 days/2 nights. I have NO idea whats going to unfold! At first it was definitely going to be a flight away somewhere…but now, I’m not sure, it may be ‘somewhere local’, and it may also be something else off the bucketlist I’ll also be doing when Im away. I dont know! haha…All I know is, the Team at STA Travel all said that Im going to love it..and one of the girls said she wants to do it too! …and that’s the thing…

..I DONT KNOW WHAT I’M IN FOR!! ooooohhhh…haha… BRING it on!!

#169. Mystery Trip – I don’t know what you have in store for me…but Im SO looking forward to finding out!

ANYTHING is Possible…when you throw yourself over to the Mystery of Life itself!

#21. Advance my photography skills – a work in progress!

Ever since I took my first few photographs with my first digital camera, and looked at the results on the computer screen¬†(a little 2megapixel machine….how technology has changed, since back then!!) I fell in love with photography – I’d now¬†discovered a new medium to let my creativity out, which I knew was always inside of me, but I hadn’t found a way to let it out.¬† Since then, I’d been told over the years, even by a couple of professional photographers, that I had an ‘eye’ for photography and for framing a great shot etc….so I decided to throw it on the bucketlist, to encourage me to explore it in more ways.¬† I absolutely love my ‘photography time’ – when I go somewhere, camera in hand (especially somewhere out in nature), I really feel ‘centred’ – its a form of meditation for me –¬† I find myself lost in the moments of what’s in front of me, and what I am capturing through the lens…love it!

The shot which got me 'hooked' into photography - Mini-roses on my dining room table...

The shot which got me ‘hooked’ into photography – Mini-roses on my dining room table…

Over the last year or so, I have discovered a couple of ways to explore and expand my knowledge, and the practical aspects of photography, one being #174 on my list:

“Watch/Capture the Sunrise once a month for a year” – I absolutely LOVED this challenge, which I completed in 2013! (and yes it was a bit of a challenge, especially at 3.15am in the middle of winter when the alarm went off haha….but as I knew what was waiting for me, the magical colours of a brand new day, this made the ‘challenge’ of getting up that early so much easier to bear!)

Magic...just magic! The sun rises every single morning without fail...and puts on some amazing 'shows' for us!

Magic…just magic! The sun rises every single morning without fail…and puts on some amazing ‘shows’ for us!

I’ve also recently joined a local photography group which is based on Facebook “Sunshine Coast Happy Snappers” – its simply a group of people who share the same hobby, and love of photography.¬† We’re not a ‘learning/technical’ group as such, we just gather together in person for informal group photography shoots, and have regular ‘Challenges’ on Facebook where we are encouraged to capture shots of a particular theme.¬† One recent theme was ‘Green with Envy’ – and I happened to ‘win’ the Challenge! ūüôā¬† ¬†(when we had it more as a competition –¬†now its just a ‘sharing’ activity as we’ve taken the ‘competition’ aspect out of it).¬† It was bit of a buzz to go to the Groups page and see that I had been showcased as the Cover shot for that fortnight! ūüėÄ



Something which I am yet to master (and I would LOVE to finally learn how to do this for myself one day!), is, with my love of motorsport – Id love to find a way of just how to capture a fastmoving (200km/hr) car, in a perfect shot – I’ve seen SO many shots over the years of cars out there on the track, and to be able to capture them for myself would be awesome¬†(instead of constantly taking shots of an empty track as the car has zoomed way past me, by the time I’ve clicked the button…grrrr haha).


I’m getting better…at least its not a blurry shot, or the cars gone past and its a shot of an empty track!


My photography gives me ‘time out’ from the everyday routine, this is something which is so very important for all of us.¬† To find something that we connect with, relax and ‘escape’ with for a while…in this fastpaced world we live in – we all deserve to find this ‘time out’ past-time, that works for us ūüôā

Anything is Possible….when we find something that we connect with, in life!

#212 Sunset Cruise on a Catamaran – Tick!

On Sunday 27th April, I set out from the Mooloolaba Yacht Club for what was going to be an incredible experience, I could feel it even before I arrived to board the boat…

Waiting to board the boat, on a perfect sunny Autumn afternoon..paradise!

Waiting to board the boat, on a perfect sunny Autumn afternoon..paradise!

…OMG what an amazing, relaxing, experience out on the water this afternoon/evening! I’d been out on the water a few times, and everytime I do, I feel SO ‘at home’ – I didn’t want to get off the boat!

In my 'bliss', on the water, full sail billowing in the wind...I could have stayed there forever!

In my ‘bliss’, on the water, full sail billowing in the wind…I could have stayed there forever!

