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#66. Get my Ford out onto a racetrack, to see what she’s REALLY capable of!….the leadup…!!


It was my being ‘born into motor racing’ (my family raced when I was growing up, in the minor leagues of the sport – track/circuit racing, rallying, motocross) – which sparked my passion for the sport, and which has led me to find a way to race ‘somehow’, with my disabilities…which led me to magically be in the position of co-piloting Steve Johnson in his Dick Johnson Racing #17 V8 Supercar, out on Queensland Raceway in August, 2011.  From that day, Chasing my Dreams was born….and as they say – ‘the rest is history’…

"Race Face"

“Race Face”

Over the last 4 years, I have been a passenger out on the track a couple of times since…and while it is INSANELY amazing (to be in the passenger seat, having NO control of a car going at awesome speeds around a racetrack, putting all your faith and trust in the driver – all kinds of crazy awesome! haha) – I had always held onto wanting to find a way to be behind the wheel on the track myself, under my own power….instead of being driven/raced around a track.  To ‘race under my own power’ in my own way…

DSCN7903 DSCN7904

The day I found out about public ‘Track Days’, where you can get your own car out onto a racetrack (these are held under very strict controlled conditions), my mind became awake even further – this had my attention, for sure!  Fast forward to late 2014…and I was approached by a a friend in our local ‘car community’ – he offered to help me find that way, to get me out onto the racetrack, in my own car!…Wow!  Then came a few conversations back and forth between himself, and a man heavily involved in these public Track Days, and myself – and the next thing I know…when I have the funds for it (it’s not cheap – but it WILL be worth it!)…it is now all but locked in for me to get out onto that track….something I have wanted to do, practically my whole life since I was a little girl…a little girl with a ‘Dream to race’!

Since late last year, my car (which I affectionately call ‘Harley’), has had a fair amount of work done on her.  Ordinarily, it would just be par for the course of owning a car, having work done on it – but, as I often do when I am Chasing a Dream – I have put myself into a ‘racer mindset’…in my own way, I am visualising that all this work is all in preparation for my own ‘race’ out on that track when I get to experience it for the first time! This has put even more fun into the anticipation and leadup of getting out onto that track!

Getting Harley all prepped to hit Lakeside Raceway, Qld!

Getting Harley all prepped to hit Lakeside Raceway, Qld – with a ‘mock livery’ to add to the fun!

Thank you so much to:
*Denver and Steve from Nybro Holdings for all my awesome disability car modifications;
*Chris from North Coast Rehab who got the ball rolling in organising the modifications;
*Steed, my awesome, thorough mechanic (my ‘pit crew’ as they call it in the race game haha) from Pacific Motor Group on the Sunshine Coast who has done a lot of work on her, which has her running better than she ever did;
*Tony and the boys from Nambour Smash Repairs for repairing her left side from a recent hit by someone, when I wasn’t there…(grrrr!);
*My awesome witness who gave me vital information and support after the car was hit.
*Steve, who has opened this door of me getting my car out onto the track;

My ‘Harley’ beast has been through a LOT of work the last few months – she’s been pampered and looked after by all these guys – and she cannot WAIT to hit the track for some awesome fun and action in the near future…..and just quietly – NEITHER CAN I!!! haha…BRING IT ON!

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE…when you hold into a Childhood Dream, and believe that there WILL be a way of making it come true!

#203. Box with Giant Fun Boxing Gloves! – TICK!

This Tick off of the bucketlist was the BEST FUN EVER!! haha I have never laughed so much in my life, I’m exhausted, I have no voice, Im starting to get REALLY sore…but I would not have it any other way!! SUCH A FUN TICK off the List!! haha…

By sheer coincidence, this day coincided with the final day of the current Fit College course, and it was arranged for the students to join me in the ring as part of their celebrations! It was all a big surprise for them, all they were told was that it was ‘something bouncy’…when they approached the Group Fitness room, the ‘surprise’ was revealed – the faces of some of the students as they walked into the room and saw the huge inflatable boxing ring, were priceless! haha.

