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A Tick off the List…with a twist!

One of the first ‘ticks’ (Dreams) on my List I wrote down in 2011 was, because of my absolute love of nature, and waterfalls:

“14. Find a waterhole/waterfalls that I am able to access in my wheelchair”

…well…this has taken a very surprising, and awesome, turn – because now, not only have I found a waterfall that I can access – I now have the courage and strength, after my Mt Coolum Climb in 2017 (I apologise I havent yet updated with a post about this incredible day in my life…as my previous post/vlog states – a lot has changed since then, I’ve basically been AWOL for 2yrs!) to, as I did for Mt Coolum – get out of my wheelchair and either walk on my crutches, and/or ‘bum/shuffle/crawl’ over the rocks and raw nature – basically do anything I need to do, to reach a waterfall that is only about 10mins away from my home – Serenity Falls in Buderim!

For decades, I have wandered happily along the 600m timber track, being totally surrounded by the gorgeous tranquil rainforest – but also knowing that at the end of that track there was a rocky stretch to navigate over, which opens up to the beautifully serene and picture-perfect Serenity Falls.

I had always accepted that, because of how rough (for me at least, it apparently is an ‘easy walk’ for an ablebodied person) it would be on me to get to the Falls – that I was perfectly fine with having that timber track as ‘my way’ to experience that beautiful area of our Sunshine Coast, my home – but, at the very back of my mind there was often a very small thought drifting in of “I’d love to get there one day…I just need to find out how”.

Then – my Mt Coolum Climb happened.  I then fully discovered just what this body and mind of mine was capable of!
A couple of years (the years I went AWOL as I said above) went by, with some huge personal struggles to conquer – through these events, I had basically said ‘goodbye’ to, and grieved, the woman who did whatever she could to chase her big Fitness Goals – and grew to be perfectly content at the time for Mt Coolum to be my ‘last hurrah’.  I was also getting older, so I had to face and accept that it was ‘Game Over’ for that part of my life….or so I thought…

This year, I have been on an awesome transformation, for the positive. After a huge amount of work I have done on my body, and my mind throughout this year – I now feel that I am back to ‘Me’, the Me who I had grieved and let go of – the Me who loves to challenge myself in whatever ways present themselves to me in my life (except forced challenges, like health hiccups etc – those challenges can stay away thanks! 😉 )

Photo Credit: Hayden Evans

The Me who feels like I CAN actually do this – I will be attempting to get to, and see the Falls, right in front of me – THIS Sunday, which also happens to be my 50th birthday, a massive milestone personally, as there have been times in my life I honestly felt that I could never reach this age.

With the support of my awesome crew beside me, I will be doing absolutely everything I can, to reach the picturesque Serenity Falls in Buderim, in person – a place I have only ever seen in photos/video.  I’ll be totally immersing myself in raw (and beautiful!) nature, Chasing and living a Dream, that I, until this year, thought would only ever be in my dreams…and not actually bringing it into my life.
Wow….I cannot WAIT!! This feeling I’m experiencing right now, only days out from this special Dream off my List – THIS is what I live for…this is what I thought I (well I had, but here it is again haha) had let go of, after these past two years, and onto, as I thought (but Life had other plans!) a new and different phase of my life than I’ve been living since 2011.  Got to love the twists and turns of life, huh…it really does surprise you at times!

Serenity Falls…I cannot wait to meet you! ❤

Where have I been…and where to from here?!”

Im baaackkk! 🙂  Hi all….rather than write a (as we all know I can be a bit longwinded at times haha) post to update where I’ve been the last 2.5yrs…I thought I’d put it in a vlog instead! (a lot has changed since I went AWOL…and it seems ‘vlogs’ are the way to go now so I guess I’d better keep up with the times! haha)

This next 3 weeks until my 50th will be very busy preparing myself for a special way I am choosing to celebrate this massive personal milestone (hint: there’s a big hint in the below video – and elsewhere on my website >>> 😉 …hehe) – plus spending time winding up a number of ‘loose ties’ that need to be dealt with before 2019 ends (as many of us know, December is a very busy month overall!) – but I will do my best to update you on how my magical Mt Coolum Climb went in 2017 as soon as I can!!  It. Was. INCREDIBLE!!

