Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

#92. Have more TV experiences.
(this ones not ‘ticked off’ the list, as I am looking forward to more of them, however they unfold!)

Back in 2012, when I had the very special opportunity to be flown down to Melbourne, to appear as an extra on Neighbours….then the next day be ‘on the Couch with the cast’ on the morning chat show ‘The Circle’ (which I didn’t find out till literally the night before the show – for all I knew I was simply ‘in the audience’!) – not only did I absolutely LOVE the whole ‘being on TV’ experience (and sharing ‘my story’ which I am so very proud of!)…but being behind the scenes, seeing how the production of a show all unfolds, all the big beasty cameras and equipment – something about the whole aspect of being behind the scenes really fascinates me – so, of course, when I got back home I raced straight to my bucketlist and put #92 on the List!

Fast forward two years…I received an email which contained a link to grab the opportunity to possibly claim Limited tickets (the tickets got snapped up in 3 minutes apparently!) to the filming of episodes of the ‘Shannons Legends of Motorsport’ series of shows, 4 of these which were being filmed on the one day at the incredible ‘Bowdens Shed’ collection of historic Australian racing cars, here on the Sunshine Coast. With my passion of motorsport (this passion is what started this whole Chasing my Dreams adventure!), with having been up at Bowdens once before and knowing how incredible their collection (and that Shed) is, and being behind the scenes of watching such a special television show being created – of course I had to click on that link in that email…next minute I find out I was lucky enough to claim the tickets!

The filming of the show was the most incredible day – so many Legends in the one room on the one day, so many memories being re-created, so much motorsport awesomeness!  ….and not to mention, being able to watch the shows being created from behind the scenes – so fascinating, and so much fun being in that audience that day! 🙂 I was in my absolute bliss….like a kid in a lolly shop not knowing where to look next!

TODAY is the showing of the first episode of this show…and I cannot wait to see it!

One simple click in an email...led me to this most INCREDIBLE day!

One simple click in an email…let me to this most INCREDIBLE day!

Today with the broadcasting (4.30pm Saturdays on 7Mate, the series being shown over the next few months) of the first ‘Shannons Legends of Motorsport’ show in the series, is also bringing back some incredibly special, life-defining moments of my ‘Melbourne experience’ in 2012.  I can still remember the moment of strolling back to my chauffeured car (yes, little ol’ me was treated to the WORKS haha…it was amazing!) at the Neighbours studios and feeling that oh-so-delicious ‘click’ inside me of ‘THIS is exactly where I need to be in my life…this is ME!’.  I wish that everyone could feel this ‘click’ inside of themselves…there is absolutely NO better feeling, its indescribable, really!….

My very special ‘Melbourne experience’

Opportunities can come about sometimes so fleetingly…but when you see them – I urge you to GRAB them.  My Melbourne experience came about from me simply having the TV on in the background at home one morning, and having my ears prick up at the words ‘If you have a bucketlist, we’d love to see it’.  I innocently sent mine in….and the next minute, a few weeks later…I’m being flown down to Melbourne for one of the most incredible 24hrs that I feel SO blessed to have experienced!

Emailling my bucketlist to The Circle after they requested viewers do so - opened up the most incredible (surprise) opportunity!

Emailling my bucketlist to The Circle after they requested viewers do so – opened up the most incredible (surprise) opportunity!

My recent ‘#227. Swimming with the Humpback Whales’ experience – another ‘fleeting moment’ which took me by surprise.  I had been curious about swimming with the whales for a long time now, but for some unknown reason I never threw it on my bucketlist – I knew the experience was available overseas, so it WAS possible…but for some reason I never actioned that thought in my head (I know, very unusual for me not to do this! haha).  A few weeks ago, ‘something’ inside of me told me to put it on the bucketlist – ever since I got back from my Mystery Trip over to Tangalooma,  my mind kept going to those magestic beasts, these amazing humpbacks which are currently migrating right past our coastline, I simply could not stop thinking about them being out there, in our waters.  TWO days later after putting it on the bucketlist, I was simply driving home – next minute on the car radio I hear an ad screaming out at me, telling me that Swimming with the Humpback Whales is now available in Australia, and it is happening, RIGHT in my own backyard (off Mooloolaba), with Sunreef Diving!  I could not believe it!  I raced inside and called Sunreef immediately to ask about the opportunity of getting me out on that boat…next minute – it was all locked in, and it was actually happening.  Wow!

A few simple words heard on a TV show, a received email, an ad on the radio – each of these ‘fleeting moments’ which could have just strolled past me, led me to the most incredible experiences!

ANYTHING is Possible….when you grab hold of a fleeting moment in time, and TAKE that opportunity when its right there in front of you!

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