The Bounce House boxing ring - SO much fun!

The Bounce House boxing ring – SO much fun!

I loved that I was able to share this fun Tick off the List, with these guys and girls who had worked hard in their course, and were about to embark on their own journey of not only chasing their own goals and dreams in the fitness industry – but also to train and encourage others to reach their own goals, too!

DSCN9011 DSCN9026 DSCN9034 DSCN9050

Imre – Suncoast Fitness PT, graciously getting KO’ed by a girl! haha 😉

Mike, my trainer from MG Personal Training, and I also had a bit of fun,

smashing each other about in the ring! (good-naturedly of course!)

Mikeyandme3 Mikeyandme5 Mikeyandme7 Mikeyandmed

Thank you so much to Helen and Peter from The Bounce House Sunshine Coast for bringing in your awesome equipment to Suncoast Fitness, for me to tick this off my bucketlist, and so we could have some BIG KID fun..and thank you to Mark and staff at Suncoast Fitness for opening up the Group Fitness Room so we could have bucketloads of fun! And lastly, thank you to ALL of you from Suncoast Fitness, and Fit College who came in to share this awesome Tick off the bucketlist with me…you all really got into it haha there were some serious moves going on in that room today! SO MUCH FUN!!

ANYTHING is Possible…when you take time out to have some good ol’ fashioned, Big Kid, FUN!

#90 – Swimming with Sharks – TICK!

On Friday 27th February 2015 I, along with my friend and awesome travel agent Billy (Billy organised my incredible Mystery Trip ‘tick off the List’ in 2014) headed to Sealife Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, for an experience we will both never forget!  We were about to jump into water….with Sharks!  WHAT were we thinking?!? haha.  I was so excited…nervously excited! Being a lover of water and all things ‘marine’, including the beautiful creatures living under the sea – I was so looking forward to this!

After meeting up with the awesome Adrian from Sealife, who organised for this amazing experience to happen – we were then introduced to Annie and Shannon, our Guides for our Swim.  As we were guided out the back of the complex to change into our wetsuits and be safety briefed etc – this all of a sudden got very, very real.  Those sharks were there waiting for us to join them in the water! Ooooh…lol…

The awesome Team (and Sharks!) at Sealife Mooloolaba!

The awesome Team         (and Sharks!) at Sealife Mooloolaba!

Inside the tanks…the sharks drifted past, some well within reach! (but of course we weren’t permitted to touch them)

…the sharks you can see in the image, got even closer than this, to us! Billy who was sharing this experience with me, had one literally within ‘brushing up against you’ distance…INCREDIBLE!! I TOTALLY recommend it, even if you’re a little scared of sharks, but curious about them – honestly they were not a threat at all…such a calming experience, I didn’t want to get out of the water!

I know I’ve said this before…but this experience, and ‘Tick off the List’ was up there as one of the coolest things I have ever done!….it was amazing…I’m even going to use the word ‘tranquil’ (yes I know, tranquil, and sharks, don’t usually belong in the same sentence!) – because that’s exactly how it was, gliding around in amongst the many sharks, and a gorgeous mix of other marine creatures for about 20-30 minutes in the water!

Thank you so much to Adrian from Sealife Mooloolaba for organising this experience, and taking the photos from outside the tank; to Anna and Shannon also from Sealife Mooloolaba who were our Guides for the awesome experience…thank you all for making this happen – also my friend Billy for coming with me – you all made it so much fun!

ANYTHING is Possible….when you don’t feed into ‘societal fears’ (apparently sharks are something to be feared?! Not by this chickie!) and DO IT anyway!

#237. Bubble Photography – TICK!


Your Dreams dont have to involve trekking up Mountains, or planning for months to make it happen – it can be something simple as putting some play into your day! When was the last time you took time out to just ‘play’, to bring the innocent, joyful childlike side of you out? It’s surprisingly very relaxing, and so much fun, to do this!

