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#210 – Find more ways to be creative in my day

Being a creative, visual person, I am always energised and motivated when I am able to be expressive in colourful/creative ways.  I have managed to sprinkle creativity and colour into my day in various ways:


With rediscovering the art of colouring…I’m able to spread colour on pages, in a fun, relaxing way…I love the creative yet calming escapism it gifts!


template (2)

Recently attending a creative workshop, I discovered how to create my own ‘colouring template’


Coloured Pens

Going about my ‘desk work’ and everyday notes and lists I write in my day….using different, brightly coloured pens makes even the ‘day to day routine’ in my life, much more fun!



Being creative, and enjoying expressing my thoughts in the written form – my Q&A a Day journal brings this out in me, every day! (I’ll describe this journal in more detail at the end of the month, when another ‘Tick’ is crossed off my list 😉 )


I LOVE getting creative (and destructive!) with my Wreck this Journal)! Colour it, rip into it, stain it, glue things into it…basically WRECK the pages, in many different ways – so much creative fun!


My Vision Book – the same concept as a ‘Vision Board’ (placing magazine pictures, words, designs etc onto a big piece of board/thick paper to give a visual picture of what you would love your Dream life to be, and contain – your dreams and goals etc) but in an exercise/note book so there are more pages to ‘play with’ and add to

These all offer a similar ‘escapism’ which I described in my previous “Learn to Meditate” post – but in a different way which reaches into the creative/visual side of me….without having to leave my home (these are especially helpful on days when I am physically unable to leave my home due to my ‘bad health days’), I can bring creativity into my life anytime I choose! 🙂


ANYTHING is Possible….when you bring out the parts of your personality which Spark Joy!


#151. Learn to Meditate…in my own Way


focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.


the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.

a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.

Over the years, I have tried many times to effectively learn how to meditate, in the traditional way..I have found that when I am in a meditation group, I am able to ‘zone out’ and switch my mind off…but at home, laying down listening to meditation CDs/relaxation music, I am just not able to achieve the same result.  I ended up getting more frustrated with myself – which totally defeats the purpose!

I decided that instead of continually getting frustrated over trying to force myself to master the act of meditation – I would change my way of thinking towards it, and turn it into being MINDFUL instead.  Being in the present moment, putting myself in situations which I know relax me, and which I can become totally mesmerised by – in turn ‘switching off’ and taking time out from the stressors of day-to-day life, and the world around me.

Some of the ways I’ve been able to achieve this are:


The ocean (and nature in general) is a place where I am able to completely tune out, and escape, into…totally forgetting there is a world, and even people, around me!



Colouring – especially on days where ‘life stuff’ is getting on top of me – I am able to escape into the vibrant colours and creativity which the simple act of colouring, gifts me


Blowing bubbles, watching them drift around in the air, and slowly fall to the ground – so relaxing!

I described the ‘joy of bubbles’ in a previous post
Bubble Photography


I feel so centred, and ‘at home’ when I go out into nature. Natures gift is completely free, and all around us, in all its colours, textures, smells and relaxing atmosphere

Using any one of these, I am able to achieve what ‘trying to learn to meditate’ was never able to give me – total relaxation, escapism, and ‘reaching deep down into my soul’.  It may not be ‘meditating in the traditional sense’, but they give me the feelings I need to feel, as a way to de-stress in this fastpaced world we all live in!

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE…when you adapt something to fit to ‘your way’ of achieving it, instead of trying to just ‘fit in’ to how the rest of the world does it!




#130. Go for a wander along the beach by myself – TICK!

Ever since the moment in 2012 at my SBH QLD (Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Queensland) “I Believe I can Climb” Fundraiser Event, when I achieved ‘Walking down the Beach on Sunset’ with my two amazing PT friends Mike & Kea by my side supporting me (it was such an incredible feeling – but such incredibly hard work!!)


– I have yearned to find a way to go for a nice, relaxing stroll down the beach all by myself.

Fast forward to 27th October 2015, with the awesome assistance from Janelle from Alexandra Headlands Surf Club, and lifesavers Rob and Shane to give me a boost when needed, as I pushed my new outdoor terrain wheelchair down the steep beach ramp and over the soft sand (my setup doesnt do soft sand that smoothly…but once I was on that harder/wet sand I was free to go wandering myself!) – I finally achieved what I have wanted for so long…words cannot describe the freedom and bliss I felt (especially at the moment the guys checked that I would be OK…and then left me by myself), just strolling along completely by myself down on that beach, at the waters edge. To do something which I’ve observed so many do over the years, enjoying our beautiful beaches in this way – I was now ON that beach, enjoying the pure freedom and solitude at a place that I love with all my heart – right next to the ocean close enough to touch it, instead of looking down at it, from up near the Club building!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thank you SO much to Janelle, Rob and Shane from the Alex Surf Club for your assistance in making this possible, I wouldnt have been able to achieve this without you! I cannot wait to get back down there for another wander, soon!

