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I decided I needed to change….so I did!

MuzydecidedMy road towards changing my life for the better started (very surprisingly!) before my Chasing my Dreams bucketlist adventure was actually born (in 2011).  Back in 2008, I simply woke up one Friday morning, and a thought raced through my mind “I just don’t want to….I cannot… feel this way anymore…I feel just like a ‘fat nobody in a wheelchair’, I’m lost, I need to get out of this negative mindset that I am lost in!” – then and there I decided that, before the upcoming weekend was out, I WAS going to find a gym that could help me.  I wasn’t quite sure how they could help me, I had no idea of the changes I had to make or how I was going to do it….all I knew was that, there was a very, very strong feeling deep inside of me, call it intuition, call it ‘I just knew I needed to change’, call it what you will, but there was absolutely no denying that I had to make a change…and it had to happen NOW – and somehow I just knew that ‘joining a gym’ was the key to making this change.  It was such a powerful feeling, I just could not deny it.  So, after many phonecalls, and visits to various gyms around the Sunshine Coast over the next two days, I happened to stumble across (after almost giving up, as I just could not find one which felt ‘right’ to me – not that there was anything ‘wrong’ with those other facilities, they just didn’t ‘click’ with me) Suncoast Fitness, in Maroochydore.  Suncoast Fitness was basically my last resort, as I was really starting to feel disillusioned.  This right here, was a huge lesson on DONT GIVE UP – you just never know what, or who, is around that corner!

After chatting to staff over the phone, then going down to the facility and seeing it for myself – something struck me deep inside (a feeling I have now grown to absolutely love along this journey!) – I felt a ‘click’ deep inside me which told me that I am exactly where I belong…I was exactly where I needed to be…

Over the next couple of years, slowly my mindset started to change from being absolutely frustrated with this body of mine which has never worked 100% – to one that I was starting to dominate over.  I was getting my body to do things, and gain strength in ways that I never, ever dreamed it would be able to do…and I was fast discovering the absolute power the mind has, inside of us all.  I never actually set any firm, big ‘Fitness Goals’ back then, I was just concentrating on getting rid of this negativity that had become deepseated inside of me, and getting my fitness levels up from where they were, which wasn’t very high at all.  From 2011 however, when my bucketlist was born, and I was also discovering the power of setting goals and what an amazing adventure life could actually be, I started to set actual Fitness Goals – challenges which I had NO idea how I was going to achieve them, but I just knew that I wanted to do whatever I had to do, to achieve them – I (now) enjoy striving towards these, with everything I have inside of me.  Once I started setting these Fitness Goals – well, the results speak for  themselves, really!…

2011 – stood up for the first time in 17 years
2012 – “Climbed my Mountain”, Walked along the beach on Sunset, and Slowdance
(all during my, Suncoast Fitness-sponsored “I Believe I can Climb” SBH Qld Fundraiser Event
2014 – Walked the majority of the 2km distance (on my crutches) in the Sunshine Coast Marathon, and now preparing to attempt to Climb an Indoor Rock Wall, on my birthday in December 2014
2015 – I intend to climb Mt Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, on my matter how long, or what it takes, to achieve it!

What an amazing ride (and a lot of hard work!!) the last 6 years has been...bring on the next Fitness Goal(s)!

What an amazing ride (and a lot of hard work!!) the last 6 years has been…I wonder what the next 6 years will bring?!

Thank you so much to Suncoast Fitness owner Mark Stitt, the various trainers I have worked with/received support from over the last six years, staff and members who are so very encouraging and supporting towards me….and last but not least, a special thank you goes to Mike from MG Personal Training, for all the amazing, and hard work you have put in with me over the the years…and the genuine way in that I know that you are aware how very important these Goals are to me – I can never thank you all, enough!

BRING ON my next Fitness Goal! (attempting to) Climb a Rock Wall on December 22nd (my birthday!)….stay tuned for 2015’s fitness adventures – its going to be something quite special! 🙂

Anything is Possible…when you decide that you ARE going to change your life!

123. Swim/stand up in the ocean, independently – Tick!

OPPORTUNITIES often turn up just at the perfect time….and its up to us to be aware of these opportunities around us when they appear….to grasp it and see where it takes us – you may just be surprised what unfolds once you open that door of opportunity – I know I was, when this particular ‘tick off the list’ unfolded!

