Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

One of the first ‘ticks’ (Dreams) on my List I wrote down in 2011 was, because of my absolute love of nature, and waterfalls:

“14. Find a waterhole/waterfalls that I am able to access in my wheelchair”

…well…this has taken a very surprising, and awesome, turn – because now, not only have I found a waterfall that I can access – I now have the courage and strength, after my Mt Coolum Climb in 2017 (I apologise I havent yet updated with a post about this incredible day in my life…as my previous post/vlog states – a lot has changed since then, I’ve basically been AWOL for 2yrs!) to, as I did for Mt Coolum – get out of my wheelchair and either walk on my crutches, and/or ‘bum/shuffle/crawl’ over the rocks and raw nature – basically do anything I need to do, to reach a waterfall that is only about 10mins away from my home – Serenity Falls in Buderim!

For decades, I have wandered happily along the 600m timber track, being totally surrounded by the gorgeous tranquil rainforest – but also knowing that at the end of that track there was a rocky stretch to navigate over, which opens up to the beautifully serene and picture-perfect Serenity Falls.

I had always accepted that, because of how rough (for me at least, it apparently is an ‘easy walk’ for an ablebodied person) it would be on me to get to the Falls – that I was perfectly fine with having that timber track as ‘my way’ to experience that beautiful area of our Sunshine Coast, my home – but, at the very back of my mind there was often a very small thought drifting in of “I’d love to get there one day…I just need to find out how”.

Then – my Mt Coolum Climb happened.  I then fully discovered just what this body and mind of mine was capable of!
A couple of years (the years I went AWOL as I said above) went by, with some huge personal struggles to conquer – through these events, I had basically said ‘goodbye’ to, and grieved, the woman who did whatever she could to chase her big Fitness Goals – and grew to be perfectly content at the time for Mt Coolum to be my ‘last hurrah’.  I was also getting older, so I had to face and accept that it was ‘Game Over’ for that part of my life….or so I thought…

This year, I have been on an awesome transformation, for the positive. After a huge amount of work I have done on my body, and my mind throughout this year – I now feel that I am back to ‘Me’, the Me who I had grieved and let go of – the Me who loves to challenge myself in whatever ways present themselves to me in my life (except forced challenges, like health hiccups etc – those challenges can stay away thanks! 😉 )

Photo Credit: Hayden Evans

The Me who feels like I CAN actually do this – I will be attempting to get to, and see the Falls, right in front of me – THIS Sunday, which also happens to be my 50th birthday, a massive milestone personally, as there have been times in my life I honestly felt that I could never reach this age.

With the support of my awesome crew beside me, I will be doing absolutely everything I can, to reach the picturesque Serenity Falls in Buderim, in person – a place I have only ever seen in photos/video.  I’ll be totally immersing myself in raw (and beautiful!) nature, Chasing and living a Dream, that I, until this year, thought would only ever be in my dreams…and not actually bringing it into my life.
Wow….I cannot WAIT!! This feeling I’m experiencing right now, only days out from this special Dream off my List – THIS is what I live for…this is what I thought I (well I had, but here it is again haha) had let go of, after these past two years, and onto, as I thought (but Life had other plans!) a new and different phase of my life than I’ve been living since 2011.  Got to love the twists and turns of life, huh…it really does surprise you at times!

Serenity Falls…I cannot wait to meet you! ❤

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