Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

“Its about the Journey not the Destination” – Living life the ‘bucketlist way’ isn’t about ‘ticking something off a list on paper/a website etc’ like a to-do list that you check off, its about the entire experience –
what you learn/ what you discover about yourself and the world around you
stepping outside your comfort zone
discovering that you really are capable of more than you ever thought possible
putting more fun in your life
that worry really is pointless as ‘whatever is going to happen, is going to happen regardless of worry or not
how open you can be to life and its wonderful opportunities that present itself
how to experience pure ‘childlike’ magic and joy

..and so many more reasons that are personal to you when you experience ‘whatever it is’. Many of these ‘life lessons’ have been learnt before the ‘tick off the bucketlist’ has actually happened!

If you focus on the may miss the magic of the journey along the way!

If you focus on the destination…you may miss the magic of the journey along the way!

The huge lesson I’m learning right now, with the awesome, fun, leadup and anticipation towards my Mystery Trip, is how much Ive changed over the last 3 years of living this lifestyle.  It is SO empowering to just LET GO, to ‘relinquish control’ of what is happening in my life, and to just go with it! 🙂 For my Mystery Trip that is kicking off tomorrow, the ‘old me’ (I come from a background of anxiety/panic issues as well as my disabilities) would have been going out of my mind with worry and nerves at this point, the day before I leave, wanting to take back at least some of the planning of it (I havent been involved in ANY of the decisions that have been made about my Trip, apart from obvious discussions about what needs my disability brings up etc…and of course my budget and how many nights away I want the Trip to be).  All the ‘what if’s – my energy levels, issues concerning my disability and travel/going away, wanting to take back control of knowing where Im staying (even what area – city/country/coastal etc) so I know for a fact that its disability-accessible etc, wanting to know how far away from home Im going (or even what kind of transport I’d be using…for all I know, I could be flying tomorrow, or hopping on a train…I have NO idea! haha), even to the point of needing to know what/how much I’m doing while Im away so I know that I will ‘last the distance’ energy and capability-wise…not to mention the fact that I’m going away solo, the old me would have been worrying about what to do if Im on my own and ‘something happens’, or if I get sick etc.

…but the NEW me, the me I have created myself to be now, is putting full trust in my travel agent and the discussions we have had, and in the Universe, that everything is going to be just fine..and that its going to be SO MUCH FUN!!….it certainly is, at this point! haha…I am LOVING the leadup to it! 😀  My biggest ‘worry’ (although its not really a worry, its just making sure I have enough options), is to make sure that I have the clothes to fit the occasion….as I just DONT KNOW what ‘the occasion’ is going to be! ooooh….haha.  I have no idea where I am going to end up over the next 3 days – but, the journey leading to ‘wherever it will be’ has been amazing to experience, and so much fun (my travel agent is also having fun totally keeping the mystery from me – we were giggling like teenagers on the phone yesterday haha – Im loving that he is really enjoying the ride, with creating this experience for me!) …that if I end up somewhere ‘awesome’ that would be an absolute bonus….even if its camping, or somewhere not far away, that will be fun too!

The big lesson here is, I’ve truly realised how much this whole Chasing my Dreams bucketlist journey has changed me as a person…and the new me, is so much more FREE  than I used to be….and that is awesome, with knowing how much I used to let life ‘eat me up’ inside of myself! 🙂

ONE MORE SLEEP…Mystery Trip…..Here I COME!! 😀

 Anything is Possible….when you open yourself up to the mystery of life itself!

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