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Marathons and Mystery Trips!

We’re two months into 2014 – and both of my ‘bigger Dreams’ for 2014 are slowly but surely already taking shape…its very, very exciting! ūüėÄ

169. Mystery Flight/Trip
After a long time wanting to do this, saving up for it, and a few twists and turns to get to this point over the last year….my Mystery¬†Trip¬†is now almost at the point of, I can actually SEE it in front of me! The thing is….I don’t know WHERE, I don’t know WHEN (yet – so other Dreams on my list are on the sideline for now, until I have¬†dates locked in), and I don’t know WHAT I will be doing once I arrive there!¬† My Mystery Trip is totally in my travel agents hands….and it just gets more mysteriously awesome, the closer it gets to actually happening!¬† (my travel agent knows places that I don’t want to go, things I don’t want to do, dates I cannot make the trip, and other details that I don’t particular want on my trip, and he knows my budget I can spend (its for 2 nights, I know that much haha)….but apart from that, all the details are totally in his hands!¬† AWESOMELY scary, in a very good way! haha.

What makes me giggle is that,¬†other people will¬†know all about where Im going, and what I’ll be doing – but I will have NO IDEA until the day of my flight!! haha I love it! ūüėÄ

….its all very, very mysterious…I LOVE the anticipation and excitement leading up to a tick on the list (even with the smaller ‘Dreams’ I get excited and love looking forward to ‘whatever it is’) – but the scale of curious excitement for this one is incredible to experience!¬† THIS is what living is all about…making awesome things happen, in your life!

I don't know WHERE, I don't know WHEN, I don't know WHAT...Bring it On! :D

I don’t know WHERE, I don’t know WHEN, I don’t know WHAT…Bring it On! ūüėÄ

Sunshine Coast Marathon
145. Get a team together and do a fun run/part-marathon type event, (walking on crutches –¬†or part walk/part chair), to raise money for charity
I had fully intended to enter the Sunshine Coast Marathon last year – to the point of registering for it, and taking other actions towards the fundraising side of it etc – but unfortunately my health and other factors made this Dream fall to the side – I was really disappointed to not be able to do it last year, the day of the Marathon was quite emotional for me, as I knew many people who were entering into it that day, and I wasn’t there with them…but that did not put me off wanting to achieve it in 2014 – in fact, it made me even more driven to be able to achieve it no matter what, in 2014!¬†¬†Now that 2014 is here, and Sunshine Coast Marathon registration is open, Im making plans to officially enter the 2km distance! Im¬†going to attempt¬†to walk the 2km distance up on my crutches, hopefully with a Team of people around me, and people¬†helping me with the fundraising side of it (of course, I will be aiming to raise further funds for SBH Qld, my charity of choice).¬† Its very early days in the preparation for it, both physically and organisationally…but the ball has started rolling!¬† …Stay tuned!

If you would like to support me in my efforts to raise funds for SBH Qld, please feel free to donate through my Everyday Hero page – both myself, and SBH Qld thank you! ūüôā

The 2014 Sunshine Coast Marathon will be held on August 31, 2014 – Bring it on!! ūüėÄ

Anything is Possible…when you strive for, and enjoy the anticipation of Making it Happen!

January 2014 – laying the foundations to a year of Making it Happen!

At the start of each year, I immediately put my complete focus on what I want to make happen in the year¬†which is¬†essentially a ‘blank canvas’¬†in front of me – I find myself deciding on a ‘BIG Goal’ that I want to focus on, as well as my Intent for the year (this years is ‘Growth’)…deciding on the BIG Goal¬†is a¬†huge part of my driving force, for bringing in ways¬†for¬†the rest of my goals and dreams that I want to bring into my life.

Not only does doing this get my mind motivated, and charged up to make the coming year as awesome a year as I can¬†– but it also motivates me to make any changes, or bring new day-to-day positive habits into my life….new ways of living my day to day life, which will keep me striding ahead towards my goals and dreams.¬† After all, your life isn’t just about the ‘big stuff’, its about your day-to-day routines and commitments as well – we owe it to ourselves, to create the best life possible, that we can!

As previously mentioned, I have set myself a few Fitness Goals..

