Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

I am BACK from my Mystery Trip!! 😀 Well…that was well and truly worth the wait! haha…

I was sent to Tangalooma Island Resort, Moreton Island, Qld!!!!

Tangalooma Sunset from my room at the Resort....WOW!!

Tangalooma Sunset from my room at the Resort….WOW!!

WOW how did I get so lucky!?! I literally could not believe my eyes when I took off the blindfold in the carpark – YES, that’s right I was blindfolded for part of the trip down, so seeing where we were headed wouldn’t give any of the game away! haha. Just one element of the awesome fun that has been the leadup, anticipation, and unfolding of the 3 days of my magical Mystery Trip!!  The months, weeks and especially in the days beforehand, leading into my Mystery Trip…SO looking forward to going away….but not having ANY idea of where I was being sent to…wandering just what had been planned for me, but being absolutely Clueless – SO MUCH FUN!! 😀

Keeping the Mystery alive...until literally the very last minute! haha

Keeping the Mystery alive…until literally the very last minute! haha

I will be sharing the (masses of! lol) photos, and a Blog in the coming days about all the fun, magic, and awesomeness that happened while on the Trip – (I am so, so tired right now I can barely think straight!!) haha its fair to say that I made the absolute most of EVERY moment I was away….and more!

#169 Mystery Trip….*AND*…a surprise tick off the List while I was there…#132 Parasailing – TICK!! off of my Chasing My Dreams bucketlist….!

Parasailing...."I Believe I can Fly!"

Parasailing….”I Believe I can Fly!”

what a magical way of ticking these off the List! (along with sunset cruise, dolphin feeding, whale watching, and staying in a beautiful oceanview King room at Tangalooma Island Resort, Moreton Island, having so much amazing fun!)

Tangalooma Island Resort...Paradise on Earth!

Tangalooma Island Resort…Paradise on Earth!

Thank you SO much Billy (STA Travel Sunshine Plaza Maroochydore), for creating this awesome bit of magic in my life, which I will never, ever forget! and also Laura, Tim, and Christina at STA, who also kept the mystery alive, the whole way through!! I TOTALLY recommend this agency, and this man for all your travel plans – he really personalises your plans, and treats you with so much fun, and definitely not just like ‘another number’! 

There is SO much to do on the Island...this place DARES me to be adventurous! it!

There is SO much to do on the Island…this place DARES me to be adventurous! it!

Stay tuned….photos and blog to come, in the coming days!

Anything is Possible….when you add a little bit of mystery and fun to the mix!

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