Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Back in September this year, I discovered what I had been looking for, for so long – and it was just around the corner from my home – a local pottery group!  I had always wanted to (literally) get my hands onto a way to let my creativity out (my camera allows me to do this, I love my photography – as soon as I have my camera in hand and in a space which inspires me, Im in my ‘bliss’…but I had been searching for something I could actually create with my hands) – and this was my answer!

Here’s how it has all unfolded, as written in a previous blog!…

The various steps to creating my first pottery piece!

The various steps to creating my first pottery piece…

Finally, after many months of creative fun (pottery is a big lesson in patience with all the different steps you have to go through to create your piece – and patience is not one of my best attributes..haha…) – towards the end of December, and after two separate ‘firing’s in the kiln (being in a group, we have to wait until there are enough pieces to warrant turning on the kiln) – I had my finished first piece in front of me!

My 'beach-themed' vase..I am so proud of my little crooked vase! haha...

My ‘beach-themed’ vase..I am so proud of my little crooked vase! haha…

I am SO proud of my cute little blue vase haha…so much love, fun and imagination went into creating this piece – no its nothing like I first visualised in my mind, that it would look like – but I had to let go of ‘I want it to look like this’ and just let it have a mind of its own..and thats the thing with creativity – it will be, what it is, and not necessarily anything like the first idea that hit your mind when you started.  When you have a creative mind – an idea might hit your mind – but 15 minutes later, a completely different idea may hit it, and there you go, off on a totally different direction! haha….love it! 🙂

I cannot wait to start back with my awesome group of ‘potters’ in the New Year, and continue on my next piece – Im aiming for it to be a potplant holder…but you just never know what it may turn out to be, once its finished! 😀  I love being around other creative spirits…and going into the pottery room every week is like bliss to me – so much creative, imaginative, fun minds and energy in the one space – its awesome! 🙂

….Oh, and something Ive recently discovered, the building has a couple of pottery wheels (I never knew this, until recently!) – I might get to recreate ‘that scene’ from the movie Ghost! haha 😉


UPDATE Feb 2014 – just a few short months later, after I joined my pottery group, and I have a few more ‘unfinished projects’ in the making – this is all SO much fun! I love being a part of this pottery group…I love the building where we meet, it has such a creative ‘vibe’ to it – other ‘arty’ type groups meet there as well.  Its so easy to get ‘lost in the moment’ in this building and group, which is so important in our busy lives, to take time to ‘get lost in that which we love’!  Creating is one of my passions…so whenever I am able to get to pottery, its a time where Im really reaching into something which I love – which is what life is all about – doing what we love! 🙂

More creations slowly being pieced together!

More creations slowly being pieced together!

Not only am I creating these pieces for myself…but I will soon be joining in, in a ‘communal piece’ – a mural that will be placed on a wall somewhere, where each of us in the group will be creating a separate piece of the mural, to be put together as one big piece! How exciting! 😀

COMMUNAL MURAL – March 2014 Update!
My pieces Im creating for myself have been put aside for the moment, to take part in creating a communal Mural, to be hung at the building where we gather for pottery group.  When the concept of the Mural first came up, I had NO idea what we were going to be doing…I was just a ‘newbie’ to pottery, and I just didn’t know whether I would be ‘good enough’ to contribute a piece to something that is going to be made from other much more experienced creators, as well as someone like me who is still learning the basics.  But, each piece of the mural is uniquely ours…and that’s the magic of it – I don’t have to be ‘as good as the others’ – my piece will fit into the mix of the Mural as one whole complete piece – and I cannot wait to see the finished product!

Slowly but surely, its being created – everyone has been matched with a ‘piece’ of the mural, for us to create our interpretation of that piece. My piece contains leaves, grass, and quondongs, which are a type of fruit/berry…  Heres my ‘piece of the puzzle’, which is yet to be fired – the piece will chance colour once its been fired up:


My little piece! :)

My little piece! 🙂

Heres a few more pieces which have been created by others..we have some amazingly creative people in our group! 🙂  The bottom right photo, on the wall is the picture that we are all creating, into one big mural piece – its like a big jigsaw, and we all are creating a piece of the puzzle each!  Its a little difficult to see in the images here, but it is going to look amazing, once its finished!

Pieces of the puzzle which will one day, be one complete Mural!

Pieces of the puzzle which will one day, be one complete Mural!

This is quite exciting to be a part of – from my decision last year to simply ‘join a pottery group’, and start creating my first crooked little blue vase for my home…to now be a part of the group who is creating this awesome communal Mural – this is all SO much fun! 🙂

Anything is Possible…when you’re inspired to create!

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