Fitness Goals
The two Ive chosen to Chase this year are

– Climb a Rock Wall
РSunshine Coast Marathon (getting up out of my chair and walking the 2km distance in the Marathon)

Ive also recently decided on another future HUGE Goal…to Climb Mt Coolum (in the future sometime)!!¬†¬† Yes…it IS going to happen! OMG…scary, very, very daunting…but the thought of achieving it is beyond AWESOME!¬† I don’t know how, I don’t know when, and I DO know the absolutely massive amount of work its going to take – but I am determined to give it a red hot go!

Aside from my main focus of my Fitness Goals, which are going to take a LOT of training to achieve, there’s a number of things going on behind the scenes, helping to shape 2014 into yet another year I know I will never forget!

Go on a Mystery Trip/Flight
The steps have been started to be taken, to go on a Mystery Trip sometime this year….oooh…its all a little bit mysterious! ūüėÄ

One-on-One Mentoring
I have also had the amazing opportunity of¬†one-on-one Mentoring –¬†a woman I recently met from a local community organization asked that I come and mentor one of her clients – a young man who needed some direction in his life.¬† Such a rewarding experience, knowing that you may perhaps be able to encourage someone to reach further into their potential that you¬†can see¬†is there – I have had a number of ‘informal’ ways of sharing my journey with others, through informal talks, chatting with people merely in conversation, and through my website/Facebook etc¬†– but this was on a totally new level!¬† Its one of my Dreams to offer one-on-one Mentoring as a ‘bigger picture’ of what I do….so to be offered this experience was amazing – to have this woman I recently met, approach me out of the blue and ask me to do this, was so flattering, that she recognized that I may be able to assist this young man!

Daily Rituals/Habits
I’ve decided to¬†bring a couple of daily rituals into my life, which¬†will enrich my day-to-day life, even more!
Brain Training through Lumosity¬†– I’d heard about this ‘brain training’ program¬†a few times in the past, so I’ve decided to make doing this, part of my morning routine every day.¬†¬† I am already feeling the benefits of adding¬†this ‘daily ritual’ to my life – doing the small brain training¬†exercises every morning ‘switches my brain on’ which often results in¬†me having a more productive day (or next few hours…even if Im having¬†a ‘bad health day’ it somehow turns a little of the ‘brain fog’ off, on those days!) On a really bad health day where Im really not capable of much at all…at least I can reach the end of the day and know that Ive exercised my brain! ūüėČ

Gratitude Journal¬†– I have decided that every day, starting Jan 1, 2014, I will write down something, no matter how small, into my Gratitude Diary – its amazing what you can find to be grateful towards…even on those ‘oooh I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed, everything has gone wrong today…grrrrr!’ days!

Along with looking ahead at other¬†new Dreams I would love to have happen…continuing to enjoy the experiences I have brought into my life in the past¬†(pottery, and working bees at the site of my ‘Plant a Tree’ which happened last year,¬†are¬†just two¬†‘Dreams’ which will continue on)…and perhaps even a few more opportunities to encourage others to make something happen for themselves – and of course, getting absolutely stuck into my fitness training for my Fitness Goals (I can¬†‘see’/visualise¬†that Rock Wall in front of me when I train – its the BEST feeling!) Im pretty confident that¬†2014 is going to be another ‘Year to Remember’!¬† 2014 – BRING IT!

Anything is Possible…when you turn the ‘blank canvas’ of a brand new year unfolding…into something magical!

Daily Ritual Update! Two months into 2014, and I can already feel a difference that adding the ‘daily brain training’ through Lumosity, and also adding to my Gratitude Journal every day, is having to my mindset.¬† Having Lumosity to start the day…and my Gratitude Journal at the end of the day, frames my days and my focus together, perfectly!¬† A couple of moments of Gratitude that Ive written in my journal are “Serendipity” (reminding me of an amazing experience I had that day); “inclusive people/businesses helping me to make it happen”;…and on a day that was one of those ‘I really, really shouldn’t have gotten out of bed this morning’ days (we’ve all had those, right?), my entry was “Grateful for tomorrow being another fresh new day!”.¬† There is always something to be grateful for, no matter how small the moment! ūüôā

Achieving your Dreams and Goals, especially the bigger ones, takes focus and commitment Рplacing your mindset into a more focused place on a daily (or regular) basis, goes a long way to helping you bring your Dreams and goals into your reality!

