Anything is Possible…in your own Way!


Your Dreams dont have to involve trekking up Mountains, or planning for months to make it happen – it can be something simple as putting some play into your day! When was the last time you took time out to just ‘play’, to bring the innocent, joyful childlike side of you out? It’s surprisingly very relaxing, and so much fun, to do this!

I’ve just started experimenting with capturing bubbles with my camera..its now become a regular part of my ‘downtime’, or when I need to take a few minutes breathing space in my day. Watching the bubbles float in the air, and slowly drift away (or land on the grass, the bubble in the bottom right photo landed and sat there for quite a long time, it was beautiful to watch) is very meditative…

Take time out to just, play…your mindset will thank you for it!

Anything is Possible….when you take time out of your day to just play…and possibly change your mindset in the process!

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