Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Just a few short days ago, I shared my thoughts on how this sudden hit of winter has impacted on my body and my mindset, and put a spanner in the works for my  intense training efforts towards my 2km walk in the Sunshine Coast Marathon…and how I was trying to find ways around it to no longer feel ‘set back’ in my mind, so I could continue to stride ahead, to be able to step over that finish line in August…

Little did I know, just a couple of days later (Friday 4th July), that the absolutely PERFECT way to switch my mind back into full focus again, would be literally tapping me on the shoulder….and I had NO idea this was all unfolding!  When I woke up on this morning, I knew I had a ‘followup’ with the local newpaper Sunshine Coast Daily who wanted to meet with me to talk about how my Marathon training progress was coming along…next minute – the amazing Matt Golinski was smiling widely (and cheekily haha as he knew full well that he was my ‘surprise’ that day!) standing right beside me!  Haha….GOTCHA! And he got me GOOD…I literally had no idea!

I always thought I was pretty cluey and switched on, when it came to knowing when people were ‘up to something’ concerning me…BUT..I have to now say – after being completely clueless right up until the moment I took the blindfold off when off on my Mystery Trip which Billy (the main, Christina, Laura and Tim at STA Travel Sunshine Plaza all very cleverly schemed and kept me right in the dark about – but THEN today, the Sunshine Coast Daily sprung the most awesome, amazing surprise of meeting wellknown chef and local identity, and all-round awesome man, Matt Golinski on me (when it was just meant to supposedly be just a ‘followup’ on my Marathon progress…supposedly haha)!!! After this, I have to say….yes I think I might be less switched on than I thought! LOL…

Matt was apparently hiding out in the kitchen till I arrived at the Café where I was to meet with Megan from Sunshine Coast Daily – then after I arrived and as Megan and the Dailys photographer were sitting there with me starting to ask me questions – in the middle of the ‘interview’ which was being ‘video-ed so it can go on the website’ (innocent enough, right? haha I still had no clue at this point!), Matt snuck up on me, leaned over my right shoulder, making out he was the ‘waiter’ who brought my chai tea to my table – even though that Café doesn’t have ‘waiters’, and even though I didn’t actually order a Chai…haha. It took me a minute to register, but when I did…WOW!!  😀 *apparently my face was PRICELESS!*  WHAT A CLASSIC!

Meeting one of this worlds truly 'good men' - the amazing Matt Golinski!

Meeting one of this worlds truly ‘good men’ – the amazing Matt Golinski!

We ended up sitting down and having an absolutely amazing chat about ‘all things life, ‘health vs goals juggling acts’, about how driven our mindsets are and what having passion for your life gives you, and chatting about the Marathon – it was amazing to have this man right in front of me, chatting away with me about things which are very close to my heart….and have him relate to me in our minds, about it all! The perfect ‘tonic’ for my mind struggles Ive been dealing with lately, when it comes to the leadup to the Sunshine Coast Marathon!  I have been wanting to meet Matt for so long, ever since observing him at a Disability event here on the Sunshine Coast in 2009 – something about him, and his passion for life and his craft (his cooking) really struck me that day,  I really love observing, and being around people who have a passionate, driven mindset which is very obviously something Matt has in bucketloads – and Id been wanting to find a way to meet him, ever since! Well…today was the perfect way it unfolded! Matt Golinski….Megan (journalist) and photographer from Sunshine Coast Daily…and Cosy Creek Café Burnside – WELL PLAYED….VERY, VERY WELL PLAYED!!! Thank you so much! haha

People I want to meet #17. Matt Golinski – TICK! off the bucketlist… the most fun way possible!!

UPDATE 7 July 2014
Life sure is full of surprises – and this was one of the more fun ones, for sure!  I mentioned earlier of my mind struggles I’d been having lately with the cold blasts of winter playing havoc on my body and my health, which had thrown my mindset way off track…well I have to say – if there was ever a perfect moment and way to meet this amazing man with the most incredible spirit and driven mindset – this was most definitely THE moment that was meant to happen at this time of my life.  I am SO fired back up again now – and I LOVE this feeling!  I went to the gym this morning, thinking of Matts words he spoke directly to me, with his determined mindset shining out from his eyes…..4 simple, but so powerful words stood out…

“You Can Do It!”

– and I went into the gym and had one of the most amazing sessions up on my feet – it was such a good feeling to be no longer in that ‘mind slump’ which was quite frankly, scaring me to bits for a little while there!  And I have Matt Golinski to thank, for helping turn my mindset back around again (it was always in there, I just had to reach for it again).  Thank YOU Matt….you are an incredible man who is out there giving life everything you have got – and I feel so lucky to have been touched by your magic! 🙂

Winter may be here..but this is not stopping me from striding towards that 2km in the Marathon – I’ll just move the training indoors, at Suncoast Fitness, rather than striding down outdoor paths I’d been hitting. Problem solved!

Matt, thank you so much for this moment in my life…this incredibly fun moment that you created even though you had never met me (before you snuck up on me…haha LOVE it!) – I wish you all the very, very best in your life…you are one man who is definitely ‘doing so much good’ in this world, and I know that you would be motivating so many people in this world..including me!  Your passion for life inspired me for so many years before I actually met you…this I feel has gone up tenfold now!  BRING ON that 2km in the Sunshine Coast Marathon – I’ll be hearing your words in my mind and remembering this day while Im out there, for sure!

ANYTHING is Possible…when you open yourself to the unexpected! (and this certainly was unexpected! haha)

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