Anything is Possible…in your own Way!


Up until a few years ago I never thought I would get a tattoo done, for myself. Having a creative mind, I love looking at creative, colourful ones on others, some that Ive seen are amazingly beautiful – but could never imagine having one on myself – until I started thinking of the meaning behind very personal tattoos and started to think of what it might be like to have a ‘sentimental symbol’ on your own body, to always carry with you. Our lives are very personal journeys, deep inside ourselves…and I started to play with the idea more…its something I didn’t want to rush into, I wanted to wait for ‘the moment’ when it clicked, and I knew I had found ‘the perfect one for me’.  And ‘that moment’ came, recently, so I decided to act on it, as it felt 110% right…it was exactly the feeling I’d been waiting for..

Many of you, especially in Australia, would have heard about young Daniel Morcombes abduction, and his families faith over the last 10 years in ‘Never giving up’ in finding him, and bringing the person to justice, who took Daniel away from them. I live in the Morcombes local area, and near where he went missing –  a local tattoo parlour Graffiti for the Soul Tattoo and Body Piercing  has recently gifted the community with the opportunity to have a ‘Daniel’ tattoo done (in lieu of a donation to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation) as a way of keeping Daniels memory alive…Daniel and his family have touched our communitys’ (and Australias’) heart so strongly, over the last 10 years. Now, I didn’t know Daniel or his family personally….but, this tattoo to me as soon as I saw it, symbolises “NEVER Give Up!”, (which is a belief I very much live by) it symbolises the “strength of community”, and also that something beautiful can come out of something so tragic (Daniels family have now set up a Foundation in Daniels name, their work now focusses on keeping other children safe, which I think is just such an amazing thing for his family to do, out of their own tragedy, they are now helping other children, families, and inspiring!). So much meaning behind this one little ‘symbol’…

So there it is, the story behind my ‘#108. Get a tattoo’ – and I headed off this morning to get it done!

"Never Give Up"

“Never Give Up”


Oooooh I was a bit nervous haha..Ive been through a lot of pain over the years with all my medical procedures, surgeries, treatments etc….I never thought I would be inflicting pain on MYSELF! lol.  But actually..the ‘pain’ was absolutely nothing like what I expected – the ‘outlining’ was I guess like a whole row of baby beestings…and the ‘colouring-in’ of the tattoo..well that was actually quite pleasurable – like someone was running their fingernails down my back!

“Never Give Up”
“Community Spirit”
“Behind everything negative, look for the positive”
….this is what this tattoo also means to me – as a reminder for my own life, its not just about keeping Daniels memory alive (although that is the main focus, of course). Thank you to the Morcombe family for teaching us these valuable lessons in life, through your absolute sheer grit and determination over the last ten years – not to mention keeping other children safe, through the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.  Daniel would be so proud!  ❤   And thank you to Graffiti for the Soul, for your gift to the community, as a way to keep Daniels memory alive, through this tattoo.

Your Dreams no matter what they are…are personal, and unique, to you – they’re your Dreams, no one elses….GO Chase them!

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