Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Ever since I took my first few photographs with my first digital camera, and looked at the results on the computer screen (a little 2megapixel machine….how technology has changed, since back then!!) I fell in love with photography – I’d now discovered a new medium to let my creativity out, which I knew was always inside of me, but I hadn’t found a way to let it out.  Since then, I’d been told over the years, even by a couple of professional photographers, that I had an ‘eye’ for photography and for framing a great shot etc….so I decided to throw it on the bucketlist, to encourage me to explore it in more ways.  I absolutely love my ‘photography time’ – when I go somewhere, camera in hand (especially somewhere out in nature), I really feel ‘centred’ – its a form of meditation for me –  I find myself lost in the moments of what’s in front of me, and what I am capturing through the lens…love it!

The shot which got me 'hooked' into photography - Mini-roses on my dining room table...

The shot which got me ‘hooked’ into photography – Mini-roses on my dining room table…

Over the last year or so, I have discovered a couple of ways to explore and expand my knowledge, and the practical aspects of photography, one being #174 on my list:

“Watch/Capture the Sunrise once a month for a year” – I absolutely LOVED this challenge, which I completed in 2013! (and yes it was a bit of a challenge, especially at 3.15am in the middle of winter when the alarm went off haha….but as I knew what was waiting for me, the magical colours of a brand new day, this made the ‘challenge’ of getting up that early so much easier to bear!)

Magic...just magic! The sun rises every single morning without fail...and puts on some amazing 'shows' for us!

Magic…just magic! The sun rises every single morning without fail…and puts on some amazing ‘shows’ for us!

I’ve also recently joined a local photography group which is based on Facebook “Sunshine Coast Happy Snappers” – its simply a group of people who share the same hobby, and love of photography.  We’re not a ‘learning/technical’ group as such, we just gather together in person for informal group photography shoots, and have regular ‘Challenges’ on Facebook where we are encouraged to capture shots of a particular theme.  One recent theme was ‘Green with Envy’ – and I happened to ‘win’ the Challenge! 🙂   (when we had it more as a competition – now its just a ‘sharing’ activity as we’ve taken the ‘competition’ aspect out of it).  It was bit of a buzz to go to the Groups page and see that I had been showcased as the Cover shot for that fortnight! 😀



Something which I am yet to master (and I would LOVE to finally learn how to do this for myself one day!), is, with my love of motorsport – Id love to find a way of just how to capture a fastmoving (200km/hr) car, in a perfect shot – I’ve seen SO many shots over the years of cars out there on the track, and to be able to capture them for myself would be awesome (instead of constantly taking shots of an empty track as the car has zoomed way past me, by the time I’ve clicked the button…grrrr haha).


I’m getting better…at least its not a blurry shot, or the cars gone past and its a shot of an empty track!


My photography gives me ‘time out’ from the everyday routine, this is something which is so very important for all of us.  To find something that we connect with, relax and ‘escape’ with for a while…in this fastpaced world we live in – we all deserve to find this ‘time out’ past-time, that works for us 🙂

Anything is Possible….when we find something that we connect with, in life!

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