#174. Watch/Capture the Sunrise once a Month, for a Year’ – TICK!

Back in January this year¬†(January 11, 2013 to be exact, somehow that date sticks to my mind without having to look up the date this moment¬†happened…its truly like it was meant to be!), I was at Maroochydore Beach (Sunshine Coast), being totally captivated by the most incredible sunrise

Maroochy Beach..absolutely breathtaking - the moment that sparked a year of magic!

Maroochy Beach..absolutely breathtaking – the moment that sparked a year of magic!

– as it got even more spectacular a thought hit my mind “I MUST do this more often!”…so as soon as I got home that morning, I placed it on the bucketlist…

#174. Watch/Capture the Sunrise once a Month’

…and right there, started the most incredible¬†year-long experience –¬†I started going to a different location on the Sunshine Coast, every month of this year¬†to witness/capture the¬†beginning of a new day, and the¬†amazing sunrises¬†that come with it.¬† MAGIC….pure Magic!

An experience I will NEVER forget!

An experience I will NEVER forget!

What an INCREDIBLE, magical Tick off the bucketlist this has been…every month of the year, getting up while the world around me is still sleeping, camera in hand, ready to experience the pure magic of the mesmerising colours, sounds, and atmosphere of a new day dawning.¬† Sitting there waiting for the sun to wake up…about half an hour before the sun peeks through is when the magic really starts to happen – the colours are just stunning, I have never experienced such breath-taking nature, right in front of me!¬† There has been a couple of months where the sun has decided to sleep in under the cover of rainclouds…but that doesn’t make them any less magical – I was still experiencing the start of a brand new day – there is nothing quite like it!

At times, especially during the middle of winter, or when Ive ‘just not felt like it’ when the alarm goes off at 3.15am…its been a little bit of a challenge haha – and at times its wiped me out for the rest of the day afterwards…but when I get out there in solitude, awaiting¬†for it to unfold in front of me¬†– what an incredible feeling.¬† Absolute pure bliss!

LOVED this year-long Challenge/tick off the bucketlist – so glad I decided to do it! What a great way to end off the year! (my December sunrise was on December 31st)

Starting top left on the collage, then clockwise:
Jan – Maroochydore Beach
Feb – Pt Cartwright
March – Alexandra Headlands ‘Bluff’
April – Maroochydore (opposite Chambers Island)
May – Cotton Tree
June – Town of Seaside
July – Alexandra Headlands Surf Club
August – Pt Cartwright (Boat Ramp)
September – Maroochydore (Cod Hole)
October – Nambour
November – Mooloolaba
December – Coolum

Such a perfect way to end off the year, with this magical Tick off the bucketlist which Ive been making happen, throughout 2013!

Sunrise Keepsakes!
I’ve come up with various ways of displaying/keeping my ‘2013’ Sunrises…the creative side of me is loving coming up with new ideas for them!







From one simple sunrise in January 2013…to adding it to the bucketlist later that day…to an experience which just keeps growing – I love how ideas evolve into something magical!


ANYTHING is Possible…when you experience the magic of life itself!

So that was 2013…This Bucketlist thing really works! :D

Throughout 2013, even though I had¬†a big chunk¬†of not-so-nice¬†‘life stuff’ hit me – I still made a lot of my¬†Dreams come true –¬†¬†living life the ‘bucketlist way’¬†is testament to the fact that it really works – it gets you to focus on the things you¬†WANT to do – and takes your mind (even if momentarily, in the lead up, and on the day/s you are ticking something off your list) off the ‘other, not so good, stuff’ in your life.¬† It WORKS!

“If we wait until we‚Äôre ready, we‚Äôll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”
‚Äď Lemony Snicket

There have been so many times this year that I have struggled to get through certain times, that I haven’t ‘felt like’ doing anything, that I just haven’t felt enthusiastic, that Ive just been plain exhausted, for months on end¬†–¬†my ‘life stuff’¬†was pushing me right¬†down….but, as soon as I focused on making something happen on my list, or saw an opportunity in front of me, and started to make it happen…I¬†had that delicious sense of anticipation once again¬†– something ‘clicked’ inside of me, and I felt that awesome sense of passion and excitement build up¬†– that’s one of the things I love about living life this way!

