Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

 The last 3 years has been a BEYOND INCREDIBLE, EPIC ride….Wow! A MASSIVE THANK YOU to absolutely EVERYONE who has been a part (no matter how big or small), of the last 3 years of this crazy adventure of mine, which started from a ‘fast, but mindblowing’ 3-and-a-bit minutes out on a racetrack, in with Steve Johnson, and the legendary Dick Johnson Racing! (click the below link for the onboard camera footage inside Steve Johnsons V8 Supercar, with me IN the beast!!)

( the 3:00 mark, was THE MOMENT I felt myself change, and I felt that oh-so delicious “Click” inside of me, the moment that I somehow just knew my life would never be the same again – I had brought my most precious and sentimental Life Dream into my reality!) Both myself, and all at Dick Johnson Racing (and the beautiful Johnson family), had absolutely NO idea what was about to happen after the Ride in with Steve…and that has been the most special part of this whole last 3 years – it came totally unexpected – from ‘just a day out at, and on the track’, and spending it with this amazing Team and family, which happens for so many people who are lucky enough to go for “Hotlaps” in V8 Supercars – next thing I know, I am embarking on some of the most special, awesome, crazy adventures I would never have thought I would experience…and my life would never be the same again!

Arriving back in after 3-and-a-bit minutes out on the track in this beast - and my life was never to be the same again!

Arriving back in after 3-and-a-bit minutes out on the track in this beast – and my life was never to be the same again!

From, driving in my car in amongst 100+ bikers on an all day adventure throughout rural Sth East Qld then camping out with them that night on a Charity Poker Run…to swimming with humpback whales…being blindfolded and whisked away to an unknown location for 2 nights away  on my Mystery Tripwalking along the beach, having a slowdance, and ‘climbing my mountain’ followed by proudly holding my first (the now former) SBH Qld fundraiser Event (I still don’t know how I managed to get through ALL that, in the one day/night! haha)…spreading love, hugs, and happiness at various ‘Hug Patrols’…being flown interstate, met by my own personal chauffeur and whisked away to a 5-star hotel to be on television twice in 24 hours…meeting Matt Golinski by a surprise ‘set-up’ arranged for me…snorkellingquadbiking (something which, before I actually did it, I honestly thought that due to my lack of balance I may not be able to experience at any kind of speed)…observing a number of other people experiencing their ‘something for the very first time’ (LOVE this part of ‘what I do’!!)…meeting SO many incredible people – the most special of course being Dick Johnson, his son Steve, and the beautiful Johnson family (who I now refer to as my ‘racing family’, they are such beautiful people we are lucky enough to have in this world!). So many other adventures and experiences have been had – too many to mention – its been absolutely mindblowing!!

CMD 3rd birthday

I have had some ‘not so nice’ things happen in my life in the last 3 years – that’s life, right? And at times, living with the disabilities/health conditions that I do, its difficult and painful to get out of bed and just function on some days – But in amongst all of that – I have strived to continue to Chase my Dreams, and create some absolutely special, awesome memories which help carry me through those ‘not so nice’ times and give me something to look forward to – Chasing even MORE Dreams! The next being….taking part in a Marathon, up on my feet, NEXT weekend!! Wow…who knew that one day I would be experiencing the wonder and anticipation of looking forward to being in a Marathon, something I have wanted literally my whole life!?!

Chase your Dreams everyone – TRUST ME, it is TOTALLY worth the effort, time, and whatever it takes, to Make it Happen!!

Anything is Possible…when you BELIEVE that You CAN do it!

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