After a sad start to the last week of October 2014, with the very sudden passing of someone in my life – I ended the week on a more positive note – with a spur of the moment, impulse, amazing tick off the bucketlist! I went for a swim in the ocean (in a flat area, no waves) – standing up with assistance with my helpers by my side…but also taking moments to let go of their hands when I felt steady enough, and standing up in the ocean with the water swishing around me – just like an ablebodied person would be able to experience.  Absolute, pure freedom! (even if it was just for a couple of seconds every time I let go of their hands, it was still amazing to experience!)

A swim in the waters off the Island that holds a piece of my heart....SO healing

A swim in the waters off the Island that holds a piece of my heart….SO healing

This person I mentioned earlier who passed away was running along the beach (not this same beach) when he suddenly collapsed and lost his life – after his death I was actually feeling very angry at the beach.  Of course, the beach did nothing wrong, but to me at that time in my grief it was as if ‘the beach had taken him away from us’ because that is where he passed away – even though in reality it wasn’t the beach’s fault.  The poor beach, with me being angry at it..I love the beach! 🙂 Going for my ‘standup swim’ in the ocean a few days after this mans death was so (surprisingly!) healing, it brought me so much peace, it happened at the perfect time, and place, that I needed to experience it right then….and I came out of the water smiling on the inside because of it! The bonus? I was no longer angry at the beach…the swim had healed this, inside of me.   THAT right there is what life is all about..making things happen, to enrich your life in special ways!

Normally a ‘swim in the ocean’ for me means getting the beach wheelchair to the edge of the ocean, getting out of the chair and just sitting in the shallows, letting the small waves wash over me…while that is lovely, having the sea water wash over my body, I had always wanted to experience walking out into, and standing up out in the ocean, like I watch others do all the time.  Now I know what it feels like – it is pure bliss!  It may have been a lot of hard work to walk out, and then back in from the water….and I may have only let go of my helpers hand for a brief few seconds at a time…but I simply cannot describe the feelings that came over me in those moments.  I was standing, in the ocean, with nothing but the water around me…no wheelchair, no crutches, no hanging onto someone else for my balance (well yes, I was hanging onto my helpers – but for those brief few seconds, I wasn’t – I was standing out there just like an ablebodied person….I was, briefly, free!)

I swear I was a mermaid in a previous life haha, the ocean really does feel like a ‘part of me’…and that is also what made this experience so special! 🙂

Thank you so much to staff at Tangalooma Island Resort, Moreton Island, Qld, for taking the time and making this happen for me even though it wasn’t part of your ‘scheduled activities’ on the Island, it was very much appreciated. Tangalooma staff rock…they are always there to help those of us with disabilities make it happen, with any of the activities we wish to do on the Island, and go out of their way to make sure we have a good time when doing so! 🙂

Anything is Possible…When you experience true freedom, even for a moment!

#145 – Walking the 2km in the Sunshine Coast Marathon, for Charity – TICK! SMASHED IT! :D

My apologies for not sharing my blog on this amazing experience before now, but I was absolutely SHATTERED after the Event…then life suddenly kicked up another notch again, after my recovery!!.No rest for the wicked…haha. I was literally not capable of doing an absolute thing for a whole week (including barely being able to get out of bed for a few days..oooohhhh the pain and brain fog!!) BUT, it has been so, SO worth it, with the pride and amazing sense of achievement I have felt since ticking off… “#145. Get a team together and do a fun run/part-marathon type event, (walking on crutches – part walk/part chair), to raise money for charity” my bucketlist on Sunday 31st August, 2014!! I absolutely SMASHED IT…Before the Event, I was really worried about completing it in the hour – I ended up bringing it home in just over 38 minutes!! Yeeewww!! FcertA4.tmpl-6514-DTIWOne aspect I am so proud of, is that about 300m in, even though I got completely spooked in my mind, and just wanted to run out of there and go home – I was less than 500m into the distance, and got absolutely frightened about “HOW am I going to do this, this distance is ridiculous!!” – BUT…with the help of my amazing ‘Dream Team” who encouraged and pushed me through it with their incredible support, with the support of the spectators on the sidelines cheering me on, and with the support of my wheelchair – I pushed my mind and body through that REALLY tough moment and continued on (I started with walking as far as I could…then pushed in my wheelchair for a bit…back up walking…chaired it…etc) – until, the magic moment when I turned and walked down the ‘home straight’ and over that Finish line! What an absolutely special moment! As it turned out, my original ‘game plan’ went completely out the window haha…but it worked in my favour, as I walked far more than I ever thought I would – in the end I would have walked more than half, inbetween chair-ing to gather up more strength! Hence why I was SO SORE (aka. completely wasted! haha) in the days afterwards!