This year, if I just kept focusing on dealing with the ‘stuff’, and if I had said to myself ‘once this is all over, then I will go back to making things happen’…if I continued with that train of thought, then I wouldn’t have had these amazing, fun, awesome experiences this year!¬† Making these things happen, has turned a year that had the potential to be ‘a year to forget’…into a year that I had some pretty incredible things happen, and¬†to be grateful for, and some amazing memories to always remember 2013 by! ūüôā¬† No, I haven’t had a huge ‘bucketlist’ year like 2012 was¬†– that was truly mindblowing! lol….but I have had an amazing year, nonetheless.¬† Riding a jetski, which I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember – and¬†finally making the third of my ‘initial 3 dreams’ which Ive always had, happen¬†– that day alone makes all the effort Ive put into making things happen¬†this year (and I wont deny its been hard at times, with everything else that’s happened this year), well and truly worth it!¬† That day alone gave me¬†a day of absolute pure joy, excitement..and adrenaline (which Ive grown to love! lol).¬† That, topped with everything else on the list¬†which gave me joy this year – yep, I am so glad I made this year into what it was….rather than what ‘it could have been’.

2013 ticks
I cannot WAIT to see what opportunities come my way in 2014¬†– Bring it on! ūüėĬ† I always bring in the New Year with an ‘Intention’ – 2014 will be GROWTH, for me, in many areas of my life!

Why wait…why not make 2014 YOUR year of Making it Happen!

Anything is Possible….when you ‘don’t wait’…when you¬†focus on what¬†you can¬†MAKE happen – rather than what is happening TO you!

#99. Create something artistic/creative for my home – Tick!

Back in September this year, I discovered what I had been looking for, for so long – and it was just around the corner from my home – a local pottery group!¬† I had always wanted to (literally) get my hands onto¬†a way to let my creativity out (my camera allows me to do this, I love my photography – as soon as I have my camera in hand and in a space which inspires me, Im in my ‘bliss’…but I had been searching for something¬†I could actually create with my hands) – and this was my answer!

Here’s how¬†it has all unfolded, as written in a previous blog!…

The various steps to creating my first pottery piece!

The various steps to creating my first pottery piece…

Finally, after many months of creative fun¬†(pottery is a big lesson in patience with all the different steps you have to go through to create your piece – and patience is not one of my best attributes..haha…) – towards the end of December, and after two separate ‘firing’s in the kiln (being in a group, we have to wait until there are enough pieces to warrant turning on the kiln) – I had my finished first piece in front of me!

My 'beach-themed' vase..I am so proud of my little crooked vase! haha...

My ‘beach-themed’ vase..I am so proud of my little crooked vase! haha…

I am SO proud of my cute¬†little blue¬†vase haha…so much love, fun¬†and imagination went into creating this piece – no its nothing like I first visualised in my mind, that it would look like – but¬†I had to let go of ‘I want it to look like this’ and just let it have a mind of its own..and thats the thing with creativity – it will be, what it is, and not necessarily anything like the first idea that hit your mind when you started.¬† When you have a creative mind – an idea might hit your mind – but 15 minutes later, a completely different idea may hit it, and there you go, off on a totally different direction! haha….love it! ūüôā

I cannot wait to start back with my awesome group of ‘potters’ in the New Year, and continue on my next piece – Im aiming for it to be a potplant holder…but you just never know what it may turn out to be, once its finished! ūüėĬ†¬†I love being around other creative spirits…and going into the pottery¬†room every week is like bliss to me – so much creative, imaginative, fun minds and energy¬†in the one¬†space¬†– its awesome! ūüôā

….Oh, and something Ive recently discovered, the building has a couple of¬†pottery wheels (I¬†never knew this, until recently!)¬†– I might get to recreate ‘that scene’ from the movie Ghost! haha ūüėČ


UPDATE Feb 2014 – just a few short months later, after I joined my pottery group, and I have a few more ‘unfinished projects’ in the making –¬†this is¬†all SO much fun! I love being a part of this pottery group…I love the building where we meet, it has such a creative ‘vibe’ to it – other ‘arty’ type groups meet there as well.¬† Its so easy to get ‘lost in the moment’ in this building and group, which is so important in our busy lives, to take time to ‘get lost in that which we love’!¬† Creating is one of my passions…so¬†whenever I am able to get to pottery, its a time where Im really reaching into something which I love¬†– which is what life is all about – doing what we love! ūüôā

More creations slowly being pieced together!