The ocean feels like my ‘home’ in my heart…so to be able to finally achieve this sense of freedom at a place which I love, deep down inside – pure bliss!

Oh…and I had to laugh….the very first thing I saw when Rob & Shane left me on my own – a seagull walking just in front of me! You cannot have a trip to the beach without a seagull!
(Now to find my special someone to go for a ‘long romantic walk down the beach’ with, for the first time!) 😉 😀

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE…when you strive to go ‘home’ inside your heart!

#141. 3D movie on the big screen – TICK!

“Because it’s there… Ever­est is the high­est moun­tain in the world, and no man has reached its sum­mit. Its exis­tence is a chal­lenge. The answer is instinc­tive, a part, I sup­pose, of man’s desire to con­quer the universe.” ~ George Mallory

Late afternoon on Wednesday 14th October 2014, I went along to the 3D screening of the very powerful, and moving true story “Everest”…I’d never seen a 3D movie on the big screen before – and I am SO glad I chose Everest as my first one! It was actually kind of fun sitting there with the ‘sunnies’ on, watching such incredible, visually mindblowing, scenes in front of me…it really made it seem as if we were up there on that beautiful mountain with the group, the incredibly courageous, and driven people in their expeditions, on their final ascent toward the summit of Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth.

Choosing to watch a ‘climbing’ 3D movie was awesome…many who know me, know my fascination with climbing, and with mountains (and nature in general) – and Everest is definitely a mountain I am in complete awe of. Of course I wont be climbing Everest myself anytime soon haha…but listening to the words and dialogue spoken between the cast of this movie…I found myself smiling and nodding to myself a number of times, as I recognised my mindset, in these climbers 🙂

"Everest"...a must watch if you want to be powerfully inspired to do something 'bigger than you'!

“Everest”…a must watch if you want to be powerfully inspired to do something ‘bigger than you’!

In one scene of the movie, the question was asked, why the group of climbers wanted to attempt to reach the summit of Mt Everest…

…”BECAUSE ITS THERE!!!” they yelled, punching the air….haha…ABSOLUTELY! Those 3 words are exactly why I strive to do a lot of the ‘bigger’ challenges in my life – Because its there – its a challenge ‘bigger than me’! I LOVE the force which takes over in my mind when I strive to conquer challenges that I once thought were ‘bigger than me’…almost silently ‘daring’ me to undertake it! BEST FEELING in the world!!

Wearing the 3D 'sunnies'....such a sexy look! haha ;)

Wearing the 3D ‘sunnies’….such a sexy look! haha 😉

ANYTHING is Possible….when you strive to do something ‘Because it’s there’ in front of you!!

#26. Mascot for a Day (well, for an hour or so!) – TICK!!

When I woke on the morning of September 17th 2015, I had absolutely no idea I would end the day dressed in a chicken suit and wandering around in public! haha…so random! I happened to see a note on a local community board, stating that someone was looking for a person to dress in a chicken suit. Straightaway I thought of my ‘Mascot for a Day’ tick! So of course, I contacted them…next thing I know, I’m organised to help promote Taste of Coolum café and their yummy chicken….by getting into the chicken suit, and wandering around a local shopping centre where the café is, handing out chicken samples, menus, and lollies! It was SO much hilarious fun!!

Thank you so much to Taste of Coolum cafe owners Sebastian and Lucky, and to Lyndal for initially putting out the note, and being so keen for me to do this, when I contacted you!


You just NEVER know what is around that corner in life!! Buk Buk!! haha

ANYTHING is Possible…when you include something completely random in your day!

Exploring the Forest…and a Chicken Suit!

I have yet to write the Full Blogs for three awesome Ticks off the bucketlist which happened during September 2015 – but here is what they involved:

Exploring the Forest…Hugging a Tree….

…dressing up in a Chicken Suit!


My little venture really has me doing some weird and wonderful things,
and getting up to random mischief at times….LOVE it!!
Stay tuned for the blogs on how these adventures came about…

Life really is full of amazing, and fun, opportunities – its up to us to grasp them when they’re in front of us!



#201. Meet a Street Artist’ – TICK!

A spur of the moment Tick off the list happened this weekend!

Having a creative personality myself, but my drawing ability extending only to the classic ‘stickman figure’ haha…I’ve always been fascinated with artists, and people who are able to bring out their creative visions that they have in their mind, onto paper (or whatever surface/medium they are choosing to create with). One form of art that has really captured my attention the last few years is ‘3D Street art’ – drawings on the ground in open public spaces, which seem to pop out at you, so realistically. From a feeling that you’re looking down into a waterfall, or the road has suddenly opened up in front of you and you could easily ‘fall into the depths of the earth’…this type of art really fascinates me!