My 'Dream Team' - an awesome group of girls who stayed with me the entire distance, boosting me up when I needed it, and being with me when I crossed over that line, and achieved this incredible Dream! Thanks so much, ladies!

My ‘Dream Team’ – an awesome group of girls who stayed with me the entire distance, boosting me up when I needed it, and being with me when I crossed over that line, and achieved this incredible Dream! Thanks so much, ladies

Pushing through those really tough moments, to achieve your Dreams is SUCH an amazing feeling!!


Chase your Dreams everyone, push your mind through to the point of “I NEED to make this happen now, absolutely nothing else matters in this world!!”. In the words of Matt Golinski – YOU CAN DO IT! Aside from the physical preparation, and achievement on the day of ticking this huge Dream off my bucketlist – in the leadup, with the generosity of the community in various ways, an amazing sum of $2,167 was raised, for SBH Qld! A massive THANK YOU to absolutely everyone involved in both the Marathon side of supporting me towards achieving this Dream, and also for the generosity shown towards SBH Qld in the fundraising – YOU are all amazing! 🙂

I dedicated my Walk to my lifelong friend Andrew, who sadly passed away from complications from spina bifida/hydrocephalus in the leadup to the Sunshine Coast Marathon.  Andrew was with me every step of the way, I know it! RIP, my friend x

I dedicated my Walk to my lifelong friend Andrew, who sadly passed away from complications from spina bifida/hydrocephalus in the leadup to the Sunshine Coast Marathon. Andrew was with me every step of the way, I know it! RIP, my friend x

**a funny moment happened the day after achieving this Dream – even though I was absolutely shattered, and could not move, think, function haha…my mind immediately went to “OK….whats next, Tania?”.  This mind and drive of mine…its just unstoppable, even when the body is absolutely locked up!  Yes, in that moment I did let myself think of my next Fitness Goal I will be achieving in December…I will be gifting myself a very special present of (attempting) Climbing an Indoor Rock Wall – with support for my legs of course, but I will be doing most of the hard work, myself! BRING it on!

..and for my birthday, Im giving myself...THIS wall right here! haha :)

..and for my birthday, Im giving myself…THIS wall right here! haha 🙂

ANYTHING is Possible….when you push through and keep your Eye on the prize!

This Walking Business – its Serious Business! 2km Walk in the Sunshine Coast Marathon – Bring it on! :)

Walking 2km in the upcoming Sunshine Coast Marathon on Sunday August 31 – it’s a very LONG way for my body to do this (for me its going to feel that Im running a full Marathon, I know it) – while walking for the ablebodied just basically involves your lower body/legs/core etc for the most part (and I imagine that you don’t really have to think about walking – you just ‘do it’ on autopilot) – but, walking for me involves my entire body – starting from up in my mind, for the absolute pure focus I have to switch on, to just be able to stay standing up, let alone take each step forward as well – down to my neck (which is also a vulnerable part of my body as it doesn’t take much for it to go ‘out’ and start to be painful), my shoulders, arms, and back for using my crutches to hold me up – down to my core which is a big part of what Im using to keep me upright lol…and then down to my legs to do my actual physical ‘walking’. This walking caper, its serious business! haha

I’ve only got an hours timeframe (as they have to re-open the roads at a certain time, as per Council regulations etc) to do this – and I know that (going by my times/distances covered in my training) its physically impossible for me to walk 2km in an hour (I know, I know haha, I don’t like the word ‘impossible’, as its just not in my vocabulary normally….but I have to be very real about this!) – but you know what, I am going to give it my absolute ALL, to do as much of this as I can, up on my feet, in the time allowance – but also, giving me enough time to, start over the line walking.  I will have to ‘push’ (in my wheelchair) in the middle part of it to cover some of the distance at a quicker pace…then I will make absolutely sure that I will cross that 2km finish line, up on my feet. I admit that I’m a little teeny bit disappointed that I wont be walking the entire way, no matter how long a time it would have taken me to do it – but you know what….I am going to give it my absolute BEST SHOT to do whatever I can, up on my feet, on Sunday!

BRING it on!

It’s Chasing my Dreams 3rd Birthday!!

 The last 3 years has been a BEYOND INCREDIBLE, EPIC ride….Wow! A MASSIVE THANK YOU to absolutely EVERYONE who has been a part (no matter how big or small), of the last 3 years of this crazy adventure of mine, which started from a ‘fast, but mindblowing’ 3-and-a-bit minutes out on a racetrack, in with Steve Johnson, and the legendary Dick Johnson Racing! (click the below link for the onboard camera footage inside Steve Johnsons V8 Supercar, with me IN the beast!!)