More creations slowly being pieced together!

Not only¬†am I creating¬†these pieces for myself…but I will soon be joining in, in a ‘communal piece’ – a mural that will be placed on a wall somewhere, where each of us in¬†the group will be creating a separate piece of the mural, to be put together as one big piece! How exciting! ūüėÄ

COMMUNAL MURAL – March 2014 Update!
My pieces Im creating for myself have been put aside for the moment, to take part in creating a communal Mural, to be hung at the building where we gather for pottery group.¬† When the concept of the Mural first came up, I had NO idea what we were going to be doing…I was just a ‘newbie’ to pottery, and I¬†just didn’t know whether I would be ‘good enough’ to¬†contribute a piece to something that is going to be made¬†from other much more experienced creators, as well as someone like me who is still learning the basics.¬† But, each piece of the mural is uniquely ours…and that’s the magic of it –¬†I don’t have to be ‘as good as the others’ –¬†my piece will fit into the mix of the Mural as one whole complete piece – and I cannot¬†wait to see the finished product!

Slowly but surely, its being created – everyone has been matched with a ‘piece’ of the mural, for us to create¬†our interpretation of¬†that piece. My piece contains¬†leaves, grass, and quondongs, which are a type of fruit/berry…¬† Heres my ‘piece of the puzzle’, which¬†is yet¬†to be fired – the piece will chance colour once its been fired up:


My little piece! :)

My little piece! ūüôā

Heres a few more pieces which have been created by others..we have some amazingly creative people in our group! ūüôā¬† The bottom right photo, on the wall is the picture that we are all creating,¬†into one big mural piece –¬†its like a big jigsaw, and we all are creating a¬†piece of the¬†puzzle each!¬† Its a little difficult to see in the images here, but it is¬†going to look amazing, once its finished!

Pieces of the puzzle which will one day, be one complete Mural!

Pieces of the puzzle which will one day, be one complete Mural!

This is quite exciting to be a part of – from my decision last year to simply ‘join a pottery group’, and start creating my first¬†crooked little blue¬†vase for my home…to now be a part of the group who is creating this awesome communal Mural – this is all SO much fun! ūüôā

Anything is Possible…when you’re inspired to create!

#87. Write a message in the sand while Im walking on it, and watch the waves wash it away – TICK!

I¬†LOVE my birthday – each year is another milestone….another year that I am ‘still here’! On my birthday (Sunday December 22nd 2013), I started¬†the morning by walking down on Maroochydore Beach with my friends and Mum there to support me, writing a message in the sand (“Dare to Dream”), and watching the waves wash it out into the ocean! Such a special way to celebrate my birthday – a lot of hard work went into achieving this (walking on the sand is very hard work for me!), and I had to get help to get back up the beach¬†by some awesome¬†Maroochydore Beach lifeguards¬†(I also got to ride in their vehicle!)¬†– but I did it! Thank you to everyone who helped me make¬†this happen! ūüôā


…the rest of my birthday was pretty low-ley – it was a huge effort to not only walk down that beach (including a stretch of very soft sand!), but to also stand there balancing on only one crutch while writing my message in the sand with my other hand!

Walking down the beach on my birthday with friends….such a simple pleasure, but such hard work at the very same time! ūüôā

Anything is Possible….when you¬†take pleasure¬†in the simple things in life!

New Fitness Goal added to the List..and its a biggie! :D

Recently¬†I posted a list of the Fitness Goals I intend to smash…!

Fitness Goals
Last night..(and I think I might be a little bit mad…or over-ambitious! haha)…but I have just added

#209. Get up to the top of Mount Coolum

….to the list!¬† Last year when I was attempted to ‘climb my mountain’ (walk up to the top of the steep ocean boardwalk at Coolum, up out of my wheelchair, on my crutches), I had one of the trainers at my gym say “I want to get you to the top of Mt Coolum one day” – at the time, my eyes and inner spark lit up – after I achieved my ‘Climb’¬†I thought you know what, climbing ‘my mountain’ is ‘enough’ for me…I don’t need to get to the top of a mountain, to satisfy my want to climb one, now – I may still attempt it one day though!¬† It always stayed at the back of my mind, as a possibility….hmmm.