I’ve just started experimenting with capturing bubbles with my camera..its now become a regular part of my ‘downtime’, or when I need to take a few minutes breathing space in my day. Watching the bubbles float in the air, and slowly drift away (or land on the grass, the bubble in the bottom right photo landed and sat there for quite a long time, it was beautiful to watch) is very meditative…

Take time out to just, play…your mindset will thank you for it!

Anything is Possible….when you take time out of your day to just play…and possibly change your mindset in the process!


WELL THAT WAS 2014!..and WOW what an incredible year! There have been some very tough times in my personal life which could have turned 2014 into a ‘Year to forget’…but, through creating and grasping all of these awesome opportunities and experiences to put my focus and energy towards instead – and my sheer determination to enjoy and fully embrace each one, no matter what else was happening in my life at the time…2014 has most certainly turned into yet another Year to REMEMBER!

– Walking the 2km distance in the Sunshine Coast Marathon – raising money for charity
– Swimming with Humpback Whales in the ocean off Mooloolaba
– Meeting Marcos Ambrose out at Lakeside Raceway, Qld
– Ocean swim, independently with no mobility aids at Tangalooma Island Resort (briefly standing by myself/letting go of my helpers hand)
– Climbing a Rock Wall
– Mystery Trip – including being blindfolded part of the way down!)
– Putting everything I have into my Fitness Training
– Get a tattoo
– Help others tick something off their bucketlist
– Sunset cruise on a catamaran
– More TV experiences (Shannons ‘Legends of Motorsport’ TV episodes filming up at the ‘Bowdens Shed’ on the Sunshine Coast, being in the audience)
– Charity Car Show at Pacific Ford, Maroochydore with V8 Supercar driver Chaz Mostert drawing the Raffle – raising awareness for Chasing my Dreams, and (the now former) SBH Qld
– Impromptu Motivational Talk – Fit College Maroochydore

2014CollageJuggling the demands of living with my disabilities, and my ‘life stuff’ and life itself, along with all the work needed to tick all these awesome Dreams off my bucketlist – a LOT of effort, focus and energy went into it all, combined with rest/recovery/pain etc times inbetween – but it is all so, SO worth it! 🙂

There are far too many people to mention personally…but I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and EVERY person who has been involved, supported and encouraged me, opened up opportunities through ‘what you do’ with your own life, and been there for me during this incredible year that is fast coming to a close – not to mention all of YOU who have joined my little community right here – I am so very grateful for each and every one of you who has touched my life, and my little venture, this year! At the start of 2014 – WHO KNEW that I would be having so many absolutely mindblowing, fun experiences! Prior to 2011, before this crazy awesome venture was born – I deeply craved a ‘life of adventure’ like I observed others having around me….and ahh yes, I think I have this, now! I have also met some awesome, inspiring, beautiful people who are living life with absolute passion – YOU also inspire and motivate me, in what I now do with my life!

Chase your Dreams everyone – no matter what they are, no matter how small or big, if they are important to you, and no matter what it takes – they are absolutely well worth bringing into your reality!

 …..I wonder what 2015 has in store for us all…?!??! Bring it on!

#161. Attempt to Climb a Rock Wall – TICK!!

On December 22nd 2014 –  the morning of my 45th birthday (I LOVE my birthday….Im like a big kid as soon as I wake up and love celebrating that Ive reached another milestone – Ive made it through another year!) I leapt out of bed, organized and changed into my training gear…and excitedly jumped into the car, driving to RockIt Climbing Gym at Warana on the Sunshine Coast, in the anticipation of knowing that ‘my Wall’ was waiting for me to Climb it!
WallNot only did I Climb it, but I reached far more than I ever thought I may manage to Climb (realistically I had no idea how high I would actually be able to go – even if I got a couple of metres of the ground, that would have been awesome) – but managing to climb 6 metres off the ground (the wall is 8 metres high) – AMAZING feeling!  Throughout my training, and the many months lead-up – I had visualised reaching the very top of my Wall…but am completely happy (and a bit amazed!) that I managed to reach as high as I did, to be honest!