As the Great Man himself, Dick Johnson says:

“The only thing you get from looking back is a sore neck!”  

My Mt Coolum Climb tunnel-focus has kicked in BIG-Time!!!

I apologise for the lack of updates since the beginning of 2017 – knowing that my Mt Coolum Climb IS, and WILL be happening this year (my 3rd, yearly attempt) I’ve been very tunnel-focussed and doing the very best I can to prepare for it, along with dealing with everything else in my life behind the scenes.   Its all getting very exciting!

(I may not be posting any/many new site Blogs between now and July 8th, the date of my Climb – so jump on over to my Twitter @ChasingDream17 for more frequent (quicker) updates! My time and focus is very streamlined, now…heading towards the home stretch towards the big day….and the HUGE Climb!)

My bucketlist in general is taking a back seat until after my Climb is done….but I did manage to sneak in a cute, surprise little tick off the list recently when out on Whale One, off the coast of Maroochydore/Mooloolaba…
“229. See a turtle in the ocean/its natural habitat” – I’ll be writing a blog about this cute little visit from “Tommy the Turtle”, after my Climb – my tunnel focus has me not wanting to concentrate on anything else but getting up the top of that beautiful Mountain, right now!


He popped his head up just after the photo – Tommy’s there…even if he’s hard to see! haha

Aside from preparing hard for my Climb, and spotting Tommy the Turtle…I’ve been back to Sunshine Coast Riding for the Disabled for more sessions on their beautiful horses, slowly getting over my fear of being back up on a horse, since being bucked off twice, a number of decades ago!  My confidence is slowly growing, and Im actually enjoying it now…which makes a change from when I first got back up, I was very scared! THAT right there is exactly why I did it though…to work through that fear I had held onto for so long!

As always, I am still striving to raise as many funds and awareness as I can, for SBH Qld (Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Qld).  Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore are continuing to be a very much appreciated source, to be able to be placed at their Community Site a couple times a month – this has proven to be very successful, in getting the word out about SBH Qld, and also to raise these muchneeded funds.  SBH Qld relies on community support to continue its programs to support over 700 families in the State of Qld.

The current total raised is so, so close to $9,000…I am so proud to have raised these funds, with the community support shown towards myself, and SBH Qld! I am hoping to reach the magic milestone of $10,000 by the time my Climb is over – who knows, I may be able to achieve this on the day as well!  If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause and help me reach the magic milestone of $10,000 raised, please feel free to click on the Donate button, on the right hand side of this page!


My Climb/walking training went up a whole new level today, completely unexpectedly!
At Suncoast Fitness this morning, preparing to start my walking training – longstanding Suncoast member & now staff, Graeme strolls up “You need to get some weights on, for that walking!”
Next minute…out comes the chains/weight belt haha…it was awesome – and I definitely noticed a difference on just how much harder I had to work, with the extra weight on me!

OK…next stop…Mt Coolum, here I come! BRING. IT. ON!!!


#117. Get back up on a horse…Tick!

As outlined in my blog below, getting back up a horse has been quite a special journey…!

From meeting the beautiful Flash, amongst other Sunshine Coast RDA horses
– and being almost ‘thrown in the deep end’ by the RDA volunteers surprising me when I turned up on 21st February, saying that they wanted to get me up  (but with me being unwell that day which affected my balance, we didn’t go ahead with it).  At least I was a little more prepared with what was to come next session, when it finally happened!
We did, however, practice mount and dismount on the cute ‘pretend horse’, to see how we were going to manage getting up and back down again…


Finally, after 28yrs of not quite being brave enough to get back up there onto a horse – on Tuesday 7th March, the day arrived.  I nervously but excitedly (have I mentioned how much I LOVE this feeling of nervous excitement, so, so much!!) drove out to the Sunshine Coast Riding for the Disabled complex at North Arm.  It is such a beautifully relaxed drive out to the country to RDA..and the complex grounds are just so tranquil.

