Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Back in January this year (January 11, 2013 to be exact, somehow that date sticks to my mind without having to look up the date this moment happened…its truly like it was meant to be!), I was at Maroochydore Beach (Sunshine Coast), being totally captivated by the most incredible sunrise

Maroochy Beach..absolutely breathtaking - the moment that sparked a year of magic!

Maroochy Beach..absolutely breathtaking – the moment that sparked a year of magic!

– as it got even more spectacular a thought hit my mind “I MUST do this more often!”…so as soon as I got home that morning, I placed it on the bucketlist…

#174. Watch/Capture the Sunrise once a Month’

…and right there, started the most incredible year-long experience – I started going to a different location on the Sunshine Coast, every month of this year to witness/capture the beginning of a new day, and the amazing sunrises that come with it.  MAGIC….pure Magic!

An experience I will NEVER forget!

An experience I will NEVER forget!

What an INCREDIBLE, magical Tick off the bucketlist this has been…every month of the year, getting up while the world around me is still sleeping, camera in hand, ready to experience the pure magic of the mesmerising colours, sounds, and atmosphere of a new day dawning.  Sitting there waiting for the sun to wake up…about half an hour before the sun peeks through is when the magic really starts to happen – the colours are just stunning, I have never experienced such breath-taking nature, right in front of me!  There has been a couple of months where the sun has decided to sleep in under the cover of rainclouds…but that doesn’t make them any less magical – I was still experiencing the start of a brand new day – there is nothing quite like it!

At times, especially during the middle of winter, or when Ive ‘just not felt like it’ when the alarm goes off at 3.15am…its been a little bit of a challenge haha – and at times its wiped me out for the rest of the day afterwards…but when I get out there in solitude, awaiting for it to unfold in front of me – what an incredible feeling.  Absolute pure bliss!

LOVED this year-long Challenge/tick off the bucketlist – so glad I decided to do it! What a great way to end off the year! (my December sunrise was on December 31st)

Starting top left on the collage, then clockwise:
Jan – Maroochydore Beach
Feb – Pt Cartwright
March – Alexandra Headlands ‘Bluff’
April – Maroochydore (opposite Chambers Island)
May – Cotton Tree
June – Town of Seaside
July – Alexandra Headlands Surf Club
August – Pt Cartwright (Boat Ramp)
September – Maroochydore (Cod Hole)
October – Nambour
November – Mooloolaba
December – Coolum

Such a perfect way to end off the year, with this magical Tick off the bucketlist which Ive been making happen, throughout 2013!

Sunrise Keepsakes!
I’ve come up with various ways of displaying/keeping my ‘2013’ Sunrises…the creative side of me is loving coming up with new ideas for them!







From one simple sunrise in January 2013…to adding it to the bucketlist later that day…to an experience which just keeps growing – I love how ideas evolve into something magical!


ANYTHING is Possible…when you experience the magic of life itself!

Comments on: "#174. Watch/Capture the Sunrise once a Month, for a Year’ – TICK!" (2)

  1. Heather Livingstone said:

    Thanks for sharing your photo’s and journey. Have an awesome time in 2014 – who know’s how many more ticks on the bucket list?? Keep in touch.

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