6I smashed it, pushed through a bit of a fear that came up..and I WILL be back at RockIt to get right to the top!  It wasn’t easy….and it took many months of hard training to be able to achieve it….but absolutely every bit of effort, time, and energy I put into it in the months leading to this day – not to mention the pain and fatigue I felt in the days afterwards…its all SO worth it!

"People helping People..."

“People helping People…”

THIS RIGHT HERE is what Life is all about! People helping People…and pushing yourself to achieve exactly what you want to achieve, with the support you need – even if you’re not sure how you’re going to do it! I feel so blessed to have received such incredible support from this beautiful group of people to achieve what I did – they knew I wanted to achieve it, so they all surrounded me, and did what they needed, to make it happen. The RockIt Team – you ROCK! xx —

Royce (RockIt Climbing Gym owner), Hannah (who came up with me as my little security blanket haha – Hannah was amazing with me up there, staying by my side the entire way…but at the same time letting me ‘do all the work’ myself), Glenn (my ‘belay’ – holding onto the rope strapped to my harness), and Megan – YOU are all amazing! From that first day I went into RockIt in my wheelchair and approached Royce about Climbing the Wall….to on the day, the crew rallying around and doing what needed to be done, to make it happen – what a humbling, and incredible (and also adrenaline-filled) experience! A huge THANK YOU, to everyone at Rockit Climbing Gym for doing whatever had to be done to Make today Happen…you are all amazing people! Now THAT is a perfect way to celebrate my birthday!! 🙂 Reaching the age of 45yrs old, with my spina bifida and hydrocephalus (there have been a number of times in my life which I didn’t know whether I was going to ‘still be here at 45’) was a magic milestone age which was really important to me to reach – and to celebrate it in such an amazing way  “Well Life, Im still here – and I’m ROCKING it!” haha…such a special feeling to show Life itself, what Im (still) made of despite the uncertainty of my health and life itself, when living with these disabilities!


“Did it…Got the Tshirt!”

“Did it….Got the T-shirt!” haha…I have to say, that was so much fun, having that ‘reward’ waiting for me towards the top of the Wall – thanks Royce!  About a week before my Climb, I went into RockIt Climbing and while I was there I asked Royce how much the t-shirts were, as I wanted to buy one.  He wouldn’t tell me…but instead had a cheeky glint in his eye while he said “You want the shirt do you?  You want it (pointing to the top of the Wall) – you’re going to have to EARN it!”….oooohhh it seems he knows me too well haha – he knew I’d love the challenge!

(words I posted on my Facebook page the day after my Climb – and a week later I was STILL sore, and exhausted! Haha)

“OOOooohhhh I’m a little bit sore this morning….Well…a LOT sore – let alone even trying to think today – Im exhausted! Feeling every bit my age today – my core/abs feel like they’ve been torn to shreds – and don’t even mention my arms…ouchhhh! haha. But what Im going through today, is worth every single bit of pain and fatigue, to experience all the magic of yesterday – and the wonderful memories now pouring through my mind!

Yesterday was amazing on so many levels – even after my Rock Wall Climb! Throughout the day I had many ‘bucketlist moments’ – it really is true, once you start living a life of following your passion, it surrounds you, and captures you, on the outside and deep inside you, wherever you go! The day was scattered with some awesome unexpected moments:

– before I did my Rock Wall Climb, chatting to someone at RockIt about certain big plans I have for next year, and the possibility of having this person (who also inspires me, with their drive, and awesome mindset) on board with these plans (an awesome moment, right there!)

– My Rock Wall Climb itself

– Receiving a phonecall later in the day about some (the now former) SBH QLD fundraising plans for 2015 – and I have dates locked in already, now! Yay! (bring on January 17th at Sunshine Plaza, Maroochydore as my first official Fundraising/Awareness Day for in 2015)

– When at the beach on sunset last night to end off an incredible day for my birthday, I got chatting to someone down there about my Rock Wall Climb and bucketlist, receiving awesome encouragement and compliments towards what Im now doing with my life – and how it would affect others as well (which is a very rewarding aspect of ‘what I do’ with my life now)

– Arrived home to emails to further cement plans for 2015. 2015 hasn’t even arrived and its looking amazing already! BRING IT ON!”