Sailing out from the Marina, out to the open waters, cruising up the coastline, full sail blowing (which was awesome!) – ¬†I even got to get out of my chair and sit on the side step/deck of the boat ‘just like everyone else’, glass of champagne, platter of nibblies, listening to the music playing onboard (I had a little ‘wow moment’ when my favourite song of all time ‘Cool Change’ started playing – that song always sends me ‘out to the ocean’ in my mind, and its so meaningful to me – it was just perfect to have it playing while I was in such peace out there today!)

I live for moments like this...this is why I 'do what I do', to create memories like this moment right here..just beautiful....

I live for moments like this…this is why I ‘do what I do’, to create memories like this moment right here..just beautiful….


I asked Brian the owner of Set Sail Cruises¬†if I could have a little go of steering the boat on the way back – I just meant a few minutes or something – next thing I knew, I was driving the thing back through the channel, through the two rockwalls at Mooloolaba, and through the Marina, while wearing the Captains hat! haha, that was unexpected! ūüôā

"ALL ABOARD!!!!" haha... Cap'n Tarns is in charge of this boat..! :) SO much fun!

“ALL ABOARD!!!!” haha… Cap’n Tarns is in charge of this boat..! ūüėÄ SO much fun!

At very reasonable prices, and with such a friendly business/boat owner treating us just as a ‘bunch of mates on board his boat’ – (it was unbelievable value for such an amazing experience), I highly recommend it! Pure Bliss!¬† (as a bonus, Brian was very inclusive – with my mobility issues, I always check with businesses Im wanting to deal with, in regards to attempting something new – absolutely nothing was too much trouble for Brian, in getting me on and off the boat – I applaud businesses/people who¬†are so inclusive – thank you Brian you made the experience absolutely seamless and relaxing, even with having to¬†climb on and off the boat (a workout in itself!)¬†– I cannot wait to be back out there again).¬† This is yet another experience that isn’t just a ‘tick off a list, never to be explored again’!

The magic of the Sunshine Coast, from the

The magic of the Sunshine Coast, from the ocean…wow…

I had been thinking of doing a Sunset Cruise, or some sort of sailing out on the open waters for quite a while now….but ‘those doubting thoughts’ came up in my mind a few times which we all have, as the reasons why we don’t just jump in and DO it¬†– “I bet its too expensive/I have my Mystery Trip in front of me/as well as other financial reasons I thought I couldn’t afford it at the moment; I don’t know how I’d go getting on and off the boat; I might lose my balance with the waves” etc – but this experience right here – right from the phonecall to Brian, letting me know the (very inexpensive) price, and that getting on and off the boat (let alone balancing on it)¬†wont be a hassle at all – not to mention that he had availability in just a few¬†days time (that was the clincher right¬†there! haha)¬†– was, once again, proof that its always wise to ‘jump in, and worry about it later’ (because more often than not, after the experience, the¬†‘whatever you were worrying about’, had never¬†eventuated!)

Anything is Possible..when you just Jump in the deep end..and Do it!


Grabbing Opportunities!

Grabbing opportunities when they appear in front of you, is SO worth it! There have been a number of times in the last few years since Ive started this journey, that when an opportunity has appeared in front of me, I’ve been hesitant, nervous..even freaking out haha…but Ive still grabbed it – and those opportunities have often turned out to be the most amazing experiences – what I’ve found is, when you are actually in the experience of what you’ve ‘always wanted to do’, the worries, concerns and fears more often than not, seem to just melt away, and turn into joy, happiness, achievement – and so many other positive feelings instead!

This was proven once again yesterday by Alison – she had an opportunity recently presented to her (sneakily arranged by me lol) – Alison had, for quite a while now, been wanting to experience being on a Segway, but hadn’t found an opportunity to do it – until now! Living with her disability, Alison had (understandably) a few concerns and hesitations going on about doing this – so when I approached her and said that I knew of a way (and an actual day/time she could lock in if she wanted to) she could experience this, and she said “Yes, I’ll do it!” – I was so proud of her. Alison could have said no – but she didn’t – she put her nerves aside….and she DID IT anyway!

Alison grabbed her opportunity - and she loved it!

Alison grabbed her opportunity – and she loved it!

Yesterday we headed out to Novotel Twin Waters Resort on the Sunshine Coast, to meet the lovely Sara from “Xperiences” – and to have Alison tick ‘Ride a Segway’ off her bucketlist – it was amazing to watch her do this, with such happiness and joy on her face. To hear her say “I’m doing it!” with such pride, was such an awesome moment! Yes Alison, you DID IT…GO Girl!