This past weekend, a friend commented completely out of the blue, just like the comment made to me last year “I want to get you to the top of Mount Coolum”….and that was it…I have to achieve it…it has now MADE the List!¬† OMG what am I thinking….this is HUGE! haha…but, theres no getting out of it now, no going back, Ive shared the idea with a few more people now….and we are going to MAKE it happen!¬† I don’t know how….I REALLY don’t know how haha…but, there will be a way!

I don't know how...but I WILL reach the top of this beautiful mountain I love, one day...somehow! :)

I don’t know how…but I WILL reach the top of this beautiful mountain I love, one day…somehow! ūüôā

Its a busy Bucketlist-fest!

My ‘Chasing my Dreams’ life has certainly been busy in the last month or so – and its been SO MUCH FUN! ūüôā¬†¬† With the busy-ness of Christmas, my upcoming birthday (and a very special birthday ‘tick’ off the list!), and gearing up for what is shaping up to be an awesome start to 2014, I haven’t had a chance to write full blogs on all these amazing experiences yet¬†– but heres a snippet of what I’ve been up to!…..

#101- Milk a Cow
Kicking it off on November 12th,¬†myself and a friend¬†(and her little one, which¬†made it¬†so much more of a cute experience!)¬†ventured up to Maleny Dairies in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, to experience milking a cow.¬† Such a simple activity, but something I have never had the opportunity to do. Through a recent promotion that Maleny Dairies held, I was very blessed to be able to not only meet ‘Millie’ – but to milk her, as well.¬† Normally on the Tour which is open to the public (at a very reasonable price), you don’t get to milk¬†one of the farms’¬†cows – if the cows were being milked by many different people during each day on the Tour, it would just stress them out – so I felt very lucky to have this experience, at this farm!¬† Maleny Dairies is a fully functioning farm, which produces the most amazing, and yummy products available to the public, on sale throughout the country.¬† If you ever get the chance go on the Maleny Dairies tour, it is so much fun, and so interactive, for the kids, as well as for us ‘big kids! ūüôā¬†¬† Not only were we shown various parts of the farm, the land, told some of the history, and visited the milking and production areas for their various dairy products (which we were able to sample¬†– yum!)¬†– we were also¬†able to hand-feed the chickens, and also the lambs and calfs – it was just like being a big kid again!

Thank you so much to Maleny Dairies for this fun experience…and thank you Millie, for allowing me to milk you – you are SO cute! ūüôā

Meeting Millie - she's so cute! :)

Meeting Millie – she’s so cute! ūüôā



Next on the list was a very special experience, in supporting fellow bucketlister, Emma, on her very first tick off her list –
Free Hugs in the CBD!
Supporting, and watching someone else do something which they’ve always wanted to do, is such a special experience – I know how amazing it feels to experience something you’ve been wanting to do, for the very first time, and to tick it off your bucketlist¬†– so to watch and observe someone else have these same feelings which I’ve had so many times now,¬†through living out my own bucketlist¬†– and to be there by their side as theyre ticking their own ‘want’ off their list¬†– its just such an awesome feeling!

Emma¬†is a woman who, after a simple chat recently, was inspired (and most importantly motivated!)¬†enough to sit down and create her own list – and within 24hrs of our¬†chat – she had created a list that was 124 ‘items’ long¬†– yes that’s ONE HUNDRED and twenty four items long-bucketlist!¬† AWESOME work Emma, it was an amazing moment when you showed your list to me, after our chat only the day before!¬†November 18th was the day Emma was to make her first bucketlist item happen, and I was lucky enough to be able to join Emma on her very first ‘tick’.¬† We¬†ventured into King George Square in Brisbanes CBD, with another couple of ‘Free Huggers’, with our signs, smiles, and open arms ready for anyone who would like a hug….it was brilliant to be in the middle of the city, in lunchhour (and afterwards)¬†when people were going about their day, some of them having their ‘serious work-face’ on, but as soon as they spotted us, big smiles broke out….we had people virtually running towards us, for a hug – it was awesome!¬† I’d experienced gifting hugs through the ‘Hug Patrol’ a number of times….but to do a random ‘free hugs’ in the city – yep, so much fun – to bring smiles and joy to so many people – absolutely priceless!