WOW….what an incredible experience! Looking forward to geting back to RockIt, and GO GET those top 2 metres! 🙂

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE….when you Believe that you can Climb to great heights!

#161. Attempt to Climb a Rock Wall – TICK!!

FOUR DAYS out from Climbing my Wall on my Birthday!

Its only FOUR days out from #161. Attempt to Climb an Indoor Rock Wall, at RockIt Climbing Gym at Warana on the Sunshine Coast….and I Believe I might be having a bit of a ‘moment’…haha. Back in 2012, when I had decided to hold my (the now former)  SBH QLD (Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Queensland) “I Believe I can Climb” Fundraiser Event…never in a million years did I actually dream (at the time), that one day I would actually be ‘Climbing’ something, that others climb all the time. At the time, my ‘Climbing my Mountain…in my own way’ was, walking up the steep ocean boardwalk at Coolum – and I was completely happy with the boardwalk being My Mountain. Doing this absolutely gave me the full sensation (in my own way) of ‘Climbing a Mountain’, as I was using all my strength, energy, and focus on getting to the ‘summit’ (the top end of the boardwalk). When I reached the top that day, and looked out into the amazing view…without an absolute doubt in my mind I had reached the top of My Mountain….and it was one of the most powerful feelings I have ever felt in my life. As was, Walking down the Beach on sunset (no mobility aids in sight), and having my first Slowdance (to the beautiful song “I Believe I can Fly” – R Kelly), both also on the night of my Event.

DSC_9407resize-horzLittle did I know that, two years later, I would be facing, and choosing to actually climb something that is meant for climbing – my Wall! Once again, using absolutely all my strength, energy and focus to do it – the difference is, this time – I’ll be climbing something, that others do actually climb all the time!

My Wall...BRING IT!


Once you start pushing beyond your limits you place on yourself…your world honestly does open up to Anything, really IS Possible…in your own Way!


On Friday 21 November 2014, I had the incredible opportunity to go out to the famous and historical (and so much fun!) racetrack, Lakeside Raceway, to witness ‘my Team’ – Dick Johnson Racing, the Team behind the start of my Chasing my Dreams adventures – at the very special unveiling of the racecar which Australian V8 Supercar Champion, (and for the last 9 years, NASCAR driver in the USA), Marcos Ambrose will be racing in the last V8 Supercar round for this year in Sydney in two weeks time, before he takes on the full race season in 2015, in with DJR. Marcos has just been signed up with the Team, along with their partnering up with motorsport identity in the US, Roger Penske/Team Penske. Marcos literally just arrived back in the country on the Wednesday (after getting out of his NASCAR racecar from his final race earlier in the week, and straight on the plane to Australia) – the Friday was his first hitout back on the track on Australian soil, after 9 years, in a V8 Supercar. It was also a ‘Rides Day’ where passengers had the amazing opportunity to get into the car beside him, while he raced them around the track! I could not miss seeing this! Little did I know what was going to unfold that day…when, as I was sitting there chatting with Dick Johnson and others who were there, Dick looked up and a little grin appeared on his face – Marcos himself just strolled up behind me, to say hello and have a chat! WOWzers! I have admired this man for so, so long, from back in his days of racing in Australia, and following his NASCAR career in the USA – this is a man who is giving absolutely everything he has, to his passion of motor racing – when I found out he was joining in with the Team that I love with a passion, I was SO excited!

What an awesome surprise, to meet Marcos!

What an awesome surprise, to meet Marcos!

I am so, so proud and inspired by Dick Johnson, and his iconic Team – no matter how many battles he and the Team go through, no matter how many times he has got knocked down over the years – he just gets right back up swinging…this latest development in the Team, with the partnering of Team Penske, with Marcos Ambrose – such an amazing way to step up the game! Dick and his Team are proof that, no matter what…keep the belief, keep the faith…and you just never know what is around that corner, to help support and keep you on the track of living the life of your Dreams!

"I am exactly where I want to be in my life"...I LOVE this look in people who are following their passion!