( the 3:00 mark, was THE MOMENT I felt myself change, and I felt that oh-so delicious “Click” inside of me, the moment that I somehow just knew my life would never be the same again – I had brought my most precious and sentimental Life Dream into my reality!) Both myself, and all at Dick Johnson Racing (and the beautiful Johnson family), had absolutely NO idea what was about to happen after the Ride in with Steve…and that has been the most special part of this whole last 3 years – it came totally unexpected – from ‘just a day out at, and on the track’, and spending it with this amazing Team and family, which happens for so many people who are lucky enough to go for “Hotlaps” in V8 Supercars – next thing I know, I am embarking on some of the most special, awesome, crazy adventures I would never have thought I would experience…and my life would never be the same again!


Arriving back in after 3-and-a-bit minutes out on the track in this beast - and my life was never to be the same again!

Arriving back in after 3-and-a-bit minutes out on the track in this beast – and my life was never to be the same again!

From, driving in my car in amongst 100+ bikers on an all day adventure throughout rural Sth East Qld then camping out with them that night on a Charity Poker Run…to swimming with humpback whales…being blindfolded and whisked away to an unknown location for 2 nights away  on my Mystery Tripwalking along the beach, having a slowdance, and ‘climbing my mountain’ followed by proudly holding my first SBH Qld fundraiser Event (I still don’t know how I managed to get through ALL that, in the one day/night! haha)…spreading love, hugs, and happiness at various ‘Hug Patrols’…being flown interstate, met by my own personal chauffeur and whisked away to a 5-star hotel to be on television twice in 24 hours…meeting Matt Golinski by a surprise ‘set-up’ arranged for me…snorkellingquadbiking (something which, before I actually did it, I honestly thought that due to my lack of balance I may not be able to experience at any kind of speed)…observing a number of other people experiencing their ‘something for the very first time’ (LOVE this part of ‘what I do’!!)…meeting SO many incredible people – the most special of course being Dick Johnson, his son Steve, and the beautiful Johnson family (who I now refer to as my ‘racing family’, they are such beautiful people we are lucky enough to have in this world!). So many other adventures and experiences have been had – too many to mention – its been absolutely mindblowing!!

CMD 3rd birthday

I have had some ‘not so nice’ things happen in my life in the last 3 years – that’s life, right? And at times, living with the disabilities/health conditions that I do, its difficult and painful to get out of bed and just function on some days – But in amongst all of that – I have strived to continue to Chase my Dreams, and create some absolutely special, awesome memories which help carry me through those ‘not so nice’ times and give me something to look forward to – Chasing even MORE Dreams! The next being….taking part in a Marathon, up on my feet, NEXT weekend!! Wow…who knew that one day I would be experiencing the wonder and anticipation of looking forward to being in a Marathon, something I have wanted literally my whole life!?!

Chase your Dreams everyone – TRUST ME, it is TOTALLY worth the effort, time, and whatever it takes, to Make it Happen!!

Anything is Possible…when you BELIEVE that You CAN do it!


#195. Charity Car Show – TICK!!!

#195. Charity Car Show – TICK!!! (and $343.55 raised for SBH Qld!)

On Sunday 10th August, I had the amazing opportunity to tick something special off of my bucketlist which I had dreamed of for a long time – to be able to connect my Chasing my Dreams venture, and raising funds for SBH Qld – to one of my biggest passions and that which started off this whole crazy adventure of mine – motor racing/cars!  I received an invitation to attend the 6th Annual Pacific Ford & FPV Total Performance Car Show on the Sunshine Coast Qld, to represent Chasing my Dreams, and SBH Qld – to hold a raffle on behalf of this amazing charity.  WOW..what an incredible opportunity this was! Thank you once again to Greg Manchester and the Team from Pacific Ford Maroochydore, for inviting me along with my little venture, to proudly once again support and give back to SBH QLD (Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Queensland) at their amazing Annual Pacific Ford & FPV Total Performance Car Show. An amazing amount of funds were raised  – $343.55, which will go directly towards supporting people living with these two disabilities!


 What made this day even more special was that V8 Supercars young Superstar Chaz Mostert was making an appearance – and he was also going to be drawing the Raffle winners – Wow!  My little venture, being helped along by such an amazing young man as Chaz Mostert – a man who is out there, Chasing his Dreams, with everything he has got!  It was brilliant to once again meet and chat with Chaz, and have him personally draw the Raffle, and sign and present the 3 prizes to the winners! (not to mention, having him sit IN my car, sign the interior…and sit with him on the front of my car for a photo – wow!)