"And the star of the show is...EMMA!" :D

“And the star of the show is…EMMA!” ūüėÄ

I could say more…but I think Emma has summed it up perfectly!…

on the 18th of November I ticked the very first thing off my list officially, go to Brisbane city and give out free hugs, when i put this on my list the whole purpose of this was to give people something to smile about for the day and make them feel good, when i first put this on my list i thought i really want to do this but was not sure how it would go, but i went ahead and did it anyway with the doubts i had cause i was so passionate about it and to my surprise it was the best day!! the response and comments we go from people was just amazing!! i went there to make others feel good but instead it made me feel awesome! im always trying to find ways to help people and i went away from this event smiling for days and feeling i really made a difference to people today and that felt so good to help people like that.

it was great to cross something off my list but what i got out of this day will stay with me forever it was just magic!!”

Great work Emma…you’ve captured the essence already,¬†of what magic can be experienced, when you simply get out there, and make it happen!


From Free Hugs – to Pistol Shooting!
Now what happened next, shows just how random this whole ‘bucketlist way of life’ is – we started off the week gifting Free Hugs – and ended the week Pistol Shooting!..haha – you simply cannot get two more different activities, from one extreme to the other¬†¬†¬†– something else off Emmas list which she decided to make happen!

November 24th, we arranged to meet up at the Sunshine Coast Shooting Club, out the back of Yandina on the Sunshine Coast, for what was certain to be another funfilled day – and it sure was! ūüôā¬† I had been out to a¬†shooting gallery before..but this was Emmas first time, so that made it exciting, knowing this was all new to¬†her.

After¬†filling in the security forms, and being briefed on the safety and mechanisms of the pistols and the Club, we were headed down to the Gallery, to join in with the other shooters already down there.¬† Donning our safety goggles, and lots of laughter and smiles being shared…it suddenly got serious – we had¬†our weapons in our hands.¬† I don’t know about Emma, but the very first time I held a pistol in my hand (at the gallery I visited and shot at last year) I suddenly became very intimidated by what I had in my hand¬†– I realised the absolute full power of what I was holding – it was awesome, and a little daunting at the very same time.¬† We ended up shooting 50 ’rounds’ of ammo – the moment when you get to go up to the target and check out how well you did…love it…!¬† I didn’t do as well as I shot last year (that day, I shot 3 bullseyes first up! haha)…but as for Emma…she did amazing – she’s a mean shot, is Emma! haha ūüėČ

"Charlies (two) Angels"..haha...

“Charlies (two) Angels”..haha…

Thank you once again Emma for allowing me to be a part of the magic of ticking things off your bucketlist Рit was not only so much fun to be there joining in with you, but to see you experience the joy of making it happen through your own efforts Рjust brilliant!  Cant wait to see what you have lined up next!

Speaking of which..Next on¬†my list is something which I have thoroughly enjoyed…and even though its taken a few months to complete, its something which I am so glad I found a way to make it happen!

99. Create something artistic for my home
This was something which, I had no idea what I was going to do, I had no idea which ‘artistic/creative medium’ I would end up using…but I knew that one day it would come to me – and quite by chance, one day it did – and its just around the corner from my home, which was amazing to discover! I was¬†about to join in with a local pottery group – I had no idea what I was going to create – but I somehow¬†just knew that I was going to enjoy every moment of it – and so far I have, for sure.¬† There is something very therapeutic about ‘playing’ with clay – I like to¬†call it ‘playdoh for adults’ haha…

I had absolutely no idea of the long process it has to go through before you actually have your finished piece – theres the creating the actual piece (which can take a very long time, depending on how detailed your creation is), then you glaze/underglaze (paint with colour)¬†it…then you fire it (and sometimes you have to fire it twice – Im not sure exactly why, but apparently that’s part of the process).¬† But, then theres the special day when your creation comes out of the kiln for the final time, and you can enjoy (and be proud!) of what you’ve created with your very own hands and imagination.


