Anything is Possible…in your own Way!


No I didnt push an army Tank..but I have gone for a ride in one, in NZ as a child…LOVED IT…so Tough!!  (Google image)

From the very first time I went into O2 Performance, and fell in instant love with this new world-class health and fitness facility here on the Sunshine Coast in mid-2019 – as soon as I laid my eyes on the tough “Tank” sitting there waiting for someone to conquer it – I wanted, no, NEEDED to play with it!

Every single time I went in for either my therapy or solo sessions at O2, I spotted that Tank, sitting there quietly – it was as if it was quietly challenging me haha, I couldnt get my mind off of it!

One day during a solo session while over at the 60m athletics track, I spotted a guy pulling the Tank with a rope – putting everything he had into his body (and mind), to pull this awesome piece of machinery along that track.  I was mesmerised – I LOVE watching people pushing their bodies hard, putting all their physical and mental strength into their goal.  To see this man pushing this piece of equipment, that I myself had wanted to conquer – such a great feeling! That was my ‘want’ right there – and I WAS going to do it myself, one day! (Putting my own ‘want’ aside, it was just so awesome to see the strength that went into this man pulling this piece of heavy, tough equipment…)

Not long after that day, I had my next session with my therapist – the first thing I said to him was (pointing at the Tank), “I need to pull that thing!”, telling him of what I’d recently witnessed right there on that track and how it had inspired me to want to try it, myself.

Next minute, the rope was attached to the Tank, my therapist pushed it down the track a fair distance…I was handed the rope – and I was doing it, I was pulling that Tank, with everything I had in me (its SO much heavier than it looks!! haha).  It was such hard work…such an awesome challenge…LOVED every second of it!

So that was it…that tick off the List, that thing I had “always wanted to do” – DONE!

But…I hadn’t finished with the Tank just yet…ooooh no, I had more that I wanted to do with it – I wasnt just going to do one thing with it, and be done! Achieving this Goal on this day encouraged me to want to now, stand up and push the Tank (especially after being, once again, inspired by another member of O2 – who this time, got out of his wheelchair to PUSH this beast.  I spotted his awesome video on O2s social media and once again, that delicious “I want to do that…I NEED to do that” feeling washed over me)….can I do it? YES, I can! Before I attempted it I thought – even if I just walk a few steps with it I’ll be happy with that…

So, once again I went into another session with my therapist – told him of this next ‘Tank Goal” of mine – next thing I know I was up on my feet, pushing that beautiful Tank – very slowly as it was difficult – but I was doing it! (He was kind enough not to add an extra 10kg weight this time! haha).  I managed to push it 20m each way (so 40m all up) – very proud of this effort!! Such awesome, hard work!

So there it was, two different ways that I ‘told that Tank who’s Boss!!’ haha…two ways that, before even attempting them I had no idea just how, or what I was even going to do with it.  All I knew when I first spotted it that first day was – I NEED to get to that Tank!

When  I see people use that Tank now for their strength work, I smile and think yeaaaaahhhh I know how it feels to do that, now (in my own way, of course)! Such a great feeling – sure beats ‘never giving it a go as I just dont know if I can!’

A question often asked within the fitness/gym industry – What do you train for?

“To Dominate over this body that doesnt work 100%!”
(and what better piece of equipment to ‘dominate over’, than this
gorgeous tough Tank!) 😀

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