Congratulations to all the winners on the day – and thank you all once again for your generosity! 
Thank you also to Ford Performance Racing for the donation of the FPR Merchandise, as the prizes for the raffles.
And a special thank you to Chaz Mostert for being involved in this special part of the Car Show for me, and my fundraising for SBH Qld! 🙂

Chaz is Chasing his Racing Dreams!
Chaz Mostert is such an awesome young man who, at 21yrs of age, is out there, in his own words, ‘really enjoying being out there Chasing my Dreams!’ (this is one of the very first things he said to me the first time I met him in 2013 – and this was made even more special to hear from him, as at the time he didnt know of my journey I was on in my own life).  Listening to his Q&A session was brilliant, he also spent time with his fans – he is such a great young man who is out there, living his passion – something I absolutely LOVE seeing in others!.

What an incredible tick off the bucketlist this was – such a special day, and one I had been wanting to happen for a while now, just waiting for the right opportunity to present itself – with my love of cars (and this Car Show in particular, which is why it was so special for me to be there today in this way), my admiration of Chaz Mostert, with proudly representing Chasing my Dreams, and SBH Qld, and being around a number of people I personally know, from the ‘car community’ (such fun people who are so full of heart, and passion for what they do in their lives) – I was really, truly in my Bliss!! It was all a little surreal, really!  

Anything is Possible….when you visualise the opportunities you want to make happen in your life!


#222. Swimming with the Whales – TICK!

2Ive been on some pretty special, and amazing adventures along my bucketlist journey…and WOW!!! this would have to be right up there amongst one of the BEST of them, without a doubt!

On Wednesday 9th July 2014, I had the absolutely incredible, special priviledge to experience SWIMMING with the Humpback Whales, while on their annual migration along the east coast of Australia! I CANNOT believe this has just happened!

To be in the ocean, and having the humpback whales approach right up close to us (within 10-20m….the boat stops at 100m and it is totally the whales who call the shots as to how close they approach us – this experience is carried out in a very respectful way that has been carefully planned, following very strict guidelines) – to have them  choose to come right up and ‘play’ with us is amazing – LOADS of tail waving and slapping – one of the whales kept slapping and waving his tail in and out of the water at us when we were all still on the boat as if to say “Come and PLAY!”, 😀  it was awesome, loads of fin waves, and one even rose up and put his head vertically out of the water as if to say ‘oh hi!’ – SO cute! To be actually in the water while these magnificent creatures swam to within 40m distance DIRECTLY UNDER us, and close up around us (we had 3 of them glide directly below us)…..WOW..!!!!

To know that one of these majestic beasts was gliding directly below us, when we were in the water - INCREDIBLE feeling!

To know that one of these majestic beasts was gliding directly below us, when we were in the water – INCREDIBLE feeling!

The whales were so, so playful…it was incredible! We were cheering and clapping and yahoo-ing at their antics, and at the wonder of being right there with them! And to have a big pod of dolphins come and visit us, just as we were about to leave the last area we stopped and swam at – the special icing on the cake! 

I feel so, so priviledged to be able to experience this, right in my own backyard, off Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast!  To know that you are able to experience this overseas….and THEN to find out that Sunreef Diving was bringing this here, to the Sunshine Coast – I could not believe it when I heard this!

The awesome Katie, from Sunreef Diving!

The awesome Katie, from Sunreef Diving!

Katie and Dan and the crew from Sunreef Diving – thank you so SO much for bringing this breathtaking experience to Australia…to be one of the first to experience this in Australian waters while the humbbacks are on their annual migration – what an incredible priviledge!  I urge anyone out there, if you are in Australia and able to get to the Sunshine Coast….don’t just ‘think’ about doing this ‘one day’ DO it!  The Migration is between July-till about October/November every year…this very special experience is something that cannot easily be put into words!

Thank you also for being so awesome with me, and so very inclusive for people with disabilities – I admit I had my fears and nerves about how this was going to happen – but from the very first minute of talking with Katie over the phone and telling her about my disabilities, she put my nerves to rest immediately and was so very reassuring and inclusive – Sunreef’s “Make it Happen” attitude, which is of course very much like mine, is awesome – my nerves quickly changed to “Oh yes, BRING IT ON!”! I can swim, not a problem – but I always like to be able to ‘touch the bottom’ of a pool/the ocean etc when I am in water – we were way out from shore, with absolutely NO chance of ‘touching the bottom’ haha….so it did take alittle while for me to get my confidence up, and used to the sensation of drifting around out in that ocean while hanging onto the boat.  Katie stayed right beside me each and every time we got in and out of  that water *we went to different locations, out in that ocean – so were climbing on and off the boat a few times during the morning – I got my workout that day, that’s for sure! haha*, and for this Katie, I thank you SO much.  Bring on next time, when I may venture out onto that ‘floatation line’ away from the boat! haha 😉

Here is some footage taken when we were out there with these majestic, beautiful creatures….incredible!

