Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Marathons and Mystery Trips!

We’re two months into 2014 – and both of my ‘bigger Dreams’ for 2014 are slowly but surely already taking shape…its very, very exciting! 😀

169. Mystery Flight/Trip
After a long time wanting to do this, saving up for it, and a few twists and turns to get to this point over the last year….my Mystery Trip is now almost at the point of, I can actually SEE it in front of me! The thing is….I don’t know WHERE, I don’t know WHEN (yet – so other Dreams on my list are on the sideline for now, until I have dates locked in), and I don’t know WHAT I will be doing once I arrive there!  My Mystery Trip is totally in my travel agents hands….and it just gets more mysteriously awesome, the closer it gets to actually happening!  (my travel agent knows places that I don’t want to go, things I don’t want to do, dates I cannot make the trip, and other details that I don’t particular want on my trip, and he knows my budget I can spend (its for 2 nights, I know that much haha)….but apart from that, all the details are totally in his hands!  AWESOMELY scary, in a very good way! haha.

What makes me giggle is that, other people will know all about where Im going, and what I’ll be doing – but I will have NO IDEA until the day of my flight!! haha I love it! 😀

….its all very, very mysterious…I LOVE the anticipation and excitement leading up to a tick on the list (even with the smaller ‘Dreams’ I get excited and love looking forward to ‘whatever it is’) – but the scale of curious excitement for this one is incredible to experience!  THIS is what living is all about…making awesome things happen, in your life!

I don't know WHERE, I don't know WHEN, I don't know WHAT...Bring it On! :D

I don’t know WHERE, I don’t know WHEN, I don’t know WHAT…Bring it On! 😀

Sunshine Coast Marathon
145. Get a team together and do a fun run/part-marathon type event, (walking on crutches – or part walk/part chair), to raise money for charity
I had fully intended to enter the Sunshine Coast Marathon last year – to the point of registering for it, and taking other actions towards the fundraising side of it etc – but unfortunately my health and other factors made this Dream fall to the side – I was really disappointed to not be able to do it last year, the day of the Marathon was quite emotional for me, as I knew many people who were entering into it that day, and I wasn’t there with them…but that did not put me off wanting to achieve it in 2014 – in fact, it made me even more driven to be able to achieve it no matter what, in 2014!  Now that 2014 is here, and Sunshine Coast Marathon registration is open, Im making plans to officially enter the 2km distance! Im going to attempt to walk the 2km distance up on my crutches, hopefully with a Team of people around me, and people helping me with the fundraising side of it (of course, I will be aiming to raise further funds for SBH Qld, my charity of choice).  Its very early days in the preparation for it, both physically and organisationally…but the ball has started rolling!  …Stay tuned!

If you would like to support me in my efforts to raise funds for SBH Qld, please feel free to donate through my Everyday Hero page – both myself, and SBH Qld thank you! 🙂

The 2014 Sunshine Coast Marathon will be held on August 31, 2014 – Bring it on!! 😀

Anything is Possible…when you strive for, and enjoy the anticipation of Making it Happen!

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