From the moment I found out that we have our very own Street Artist, Brian Tisdall  here on the Sunshine Coast (Brians art is in no way limited to street art – from his website “He lives to paint, and paints to live; there are no boundaries or limits to imagination“), I set out to find a way to meet him. Imagine my delight when I found out that he was going to be attending a mini-Festival in the Park this past weekend, in my very own home town!

53Meeting Brian, seeing just a touch of his work right in front of me….and also having the opportunity to talk to yet another person in this world who is living his passion (I LOVE these conversations with people who are, like me, living their passion and doing exactly what they know they are here to do, in this life), was fascinating! Thank you for taking the time to chat with me Brian, and taking a photo with me, beside your work on Saturday!

ANYTHING is Possible….when you discover hidden talent, and other ‘hidden gems’, by exploring in your own home town!

Train the Trainer Session with my PT Mike!

I recently got the chance to aim some ‘friendly revenge’ towards my PT, Mike from MG Personal Training (Mike is also a certified Crank-It Fitness (suspension training) Instructor) – as a ‘thank you’..and perhaps alittle bit of ‘karma’ haha 😉  for all the amazing (and hard!) work he’s pushed me through, to enable me to Smash my Fitness Goals the last few years.  I have been working with this amazingly dedicated man and fantastic Trainer, who really has a passion for helping others, and for the fitness industry itself, since 2008.  I also happened to be Mikes first sign-up, when he first started working at Suncoast Fitness, in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast! Meant to be….Mike’s really grown to understand ‘how I work’, he really gets me, and the depth behind each and every Fitness Goal I attempt to smash, which is just brilliant!  Working with Mike, and seeing his growth from his early days at Suncoast, to now owning his own business in the industry – I am so proud of him, and feel very lucky to have such an awesome Trainer, and friend 🙂

All smiles before the Session...

All smiles before the Session…

Here’s a little snapshot of what went down in our Train the Trainer session! The program was put together by me, so Mike had NO idea what was coming…hehe. I think he was a little smashed at the end of it! bahaha…Great work Mike!

Apparently it was harder than it looks!!

Apparently it was harder than it looks!! oops…lol..


“You seem a little bit Smashed, Mikey!” Sorry not sorry! haha 😉

Thank you Mike, for absolutely everything you have brought into my life the last seven years – your belief in me (especially at the times when you knew I didn’t have a lot of belief in myself), and the hard work you have encouraged me to do, has been a huge part of my achieving all my Fitness Goals I have achieved, and being the person I am today.  Thank you also for this awesome opportunity to ‘put the shoe on the other foot’ and set you a program…every PT client should do this with their Trainer – its so much fun! It also taught me just how much I have really learnt and taken in, over the last few years, to be able to put this Session together, without Mike’s help! Thank you also to my awesome assistant/photographer on the day, Connor, a student from Fit College who is training up to be a PT, encouraging others to achieve their Fitness Goals (so awesome!)…I wish you well in your career in the industry, Connor!

ANYTHING is Possible….when you take up opportunities to ‘give back’ (even if it was a bit of ‘friendly fire’ aimed back at my awesome PT haha)

#181. Have a Motorcycle jump over me at a Stunt Show – Tick!

Sunday July 26th 2015, I headed down to Stapylton near the Gold Coast in Qld, to ‘my Team, and my Racing family’, DJR Team Penske for their annual Open Day.  After enjoying a very special night at DJR Team Penske the night before at their annual Team Mates Night, I was ready and pumped, for what was to be more of an adrenaline-filled day that I could ever have imagined, and dreamed of!

After wandering around for a while, and catching up with a few of my fellow Team Mates and DJRTP supporters, I sat and watched the boys from Showtime FMX do their thing, on their stunt motorcycles.  These boys and bikes have always fascinated me – they do what they do with such precision, skill….and a lot of fun!


…this is when things start to get a little interesting…

My friend, and ‘friend of the Team’, Darren wanders over for a catch-up, and I just casually say “I’d love to do that….its on my bucketlist to be up the top of a ramp while stunt bikes jump over me!”. I look at Darren…he looks at me…he has a mischievious glint in his eye –  “Stay right here….I will be back!”.  I’m left there thinking, ‘am I about to have something incredible ticked off my bucketlist?!? oooooh….really?’

A few minutes later Darren came rushing back to me, and states “Guess what?  In an hour, you, me, and Ryan Story (General Manager of DJR Team Penske) are going to be on the TOP of that ramp!”  I looked straight at Darren, not knowing what to think, do, or say…all we could both do was look at each other, and burst out laughing…. “Wait…WHAT!!” haha.  Nothing like being thrown in at the deep end on the spur of the moment!