“I am exactly where I want to be in my life”…I LOVE this look in people who are following their passion!

Going out to the track on Friday, I knew it was going to be something special because we were going to be witnessing history with the unveiling of the car, and Marcos hitting the track (not to mention, this is the track that I will be out on, when I get my own car on the track – to be there again with my own car sitting trackside was amazing!). With all the media & corporate sponsors, and the busy schedule Marcos had out on the track…I didn’t think I would get to meet him – but he was the one who approached me haha how cool is that! Thank you so much to staff at DJR for allowing me into the ‘pits area’ so this could happen..and thank you to Marcos for taking the time while on a break between the very busy schedule to meet me!

Grasp at opportunities – because you just never know where they may lead!

#24. ‘People I want to Meet’ – Marcos Ambrose – TICK!!

Anything is Possible….when you don’t even expect it!

I decided I needed to change….so I did!

MuzydecidedMy road towards changing my life for the better started (very surprisingly!) before my Chasing my Dreams bucketlist adventure was actually born (in 2011).  Back in 2008, I simply woke up one Friday morning, and a thought raced through my mind “I just don’t want to….I cannot… feel this way anymore…I feel just like a ‘fat nobody in a wheelchair’, I’m lost, I need to get out of this negative mindset that I am lost in!” – then and there I decided that, before the upcoming weekend was out, I WAS going to find a gym that could help me.  I wasn’t quite sure how they could help me, I had no idea of the changes I had to make or how I was going to do it….all I knew was that, there was a very, very strong feeling deep inside of me, call it intuition, call it ‘I just knew I needed to change’, call it what you will, but there was absolutely no denying that I had to make a change…and it had to happen NOW – and somehow I just knew that ‘joining a gym’ was the key to making this change.  It was such a powerful feeling, I just could not deny it.  So, after many phonecalls, and visits to various gyms around the Sunshine Coast over the next two days, I happened to stumble across (after almost giving up, as I just could not find one which felt ‘right’ to me – not that there was anything ‘wrong’ with those other facilities, they just didn’t ‘click’ with me) Suncoast Fitness, in Maroochydore.  Suncoast Fitness was basically my last resort, as I was really starting to feel disillusioned.  This right here, was a huge lesson on DONT GIVE UP – you just never know what, or who, is around that corner!

After chatting to staff over the phone, then going down to the facility and seeing it for myself – something struck me deep inside (a feeling I have now grown to absolutely love along this journey!) – I felt a ‘click’ deep inside me which told me that I am exactly where I belong…I was exactly where I needed to be…

Over the next couple of years, slowly my mindset started to change from being absolutely frustrated with this body of mine which has never worked 100% – to one that I was starting to dominate over.  I was getting my body to do things, and gain strength in ways that I never, ever dreamed it would be able to do…and I was fast discovering the absolute power the mind has, inside of us all.  I never actually set any firm, big ‘Fitness Goals’ back then, I was just concentrating on getting rid of this negativity that had become deepseated inside of me, and getting my fitness levels up from where they were, which wasn’t very high at all.  From 2011 however, when my bucketlist was born, and I was also discovering the power of setting goals and what an amazing adventure life could actually be, I started to set actual Fitness Goals – challenges which I had NO idea how I was going to achieve them, but I just knew that I wanted to do whatever I had to do, to achieve them – I (now) enjoy striving towards these, with everything I have inside of me.  Once I started setting these Fitness Goals – well, the results speak for  themselves, really!…

2011 – stood up for the first time in 17 years
2012 – “Climbed my Mountain”, Walked along the beach on Sunset, and Slowdance
(all during my, Suncoast Fitness-sponsored “I Believe I can Climb” (the now former) SBH Qld Fundraiser Event)
2014 – Walked the majority of the 2km distance (on my crutches) in the Sunshine Coast Marathon, and now preparing to attempt to Climb an Indoor Rock Wall, on my birthday in December 2014
2015 – I intend to climb Mt Coolum on the Sunshine Coast, on my matter how long, or what it takes, to achieve it!