Seeing these majestic creatures right up close will always, ALWAYS remain with me!

The force is strong with this one! You can see the absolute massive strength when he crashes back down....amazing!

The force is strong with this one! You can see the absolute massive strength when he crashes back down….amazing!

This big guy was gliding along, slapping his tail excitedly as if to say "Come and PLAY!!" - AWESOME!!

This big guy was gliding along, slapping his tail excitedly as if to say “Come and PLAY!!” – AWESOME!!

After talking with Dan and Katie from Sunreef….I’ve come away with even more opportunities to ‘Make it Happen’ – awesome!

hmmm....whats this....?!?!..hehe...

hmmm….whats this….?!?!..hehe…


#227 Swimming with Humpback Whales and that’s a massive, beyond awesome TICK, right there!

ANYTHING is Possible….when you have the opportunity to experience something that is TRULY magical!

One fleeting moment in time…can open up an amazing opportunity!

#92. Have more TV experiences.
(this ones not ‘ticked off’ the list, as I am looking forward to more of them, however they unfold!)

Back in 2012, when I had the very special opportunity to be flown down to Melbourne, to appear as an extra on Neighbours….then the next day be ‘on the Couch with the cast’ on the morning chat show ‘The Circle’ (which I didn’t find out till literally the night before the show – for all I knew I was simply ‘in the audience’!) – not only did I absolutely LOVE the whole ‘being on TV’ experience (and sharing ‘my story’ which I am so very proud of!)…but being behind the scenes, seeing how the production of a show all unfolds, all the big beasty cameras and equipment – something about the whole aspect of being behind the scenes really fascinates me – so, of course, when I got back home I raced straight to my bucketlist and put #92 on the List!

Fast forward two years…I received an email which contained a link to grab the opportunity to possibly claim Limited tickets (the tickets got snapped up in 3 minutes apparently!) to the filming of episodes of the ‘Shannons Legends of Motorsport’ series of shows, 4 of these which were being filmed on the one day at the incredible ‘Bowdens Shed’ collection of historic Australian racing cars, here on the Sunshine Coast. With my passion of motorsport (this passion is what started this whole Chasing my Dreams adventure!), with having been up at Bowdens once before and knowing how incredible their collection (and that Shed) is, and being behind the scenes of watching such a special television show being created – of course I had to click on that link in that email…next minute I find out I was lucky enough to claim the tickets!

The filming of the show was the most incredible day – so many Legends in the one room on the one day, so many memories being re-created, so much motorsport awesomeness!  ….and not to mention, being able to watch the shows being created from behind the scenes – so fascinating, and so much fun being in that audience that day! 🙂 I was in my absolute bliss….like a kid in a lolly shop not knowing where to look next!

TODAY is the showing of the first episode of this show…and I cannot wait to see it!

One simple click in an email...led me to this most INCREDIBLE day!

One simple click in an email…let me to this most INCREDIBLE day!

Today with the broadcasting (4.30pm Saturdays on 7Mate, the series being shown over the next few months) of the first ‘Shannons Legends of Motorsport’ show in the series, is also bringing back some incredibly special, life-defining moments of my ‘Melbourne experience’ in 2012.  I can still remember the moment of strolling back to my chauffeured car (yes, little ol’ me was treated to the WORKS haha…it was amazing!) at the Neighbours studios and feeling that oh-so-delicious ‘click’ inside me of ‘THIS is exactly where I need to be in my life…this is ME!’.  I wish that everyone could feel this ‘click’ inside of themselves…there is absolutely NO better feeling, its indescribable, really!….

My very special ‘Melbourne experience’

Opportunities can come about sometimes so fleetingly…but when you see them – I urge you to GRAB them.  My Melbourne experience came about from me simply having the TV on in the background at home one morning, and having my ears prick up at the words ‘If you have a bucketlist, we’d love to see it’.  I innocently sent mine in….and the next minute, a few weeks later…I’m being flown down to Melbourne for one of the most incredible 24hrs that I feel SO blessed to have experienced!

Emailling my bucketlist to The Circle after they requested viewers do so - opened up the most incredible (surprise) opportunity!