What I’ve also discovered about pottery is, what you may originally have in your mind that you want to create….isn’t necessarily what ends up being created.¬† Its interesting how it starts off as one thing…and all of a sudden you find that theres something completely different, in your hands!¬† My first creation is ‘meant to be’ a beach-themed vase – I had certain colours, shapes, textures in my mind for it….and I haven’t actually seen the finished product yet – but here is a photo that Ive seen of it…(its the bright blue tallish vase, in the middle of the picture).¬† So excited to see the finished product, for real…and I will be seeing it tomorrow! Yayz! haha ūüėÄ I am so proud of my little creation! It took many months to create, from the original moulding of the clay, till the end of the process…but finally, its done!¬† My next creation is ‘meant to be’ a potplant holder….lets see what it actually turns into!

Some of the groups finished products - including my little vase in the proud of my little vase! haha :)

Some of the groups finished products – including my little blue vase in the middle….awww….so proud of my little vase! haha ūüôā

So, that’s what has been happening the last month or so, in my¬†‘Chasing my Dreams’ world – and with only 13 days left in the year, I still have two more ‘ticks’ off the list, planned before the year is out!

What dreams are YOU Chasing? ūüôā


Is taking part in “Free Hugs” on your bucketlist? Nows your chance! :)

This coming Monday, fellow bucketlister Emma is holding a “Free Hugs” day in Brisbane CBD, as her first ‘official tick’ off her bucketlist! ūüėÄ

Free Hugs days are SO much fun, and such a rewarding experience…heres a blog I wrote last year, after taking part in my first ‘Hug Patrol’ and giving (and receiving) the very special, and simple gift of HUGS!

If you would like to join in on Emmas Free Hugs…or even call past for a quick hug during your day, we will be near the Town Hall, King George Square, Brisbane CBD, from 11am on Monday 18th November.¬† Hope to see you there! – and hey, if you work in the CBD, a hug at lunchtime might be just what you need, to get through the rest of your day! ūüėÄ

Bring on the HUGS! :D

Bring on the HUGS! ūüėÄ

Not only ‘Racing’ and reliving my #1 Life Dream..but ‘Racing with my family!’ :D

Its no secret that this whole journey of mine started with me bringing to life my most sentimental, and fulfilling Life Dream, of racing on a racetrack (racing like my family did…in my own way) in with Steve Johnson of Dick Johnson Racing/Jim Beam Racing – being raced around Qld Raceway! Wow!

(onboard camera of this amazing lifechanging moment)

(photo compilation of this magical day)

Since this day in August, 2011, my life and mindset have changed in ways I never, ever expected it to – it was far more than just ‘racing around a track’ because of the effects it has had on my life!

One thing I missed about this day was having my Mum with me on this special day which changed my life…she, along with my stepdad, were out in the middle of Australia somewhere, on their 4wd/caravanning adventure, living their own Dream, when I was fulfilling my own

But…on last Tuesday 29th October, I was able to fulfill the one thing what I missed on this day with DJR…to not only have my Mum watch me racing (like she would have watched my sister race, when we were growing up, and I was unable to join in because of my disability), but to also have my stepdad race with me…we were both gifted, through a competition, the amazing opportunity to sit alongside David Reynolds from The Bottle-O Racing Team/ Pepsi Max Crew FPR in his Bottle-O Ford Falcon, and race around the iconic Lakeside Park Raceway, Qld!¬† To not only be racing again, but to be on this iconic track full of inclines, curves, character…SO MUCH FUN! haha.¬† To have my Mum finally be able to ‘watch her other daughter race’, and to do this with my stepdad, so, in my way I was finally ‘racing with my family’ – just like when my original Dream came to life with DJR, this day with FPR was absolutely priceless!

Racing with my family - on such a FUN track, as Lakeside! EPIC!

Racing with my family – on such a FUN track, as Lakeside! EPIC!

I’ve always said that the racing/car community is an amazing community full of heart¬† – and this day, just like when I raced in with Steve from DJR, proved it, once again.¬† Thank you to both of these awesome race teams Dick Johnson Racing and Pepsi Max Crew FPR/Bottle-O Racing for making my dreams come true, in such an epic way – 240/250km/hr….yeeeewww!!


In with Steve Johnson and David Reynolds – two guys out there following their their racing dreams! ūüôā

Chase your Dreams, no matter what they are – you may be surprised as to where they lead you!!

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