Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

I’ve always had a creative streak in me (but I just cannot draw for peanuts! haha)..over the years I’d started different crafts and arts etc, to try to create something handmade for my home – but nothing never really gelled with me.  When I discovered photography, and the absolute bliss and serenity I feel when I have my camera in my hand, and am out in nature capturing the pure beauty of this world around us…that’s when I knew I’d discovered an outlet for my creative streak.  But I still wanted to create ‘something handmade’ (not through the camera) for my home…hence throwing it onto the bucketlist! I thought…’There WILL be something out there to satisfy this ‘want’ to do this!’ 🙂

Recently, quite by chance I was scrolling through a local Facebook group, and something stood out – a local pottery group.  Bingo! There it was!  As soon as I read it, I somehow knew that this was what I had been looking for…and even better, the post was made by someone I already knew/had met in the past.  So, I made contact with this woman, found out where and when the group was based….and it turns out that the group is run literally just a couple of streets from my home – even better! I was excited…who gets excited over pottery?…..Me, it seems! haha..

I had no idea what it involved, what the process was….my only real knowledge about pottery was ‘that scene from Ghost’ with Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and the pottery wheel.  Im sure everyone is familiar with the scene Im talking about! 😉 But apart from that, all I knew was, especially after looking through some of the awesome creations that people in this pottery group had made, on the Facebook group – I was so inspired, and excited, to create something of my own – THIS was exactly the feeling I was looking for!

On the morning of my first pottery group lesson, I was really looking forward to how it was going to unfold…I drove to the building where it was being held, and made my way inside.  The other members of the group were so welcoming….and fun! I love being around other creative people, it really feeds my spirit.  I was shown the basics of what to do….and the next thing I knew, I had donned an apron and was kneading my piece of clay, to start to create, what I hoped was to be a beach-themed vase…

Getting right into the creativity of it all...loving it! :)

Getting right into the creativity of it all…loving it! 🙂

Who knows, it might turn out to be something completely different, and not a beach-themed vase after all haha…but, its all part of the fun, to see what it turns out like, in the end.  Something I have since found out is, pottery is a long drawn out process, especially when working with a group and we have to wait till theres a few creations to ‘fire’ together before its actually done…and I may not have my finished ‘vase’ (or whatever it shall be!) for a couple of months or more – but that’s OK, its all part of the fun and anticipation of it all.  I often talk about ‘anticipation’ when it comes to bringing my Dreams into my life…and this has turned out to be another one which gives me this feeling….awesome! 🙂

The next step..decorations being placed on my creation - love the little sun, so cute! :)

The next step..decorations being placed on my creation – love the little sun, so cute! 🙂

I cannot wait till next week when I get to create even more, on my first pottery creation! Im already feelng proud of this little ‘vase’ haha…stay tuned!

Anything is Possible…when you find an outlet for what’s deep down inside your soul!

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