Anything is Possible…in your own Way!


WELL THAT WAS 2014!..and WOW what an incredible year! There have been some very tough times in my personal life which could have turned 2014 into a ‘Year to forget’…but, through creating and grasping all of these awesome opportunities and experiences to put my focus and energy towards instead – and my sheer determination to enjoy and fully embrace each one, no matter what else was happening in my life at the time…2014 has most certainly turned into yet another Year to REMEMBER!

– Walking the 2km distance in the Sunshine Coast Marathon – raising money for charity
– Swimming with Humpback Whales in the ocean off Mooloolaba
– Meeting Marcos Ambrose out at Lakeside Raceway, Qld
– Ocean swim, independently with no mobility aids at Tangalooma Island Resort (briefly standing by myself/letting go of my helpers hand)
– Climbing a Rock Wall
– Mystery Trip – including being blindfolded part of the way down!)
– Putting everything I have into my Fitness Training
– Get a tattoo
– Help others tick something off their bucketlist
– Sunset cruise on a catamaran
– More TV experiences (Shannons ‘Legends of Motorsport’ TV episodes filming up at the ‘Bowdens Shed’ on the Sunshine Coast, being in the audience)
– Charity Car Show at Pacific Ford, Maroochydore with V8 Supercar driver Chaz Mostert drawing the Raffle – raising awareness for Chasing my Dreams, and (the now former) SBH Qld
– Impromptu Motivational Talk – Fit College Maroochydore

2014CollageJuggling the demands of living with my disabilities, and my ‘life stuff’ and life itself, along with all the work needed to tick all these awesome Dreams off my bucketlist – a LOT of effort, focus and energy went into it all, combined with rest/recovery/pain etc times inbetween – but it is all so, SO worth it! 🙂

There are far too many people to mention personally…but I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and EVERY person who has been involved, supported and encouraged me, opened up opportunities through ‘what you do’ with your own life, and been there for me during this incredible year that is fast coming to a close – not to mention all of YOU who have joined my little community right here – I am so very grateful for each and every one of you who has touched my life, and my little venture, this year! At the start of 2014 – WHO KNEW that I would be having so many absolutely mindblowing, fun experiences! Prior to 2011, before this crazy awesome venture was born – I deeply craved a ‘life of adventure’ like I observed others having around me….and ahh yes, I think I have this, now! I have also met some awesome, inspiring, beautiful people who are living life with absolute passion – YOU also inspire and motivate me, in what I now do with my life!

Chase your Dreams everyone – no matter what they are, no matter how small or big, if they are important to you, and no matter what it takes – they are absolutely well worth bringing into your reality!

 …..I wonder what 2015 has in store for us all…?!??! Bring it on!

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