Pulling up (it had been explained to me that Flash, the horse I met at the very beginning, may not be the horse I would ultimately get to ride, as he may be booked in for other sessions with other riders/participants) at the grounds, I saw the girls who were to assist me on the ride, surrounding a beautiful grey spotted horse which was all saddled up.  Turns out his name was Spot (funny that, with his markings! haha) and he was the horse which was to make my Dream come true.  I made my way over to Spot and the girls, and met this gentle giant.  What a beautiful horse he was, so gentle!  “Lets do this!” I thought.

Some last minute discussions on how we were going to get me from where I was on the ground, up onto Spots back – and the next minute, I was up there!  It turns out that all the hard work I have done with my fitness has really paid off, my core work especially…I sat up very straight on that horse, and didn’t find much trouble with my balance at all.  Awesome!

(the helmet we used is a ‘soft’ helmet rather than the standard riding helmet, as we had to take into account my hydrocephalus, the other helmets pressed a little too hard onto the front of my head, for my liking).

Still feeling quite uncomfortable about being up top of this magnificent creature, I steadied myself and then we were off for a short walk, turning around at the end of the field, and coming back again.  I had a number of handlers around me, reassuring me that I was ‘safe’ up there – I had a few memories come flooding back of the last time I got thrown off a horse back when I was 19…but I was determined not to let those memories and my insecurities stop me from enjoying this experience.

I was OK, until Spot suddenly stopped, and his ears were flicking in different directions…he was just having a good look around him, but it did make me feel a little nervous (given that when I fell off in the past, all I remember is ‘my horse’s ears suddenly “standing to attention” then the horse racing off, throwing me off in the process). I need to move past this fear…which is a big part of why I’m looking forward to my next session! At least I’ve taken the biggest step, and gotten back up on a horse…something I had avoided for many years.

Bring on next session…I cant wait to get back up and conquer this fear even more than I already have! Thank you to all at Sunshine Coast RDA for making this possible..including of course Spot (and Flash, and the other horses I’ve met along the way of my various sessions of ‘familiarising’ myself with these beautiful beasts).

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE….when you face your fears, and work through them!

Challenges keep me motivated!

OK 2017 – now that I’ve had the first day (Jan 1) off, recovering from New Years Eve – now that it’s January 2, its time to hit the ground running, and GET INTO IT!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE a Challenge…I’m a very goal/results-orientated person, if I have challenged myself to a set goal, I will do whatever it takes to get there!

I also love doing those ’30-day/monthly’ Challenges, whereas each day you have a mini-goal to achieve – and by the end of the month it (hopefully) has formed into a good/positive habit that becomes a part of your daily life/selfcare.

I’m starting off January 2017 by doing a couple of challenges:
1) Decluttering guru Peter Walsh’s “31 Days to get Organised” challenge. This has become part of my new year tradition, I think this is my 4th/5th one now – its now become more of a ‘springclean/refresh my home’ than a declutter – as I no longer have much ‘clutter’ to get rid of – and if I do, I find it so much easier to ‘let go’ of it now! Deeper housework/springcleaning is also its a win-win for me!
2) A health/selfcare site I follow is starting Monthly selfcare challenges for 2017 – the first being ‘January – Journalling’


My Challenges reminder on my computer desktop…keeping me accountable!

Towards the end of last year, I also brought myself a little mini-diary – every day, I started writing down any little ‘selfcare’ actions I took “sat outside with cuppa” “ate vegies for dinner” “do my stretches” “time out to read” etc – any little action I take during the day which is good for my personal selfcare.  I normally do these anyway – but its when ‘times are tougher’ that I find my selfcare goes out the window – this little pink diary keeps me accountable – its my daily challenge, to fill in at least one entry every day, into that diary.  What I’ve found now, a couple of months since starting this is – I HAVE to fill in that diary every day now, its my little ‘guilt factor’ sitting there on my dining table, daring me to do something ‘selfcare’ related, so I can fill in the little book!

