Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

DONT WORRY about what everyone else is doing…achieve your Goals in YOUR way!

With this sudden burst of winter hitting my area, my ‘usual winter symptoms’ have reared their head again – my body gets sore and ceases up…as does my ‘cold air-aggravated’ throat/breathing/asthma symptoms (which are all being closely monitored by my myself, and doctor when need be). With my tendency to get ill easily (when I get sick I often fall hard, and can take weeks to recover), especially in the cooler months, and when I push myself harder, this has all thrown a big spanner in the works with my training for walking the 2km in the Sunshine Coast Marathon. I admit Im a little worried…

BUT…this not going to stop me walking over that finish line, at the end of August! My outdoor training may be a little less frequent at times (but more intensive when I *am* out there – and I still have my indoor training available!), this is something I will gage very carefully so Im not out ‘in the elements’ more than necessary – and I will be taking it very easy on myself, and resting more inbetween sessions….so that I do have the strength to train, and to make it over that line on the day! Yes, there is that determined part of me that feels that I may be ‘slacking off’…but its quite the opposite – if I was slacking off, I wouldn’t train at all/as little as possible, and I would say to myself ‘well that’s it, this is too hard, my body is too sore/tired, my throat is too sore, and winter is for the next two months – exactly in the time leading up to the Marathon…I cant do this!’ But’ Im doing my best right now to come up with ways that I CAN achieve this massive Goal Ive set myself!


I will admit Im a bit worried about how my body is going to handle the next two months of winter training, given that the Marathon is the day after winter ends so I wont have any more ‘warmer months training’…but, I have to fight through this mindset, and keep pushing through it!

When you are striving for a Goal, especially a big one – it is very important to work towards the Goal in what works for you…do not worry about how ‘everyone else does it’ (others may strive through the ceasing up, and the weather, and get out there at every possibility – but I know that would end up in disaster for me if I did it that way!) – work towards it in YOUR way…..still pushing towards that Goal, but in a way that you know wont jeopardise your efforts!

Anything is Possible…when you strive towards your Goals in the way that works for YOU!



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