Emailling my bucketlist to The Circle after they requested viewers do so – opened up the most incredible (surprise) opportunity!

My recent ‘#227. Swimming with the Humpback Whales’ experience – another ‘fleeting moment’ which took me by surprise.  I had been curious about swimming with the whales for a long time now, but for some unknown reason I never threw it on my bucketlist – I knew the experience was available overseas, so it WAS possible…but for some reason I never actioned that thought in my head (I know, very unusual for me not to do this! haha).  A few weeks ago, ‘something’ inside of me told me to put it on the bucketlist – ever since I got back from my Mystery Trip over to Tangalooma,  my mind kept going to those magestic beasts, these amazing humpbacks which are currently migrating right past our coastline, I simply could not stop thinking about them being out there, in our waters.  TWO days later after putting it on the bucketlist, I was simply driving home – next minute on the car radio I hear an ad screaming out at me, telling me that Swimming with the Humpback Whales is now available in Australia, and it is happening, RIGHT in my own backyard (off Mooloolaba), with Sunreef Diving!  I could not believe it!  I raced inside and called Sunreef immediately to ask about the opportunity of getting me out on that boat…next minute – it was all locked in, and it was actually happening.  Wow!

A few simple words heard on a TV show, a received email, an ad on the radio – each of these ‘fleeting moments’ which could have just strolled past me, led me to the most incredible experiences!

ANYTHING is Possible….when you grab hold of a fleeting moment in time, and TAKE that opportunity when its right there in front of you!

#17 (People Id love to Meet) Matt Golinski – TICK!

Just a few short days ago, I shared my thoughts on how this sudden hit of winter has impacted on my body and my mindset, and put a spanner in the works for my  intense training efforts towards my 2km walk in the Sunshine Coast Marathon…and how I was trying to find ways around it to no longer feel ‘set back’ in my mind, so I could continue to stride ahead, to be able to step over that finish line in August…

Little did I know, just a couple of days later (Friday 4th July), that the absolutely PERFECT way to switch my mind back into full focus again, would be literally tapping me on the shoulder….and I had NO idea this was all unfolding!  When I woke up on this morning, I knew I had a ‘followup’ with the local newpaper Sunshine Coast Daily who wanted to meet with me to talk about how my Marathon training progress was coming along…next minute – the amazing Matt Golinski was smiling widely (and cheekily haha as he knew full well that he was my ‘surprise’ that day!) standing right beside me!  Haha….GOTCHA! And he got me GOOD…I literally had no idea!

I always thought I was pretty cluey and switched on, when it came to knowing when people were ‘up to something’ concerning me…BUT..I have to now say – after being completely clueless right up until the moment I took the blindfold off when off on my Mystery Trip which Billy (the main, Christina, Laura and Tim at STA Travel Sunshine Plaza all very cleverly schemed and kept me right in the dark about – but THEN today, the Sunshine Coast Daily sprung the most awesome, amazing surprise of meeting wellknown chef and local identity, and all-round awesome man, Matt Golinski on me (when it was just meant to supposedly be just a ‘followup’ on my Marathon progress…supposedly haha)!!! After this, I have to say….yes I think I might be less switched on than I thought! LOL…

Matt was apparently hiding out in the kitchen till I arrived at the Café where I was to meet with Megan from Sunshine Coast Daily – then after I arrived and as Megan and the Dailys photographer were sitting there with me starting to ask me questions – in the middle of the ‘interview’ which was being ‘video-ed so it can go on the website’ (innocent enough, right? haha I still had no clue at this point!), Matt snuck up on me, leaned over my right shoulder, making out he was the ‘waiter’ who brought my chai tea to my table – even though that Café doesn’t have ‘waiters’, and even though I didn’t actually order a Chai…haha. It took me a minute to register, but when I did…WOW!!  😀 *apparently my face was PRICELESS!*  WHAT A CLASSIC!

Meeting one of this worlds truly 'good men' - the amazing Matt Golinski!

Meeting one of this worlds truly ‘good men’ – the amazing Matt Golinski!

We ended up sitting down and having an absolutely amazing chat about ‘all things life, ‘health vs goals juggling acts’, about how driven our mindsets are and what having passion for your life gives you, and chatting about the Marathon – it was amazing to have this man right in front of me, chatting away with me about things which are very close to my heart….and have him relate to me in our minds, about it all! The perfect ‘tonic’ for my mind struggles Ive been dealing with lately, when it comes to the leadup to the Sunshine Coast Marathon!  I have been wanting to meet Matt for so long, ever since observing him at a Disability event here on the Sunshine Coast in 2009 – something about him, and his passion for life and his craft (his cooking) really struck me that day,  I really love observing, and being around people who have a passionate, driven mindset which is very obviously something Matt has in bucketloads – and Id been wanting to find a way to meet him, ever since! Well…today was the perfect way it unfolded! Matt Golinski….Megan (journalist) and photographer from Sunshine Coast Daily…and Cosy Creek Café Burnside – WELL PLAYED….VERY, VERY WELL PLAYED!!! Thank you so much! haha

People I want to meet #17. Matt Golinski – TICK! off the bucketlist… the most fun way possible!!