It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit – these monthly challenges are a great way to form new positive habits for yourself!


ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE….when you set yourself challenges/goals to achieve!


Happy New Year!! My Word of Intention 2017 is…


The word ‘bliss’ literally means, “supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment”.
Yesss…bring bucketloads of this on, for 2017!!


ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE…When you live and follow your Bliss!


#206. Write down something I am grateful for, every day for a month (which turned into a year) – DONE!

AND THATS A WRAP!…for this awesome year-long Tick off the list – and for 2016!

Following on from my updates during the year of this very personal, and surprisingly empowering Tick off the list

#206. Write down something I am grateful for every day for a month

…today I filled in my final entry for this year, in my Q&A a Day journal…

“What is your most cherished memory of this year?”

Such a nice way to end ‘the year that was’ (and a year I want to forget), with being ‘asked’ through my journal to look back and pick out a cherished moment.  This is the beauty of this challenge…when I’m ending the year absolutely exhausted and healing from 2016 coming very close to breaking me – I am reminded of these moments which I will never forget…

Meeting Tobias the Quokka…

…and, what has become my Christmas tradition I look forward to every year – the absolutely magical wonderland that is the Mooloolaba Christmas Boat Parade

Reading and reflecting on this final entry in my journal has changed my focus to “Ugh…what a year, I cant wait to leave it behind me!” as the final evening of 2016 approaches, to…”I am so grateful I got to experience these special moments this year!”
Don’t get me wrong, I will be SO glad to shut that door on 2016 at midnight – but my focus is ending the year on a more positive note now, because of todays final entry/day of this Tick off my list!

I am so glad I persevered through the year through this challenge – I personally love those ’30-Day Challenges’ and have completed a few over the years (and have already earmarked a new one to start off 2017), but I didn’t know how I’d go doing this for the entire year – I attempted a ‘Photo a Day for a Year’ challenge a few years back, and I just got too sidetracked with my life itself, that I didn’t continue it. This Tick ended up becoming one of the favourite parts of my day – no matter what I was facing, or had faced, during my day – I was always taken back to my very personal thoughts and reflecting on my day, no matter what was going on around me – through this journal and Challenge.  How we each live through our days, no matter how we interact with the world – doing this is a very personal experience – and to put my thoughts (making sure I was doing so on the angle of ‘Gratitude’) down in words every single day during 2016 – it became something I very much enjoyed in my day, in the minutes/seconds it took to write my thoughts down from the prompt – even the rough days!
In this incredibly challenging year I have just been through – this little book was my ‘saving grace’ in a way…on a daily basis it brought me back to what was really important…my inner self, not my external situation at the time.


I’ve come to really treasure this little book beside my bed!

Looking forward to the next year of thoughts to ponder – it’s going to be interesting seeing my previous words in 2016 to the prompts, when I fill in the new entries in 2017 (this is a 5-yr Journal)!

1st March 2017 – Update!
Well…the first two months of filling in entries in my 5yr Q&A Journal have been interesting to say the least! Comparing the ‘me, and my thoughts’ from exactly a year ago each day/entry, its very empowering to read and reflect on just ‘where I was last year’, to the ‘now, me’. Very, very empowering…all the hope for the future I had, all the fight it took to get me through ‘what was 2016’, it has all been very, very worthwhile to see, in my own words and thoughts, the changes in myself, deep down inside!

I’ve decided to add on a new angle of ‘Write down something I am grateful for every day’, by creating a Happiness Jar!

I started this at the start of February by decorating up an old coffee jar into a colourful, fun container, and using bright sticky notes to note down anything which ‘brings me happy’ in my day.  This has become a little bit addictive – and yesterday being the end of the month, it was a lot of fun to take the notes out (I have stuck them into an exercise book as a keepsake) and read through my ‘Happy’ for February! I’m all about bringing in fun, colour and being creative as much as I can into my life….so this suits my spirit perfectly!

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you bring yourself back to what’s important – YOU!

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