What an amazing ride (and a lot of hard work!!) the last 6 years has been...bring on the next Fitness Goal(s)!

What an amazing ride (and a lot of hard work!!) the last 6 years has been…I wonder what the next 6 years will bring?!

Thank you so much to Suncoast Fitness owner Mark Stitt, the various trainers I have worked with/received support from over the last six years, staff and members who are so very encouraging and supporting towards me….and last but not least, a special thank you goes to Mike from MG Personal Training, for all the amazing, and hard work you have put in with me over the the years…and the genuine way in that I know that you are aware how very important these Goals are to me – I can never thank you all, enough!

BRING ON my next Fitness Goal! (attempting to) Climb a Rock Wall on December 22nd (my birthday!)….stay tuned for 2015’s fitness adventures – its going to be something quite special! 🙂

Anything is Possible…when you decide that you ARE going to change your life!

123. Swim/stand up in the ocean, independently – Tick!

OPPORTUNITIES often turn up just at the perfect time….and its up to us to be aware of these opportunities around us when they appear….to grasp it and see where it takes us – you may just be surprised what unfolds once you open that door of opportunity – I know I was, when this particular ‘tick off the list’ unfolded!

After a sad start to the last week of October 2014, with the very sudden passing of someone in my life – I ended the week on a more positive note – with a spur of the moment, impulse, amazing tick off the bucketlist! I went for a swim in the ocean (in a flat area, no waves) – standing up with assistance with my helpers by my side…but also taking moments to let go of their hands when I felt steady enough, and standing up in the ocean with the water swishing around me – just like an ablebodied person would be able to experience.  Absolute, pure freedom! (even if it was just for a couple of seconds every time I let go of their hands, it was still amazing to experience!)

A swim in the waters off the Island that holds a piece of my heart....SO healing

A swim in the waters off the Island that holds a piece of my heart….SO healing

This person I mentioned earlier who passed away was running along the beach (not this same beach) when he suddenly collapsed and lost his life – after his death I was actually feeling very angry at the beach.  Of course, the beach did nothing wrong, but to me at that time in my grief it was as if ‘the beach had taken him away from us’ because that is where he passed away – even though in reality it wasn’t the beach’s fault.  The poor beach, with me being angry at it..I love the beach! 🙂 Going for my ‘standup swim’ in the ocean a few days after this mans death was so (surprisingly!) healing, it brought me so much peace, it happened at the perfect time, and place, that I needed to experience it right then….and I came out of the water smiling on the inside because of it! The bonus? I was no longer angry at the beach…the swim had healed this, inside of me.   THAT right there is what life is all about..making things happen, to enrich your life in special ways!

Normally a ‘swim in the ocean’ for me means getting the beach wheelchair to the edge of the ocean, getting out of the chair and just sitting in the shallows, letting the small waves wash over me…while that is lovely, having the sea water wash over my body, I had always wanted to experience walking out into, and standing up out in the ocean, like I watch others do all the time.  Now I know what it feels like – it is pure bliss!  It may have been a lot of hard work to walk out, and then back in from the water….and I may have only let go of my helpers hand for a brief few seconds at a time…but I simply cannot describe the feelings that came over me in those moments.  I was standing, in the ocean, with nothing but the water around me…no wheelchair, no crutches, no hanging onto someone else for my balance (well yes, I was hanging onto my helpers – but for those brief few seconds, I wasn’t – I was standing out there just like an ablebodied person….I was, briefly, free!)

I swear I was a mermaid in a previous life haha, the ocean really does feel like a ‘part of me’…and that is also what made this experience so special! 🙂

Thank you so much to staff at Tangalooma Island Resort, Moreton Island, Qld, for taking the time and making this happen for me even though it wasn’t part of your ‘scheduled activities’ on the Island, it was very much appreciated. Tangalooma staff rock…they are always there to help those of us with disabilities make it happen, with any of the activities we wish to do on the Island, and go out of their way to make sure we have a good time when doing so! 🙂

Anything is Possible…When you experience true freedom, even for a moment!

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