Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

At the start of each year, I immediately put my complete focus on what I want to make happen in the year which is essentially a ‘blank canvas’ in front of me – I find myself deciding on a ‘BIG Goal’ that I want to focus on, as well as my Intent for the year (this years is ‘Growth’)…deciding on the BIG Goal is a huge part of my driving force, for bringing in ways for the rest of my goals and dreams that I want to bring into my life.

Not only does doing this get my mind motivated, and charged up to make the coming year as awesome a year as I can – but it also motivates me to make any changes, or bring new day-to-day positive habits into my life….new ways of living my day to day life, which will keep me striding ahead towards my goals and dreams.  After all, your life isn’t just about the ‘big stuff’, its about your day-to-day routines and commitments as well – we owe it to ourselves, to create the best life possible, that we can!

As previously mentioned, I have set myself a few Fitness Goals..

Fitness Goals
The two Ive chosen to Chase this year are

– Climb a Rock Wall
– Sunshine Coast Marathon (getting up out of my chair and walking the 2km distance in the Marathon)

Ive also recently decided on another future HUGE Goal…to Climb Mt Coolum (in the future sometime)!!   Yes…it IS going to happen! OMG…scary, very, very daunting…but the thought of achieving it is beyond AWESOME!  I don’t know how, I don’t know when, and I DO know the absolutely massive amount of work its going to take – but I am determined to give it a red hot go!

Aside from my main focus of my Fitness Goals, which are going to take a LOT of training to achieve, there’s a number of things going on behind the scenes, helping to shape 2014 into yet another year I know I will never forget!

Go on a Mystery Trip/Flight
The steps have been started to be taken, to go on a Mystery Trip sometime this year….oooh…its all a little bit mysterious! 😀

One-on-One Mentoring
I have also had the amazing opportunity of one-on-one Mentoring – a woman I recently met from a local community organization asked that I come and mentor one of her clients – a young man who needed some direction in his life.  Such a rewarding experience, knowing that you may perhaps be able to encourage someone to reach further into their potential that you can see is there – I have had a number of ‘informal’ ways of sharing my journey with others, through informal talks, chatting with people merely in conversation, and through my website/Facebook etc – but this was on a totally new level!  Its one of my Dreams to offer one-on-one Mentoring as a ‘bigger picture’ of what I do….so to be offered this experience was amazing – to have this woman I recently met, approach me out of the blue and ask me to do this, was so flattering, that she recognized that I may be able to assist this young man!

Daily Rituals/Habits
I’ve decided to bring a couple of daily rituals into my life, which will enrich my day-to-day life, even more!
Brain Training through Lumosity – I’d heard about this ‘brain training’ program a few times in the past, so I’ve decided to make doing this, part of my morning routine every day.   I am already feeling the benefits of adding this ‘daily ritual’ to my life – doing the small brain training exercises every morning ‘switches my brain on’ which often results in me having a more productive day (or next few hours…even if Im having a ‘bad health day’ it somehow turns a little of the ‘brain fog’ off, on those days!) On a really bad health day where Im really not capable of much at all…at least I can reach the end of the day and know that Ive exercised my brain! 😉

Gratitude Journal – I have decided that every day, starting Jan 1, 2014, I will write down something, no matter how small, into my Gratitude Diary – its amazing what you can find to be grateful towards…even on those ‘oooh I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed, everything has gone wrong today…grrrrr!’ days!

Along with looking ahead at other new Dreams I would love to have happen…continuing to enjoy the experiences I have brought into my life in the past (pottery, and working bees at the site of my ‘Plant a Tree’ which happened last year, are just two ‘Dreams’ which will continue on)…and perhaps even a few more opportunities to encourage others to make something happen for themselves – and of course, getting absolutely stuck into my fitness training for my Fitness Goals (I can ‘see’/visualise that Rock Wall in front of me when I train – its the BEST feeling!) Im pretty confident that 2014 is going to be another ‘Year to Remember’!  2014 – BRING IT!

Anything is Possible…when you turn the ‘blank canvas’ of a brand new year unfolding…into something magical!

Daily Ritual Update! Two months into 2014, and I can already feel a difference that adding the ‘daily brain training’ through Lumosity, and also adding to my Gratitude Journal every day, is having to my mindset.  Having Lumosity to start the day…and my Gratitude Journal at the end of the day, frames my days and my focus together, perfectly!  A couple of moments of Gratitude that Ive written in my journal are “Serendipity” (reminding me of an amazing experience I had that day); “inclusive people/businesses helping me to make it happen”;…and on a day that was one of those ‘I really, really shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning’ days (we’ve all had those, right?), my entry was “Grateful for tomorrow being another fresh new day!”.  There is always something to be grateful for, no matter how small the moment! 🙂

Achieving your Dreams and Goals, especially the bigger ones, takes focus and commitment – placing your mindset into a more focused place on a daily (or regular) basis, goes a long way to helping you bring your Dreams and goals into your reality!

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