Darren sums it up perfectly with his Facebook post he put up in that moment:
“Sometimes helping a friend can lead you into trouble.
Most of you who know Tania Sherley know of her bucket list.
One of the things on her list is to sit on the top of the ramp whilst the motorcycle stunt team leap over the top of her.
Here’s where I step in and speak Ryan Story GM of DJRTeam Penske to see whether it can be organised.
At 12.30pm today she is going to tick it off her list. The bad part is Ryan has told me that he is going to be doing it too BUT that I have to do it as well.
Quietly sh*tting myself. 😧😧😧

All Darren, myself, and the friends and people we ran into from the Team who had heard what was going on, could do in that hour before we headed up there, was laugh!! We couldn’t believe what was about to happen!

Before we knew it, it was time to head up onto the ramp…then THIS happened….

(thank you to Glenn for taking the video footage)

Yeeeewww!!! SO MUCH FUN!! haha

With the man himself, Dick Johnson - affectionately known by me, as my 'Racing Dad'. Without this great, yet very humble man, I wouldn't be doing 'what I do' today! :)

With the man himself, Dick Johnson – affectionately known by me, as my ‘Racing Dad’.
Without this great, yet very humble man, I wouldn’t be doing ‘what I do’ today! 🙂

What a special moment, having it happen not only on the Teams Open Day (with DJRTP being the people who inspired me to start my bucketlist and live this crazy life four years ago!), but having Managing Director from the Team, Ryan Story up there with me, as well as my friend Darren (thank you Darren for approaching Ryan to make it happen!) Thank you to the many people who took the shots when we were up on the ramp….and thank you to Chris for pushing me up that massive (and steep!) ramp up to the top of the truck cabin!
“People helping People”, creating memories….this is what life is all about!


Thank you so much to the boys (and bikes) from Showtime FMX….and to DJR Team Penske, for making this happen, on the Teams Open Day 2015!

ANYTHING is Possible….when you see an opportunity – GRASP it!


#13. People I want to Meet – Glenn Seton (Australian Motor Racing Legend) – Met!

This past weekend, on Sunday 28th June 2015, I was very lucky to meet someone who I had been wanting to meet, literally since I was a teenager way back in the 1980’s (yes, all those years ago! haha) – 2 x ATCC (Australian Touring Car Champion) winner, and allround awesome man and racer – Glenn Seton…otherwise known as the “Baby-faced Assassin” on the racing circuit! What a special moment! glenn Back when Glenn first started racing in the ATCC, I was just a teenager in absolute awe at this guy who was just a few years older than me (the ‘Baby-faced Assassin’ has just turned 50 – but you can still see the ‘Babyface’ in him haha…in looks and in attitude)…absolutely giving all he has got out there on the track, in his racing. At the Event I was at on the weekend (the filming of Series 2 of the Shannons Legends of Motorsport television episodes, up at the iconic Bowden’s Own Premium Car Care​ ‘Shed’ which is full of so much incredible Australian racing cars and history), as Glenn was one of the ‘stars of the show’, it wasn’t really a ‘meet and greet’ situation as such. We were priviledged to just be there in the audience, sitting back and watching the filming, and interviewing of these Legends (this day also included showcasing legend Bob Morris) unfold in front of us – hearing these men recall their memories from back in the day was an incredible experience!

But I was very lucky as, inbetween episodes when the cars were being moved around to film the next episode, I happened to catch Glenns eye – next thing I know, we were chatting away about his racing – here was this man, this racer I had been in awe of for all those years, right in front of me, talking away with me…wow! 🙂 I’d often heard Glenn (and other racers), say the phrase “I’m Living the Dream”, with their eyes and smile lighting up their face – you can absolutely see how much bringing their Dream to life of racing, has fulfilled them – hearing Glenn say directly to me “Im Living the Dream!” and seeing that familiar glint in his eye and smile…it was a moment of pure magic, as I know myself, in my own way, just how special that feeling is!

Glenns first racecar...this car was also raced by Glenns Dad, Barry 'Bo' Seton - keeping the Dream in the it!

Glenns first racecar…this car was also raced by Glenns Dad, Barry ‘Bo’ Seton – keeping the Dream in the family…love it!

Meeting Glenn happened completely by surprise – I knew he was going to be at the Event, but I certainly didn’t expect I’d be spending time one-on-one, meeting and chatting with him!  Life – it certainly is full of surprises!

This day was also another opportunity for “92. Have more TV experiences” – I loved being there behind the scenes, watching the production crew (and Bowdens crew), all working together very professionally to bring these episodes together.  When you watch a TV show on the screen…there is a LOT more work which goes on behind the scenes, which we as viewers have absolutely no idea about – I find it fascinating to see how a show is put together, and all the equipment they use!

The Bowdens Own Shed transformed into a TV studio!

(part of – there is MUCH more to the ‘Shed’ than this!) the Bowdens Own Shed transformed into a TV studio!

ANYTHING is Possible…when you are Living the Dream!

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