Thank you so much to Sara from Xperiences – you were amazing – it didn’t take much for Alison to gain the confidence to do it on her own, with your guidance and reassurance, towards her.

Anything is Possible….when you grab those opportunities that life puts in front of you!


SBH Qld Fundraising 2014 – ‘Running for a Reason!’

My major Fitness Goal in 2014 has been decided…and is now up and running (excuse the pun!)¬† ūüėÄ

‘145. Get a team together and do a fun run/part-marathon type event, (walking on crutches –¬†or part walk/part chair), to raise money for charity’

I am going to attempt to get up out of my wheelchair, and walk the 2km distance in the 2014 Sunshine Coast Marathon, on my crutches!¬† Its dawning on me, just how long a distance it is…but Im going to give it my best shot!¬† As part of my entry in the Marathon, I have the opportunity to once again¬†fundraise for SBH Qld.¬† Achieving a major Fitness Goal, ticking it off the bucketlist, and fundraise for/’give back to¬†this very worthy cause – perfect….BRING it on!

There are a number of ways you can assist me in achieving this – please click on the Fundraising link to find out more about how you can¬†join¬†me,¬†in raising funds for¬†SBH Qld, in a variety of ways – or even join me in the Marathon!¬†¬†I look forward to hearing from you, if you do have a way to support me in this quest to ‘give back’ to SBH Qld!


As always…I thank you, and SBH Qld thanks you for any support you are able to give!¬† I cannot wait to achieve this, on August 31, 2014!

#108 – Get a Tattoo – TICK!


Up until a few years ago I never thought I would get¬†a tattoo¬†done, for myself. Having a creative mind, I love looking at creative, colourful ones on others, some that Ive seen are amazingly beautiful – but could never imagine having one on myself – until I started thinking of the meaning behind very personal tattoos and started to think of what it might be like to have a ‘sentimental symbol’ on your own body, to always carry with you. Our lives are very personal journeys, deep inside ourselves…and I started to play with the idea more…its something I didn’t want to rush into, I wanted to wait for ‘the moment’ when it clicked, and I knew I had found ‘the perfect one for me’.¬† And ‘that moment’ came, recently, so I decided to act on it, as it felt 110%¬†right…it was exactly the feeling I’d been waiting for..

Many of you, especially in Australia, would have heard about young Daniel Morcombes abduction, and his families faith over the last 10 years in ‘Never giving up’ in finding him, and bringing the person to justice, who took Daniel away from them. I live in the Morcombes local area, and near where he went missing¬†–¬† a local tattoo parlour¬†Graffiti for the Soul Tattoo and Body Piercing¬†¬†has recently gifted the community with the opportunity to have a ‘Daniel’ tattoo done (in lieu of a donation to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation) as a way of keeping Daniels memory alive…Daniel and his family have touched our communitys’ (and Australias’) heart so strongly, over the last 10 years. Now, I didn’t know Daniel or his family personally….but, this tattoo to me as soon as I saw it, symbolises “NEVER Give Up!”, (which is a belief I very much live by) it symbolises the “strength of community”, and also that something beautiful can come out of something so tragic (Daniels family have now set up a Foundation in Daniels name, their work now focusses on keeping other children safe, which I think is just such an amazing thing for his family to do, out of their own tragedy, they are now helping other children, families, and inspiring!). So much meaning behind this one little ‘symbol’…

So there it is, the story behind my ‘#108. Get a tattoo’ – and I headed off this morning to get it done!

"Never Give Up"

“Never Give Up”


Oooooh I was a bit nervous haha..Ive been through a lot of pain over the years with all my medical procedures, surgeries, treatments etc….I never thought I would be inflicting pain on MYSELF! lol.¬† But actually..the¬†‘pain’ was absolutely nothing like what I expected – the ‘outlining’ was I guess like a whole row of baby beestings…and the¬†‘colouring-in’ of the tattoo..well that was actually quite pleasurable – like someone was running their fingernails down my back!

“Never Give Up”
“Community Spirit”
“Behind everything negative, look for the positive”
….this is what this tattoo also¬†means to me –¬†as a reminder for my own life, its not just about keeping Daniels memory alive (although that is the main focus, of course). Thank you to the Morcombe family for teaching us these valuable lessons in life, through your absolute sheer¬†grit and¬†determination over the last ten years –¬†not to mention keeping other children safe, through the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.¬† Daniel would be so proud!¬†¬†‚̧¬†¬† And thank you to Graffiti for the Soul, for your gift to the community, as a way to keep Daniels¬†memory alive, through this tattoo.

Your Dreams no matter what they are…are personal, and unique, to you – they’re your Dreams, no one elses….GO Chase them!

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