Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Grabbing Opportunities!

Grabbing opportunities when they appear in front of you, is SO worth it! There have been a number of times in the last few years since Ive started this journey, that when an opportunity has appeared in front of me, I’ve been hesitant, nervous..even freaking out haha…but Ive still grabbed it – and those opportunities have often turned out to be the most amazing experiences – what I’ve found is, when you are actually in the experience of what you’ve ‘always wanted to do’, the worries, concerns and fears more often than not, seem to just melt away, and turn into joy, happiness, achievement – and so many other positive feelings instead!

This was proven once again yesterday by Alison – she had an opportunity recently presented to her (sneakily arranged by me lol) – Alison had, for quite a while now, been wanting to experience being on a Segway, but hadn’t found an opportunity to do it – until now! Living with her disability, Alison had (understandably) a few concerns and hesitations going on about doing this – so when I approached her and said that I knew of a way (and an actual day/time she could lock in if she wanted to) she could experience this, and she said “Yes, I’ll do it!” – I was so proud of her. Alison could have said no – but she didn’t – she put her nerves aside….and she DID IT anyway!

Alison grabbed her opportunity - and she loved it!

Alison grabbed her opportunity – and she loved it!

Yesterday we headed out to Novotel Twin Waters Resort on the Sunshine Coast, to meet the lovely Sara from “Xperiences” – and to have Alison tick ‘Ride a Segway’ off her bucketlist – it was amazing to watch her do this, with such happiness and joy on her face. To hear her say “I’m doing it!” with such pride, was such an awesome moment! Yes Alison, you DID IT…GO Girl!

Thank you so much to Sara from Xperiences – you were amazing – it didn’t take much for Alison to gain the confidence to do it on her own, with your guidance and reassurance, towards her.

Anything is Possible….when you grab those opportunities that life puts in front of you!


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