Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

When you have a Goal in your sights, and are striving towards it – you may have setbacks and obstacles come your way. Dont Give Up…don’t let these stop you!  If you keep your ‘eye on the prize’, and keep focused on your Goal, no matter how long it takes, that Goal will be yours – just think how amazing it will feel, when you do achieve it….especially after fighting through all the setbacks you may have had! If your Goal is that important to you….you wont let ANYTHING stop you!

With the Sunshine Coast Marathon fast approaching, and that 2km finish line in sight in my mind (#145 on my bucketlist)…winter has also reared its head – and so has my usual ‘colder weather health niggles’ (thanks, asthma – yep, why don’t I add yet another health complication to my life!?! grrrrr…lol) – I keep getting shot down with having to rest up and step back my training, taking it a little more gently than usual on some days (but keep moving!), on more days than I care to count at the moment – BUT, there is no way I am going to let this stop me!EyeonthePrize
More training and no health issues would make that finish line easier to get to, yes…but all I can do is, get stuck into my more intensive training whenever I can; ‘turn off’ the worry that this will impact on my Goal (Im ‘cautiously worried’, as I know how quickly my health can ‘turn bad’…but I cant let worry overtake my mind); – and most importantly, have FAITH that I WILL cross that finish line, no matter what it takes on the day. I could sit back and say…’well, my health is getting in the way once again, so I will just give up and try again next year’ (for the Marathon), but no I wont….as its far too important to me! Sure, if my health niggles were far more intrusive/serious, I wouldn’t be silly about it and I would step back (which is why Im stepping back so often right now, so my health issues don’t get more serious)…but, while I still can, and whenever Im able to get out there and train for it – NOTHING is going to stop me on my mission to cross that 2km finish line on 31st August!

Anything is Possible…when you keep your Eye on the Prize!

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