UPDATE 7 July 2014
Life sure is full of surprises – and this was one of the more fun ones, for sure!  I mentioned earlier of my mind struggles I’d been having lately with the cold blasts of winter playing havoc on my body and my health, which had thrown my mindset way off track…well I have to say – if there was ever a perfect moment and way to meet this amazing man with the most incredible spirit and driven mindset – this was most definitely THE moment that was meant to happen at this time of my life.  I am SO fired back up again now – and I LOVE this feeling!  I went to the gym this morning, thinking of Matts words he spoke directly to me, with his determined mindset shining out from his eyes…..4 simple, but so powerful words stood out…

“You Can Do It!”

– and I went into the gym and had one of the most amazing sessions up on my feet – it was such a good feeling to be no longer in that ‘mind slump’ which was quite frankly, scaring me to bits for a little while there!  And I have Matt Golinski to thank, for helping turn my mindset back around again (it was always in there, I just had to reach for it again).  Thank YOU Matt….you are an incredible man who is out there giving life everything you have got – and I feel so lucky to have been touched by your magic! 🙂

Winter may be here..but this is not stopping me from striding towards that 2km in the Marathon – I’ll just move the training indoors, at Suncoast Fitness, rather than striding down outdoor paths I’d been hitting. Problem solved!

Matt, thank you so much for this moment in my life…this incredibly fun moment that you created even though you had never met me (before you snuck up on me…haha LOVE it!) – I wish you all the very, very best in your life…you are one man who is definitely ‘doing so much good’ in this world, and I know that you would be motivating so many people in this world..including me!  Your passion for life inspired me for so many years before I actually met you…this I feel has gone up tenfold now!  BRING ON that 2km in the Sunshine Coast Marathon – I’ll be hearing your words in my mind and remembering this day while Im out there, for sure!

ANYTHING is Possible…when you open yourself to the unexpected! (and this certainly was unexpected! haha)

It wont be easy….but it WILL be worth it!

DONT WORRY about what everyone else is doing…achieve your Goals in YOUR way!

With this sudden burst of winter hitting my area, my ‘usual winter symptoms’ have reared their head again – my body gets sore and ceases up…as does my ‘cold air-aggravated’ throat/breathing/asthma symptoms (which are all being closely monitored by my myself, and doctor when need be). With my tendency to get ill easily (when I get sick I often fall hard, and can take weeks to recover), especially in the cooler months, and when I push myself harder, this has all thrown a big spanner in the works with my training for walking the 2km in the Sunshine Coast Marathon. I admit Im a little worried…

BUT…this not going to stop me walking over that finish line, at the end of August! My outdoor training may be a little less frequent at times (but more intensive when I *am* out there – and I still have my indoor training available!), this is something I will gage very carefully so Im not out ‘in the elements’ more than necessary – and I will be taking it very easy on myself, and resting more inbetween sessions….so that I do have the strength to train, and to make it over that line on the day! Yes, there is that determined part of me that feels that I may be ‘slacking off’…but its quite the opposite – if I was slacking off, I wouldn’t train at all/as little as possible, and I would say to myself ‘well that’s it, this is too hard, my body is too sore/tired, my throat is too sore, and winter is for the next two months – exactly in the time leading up to the Marathon…I cant do this!’ But’ Im doing my best right now to come up with ways that I CAN achieve this massive Goal Ive set myself!


I will admit Im a bit worried about how my body is going to handle the next two months of winter training, given that the Marathon is the day after winter ends so I wont have any more ‘warmer months training’…but, I have to fight through this mindset, and keep pushing through it!

When you are striving for a Goal, especially a big one – it is very important to work towards the Goal in what works for you…do not worry about how ‘everyone else does it’ (others may strive through the ceasing up, and the weather, and get out there at every possibility – but I know that would end up in disaster for me if I did it that way!) – work towards it in YOUR way…..still pushing towards that Goal, but in a way that you know wont jeopardise your efforts!

Anything is Possible…when you strive towards your Goals in the way that works for YOU!



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