Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

On Friday 27th February 2015 I, along with my friend and awesome travel agent Billy (Billy organised my incredible Mystery Trip ‘tick off the List’ in 2014) headed to Sealife Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast, for an experience we will both never forget!  We were about to jump into water….with Sharks!  WHAT were we thinking?!? haha.  I was so excited…nervously excited! Being a lover of water and all things ‘marine’, including the beautiful creatures living under the sea – I was so looking forward to this!

After meeting up with the awesome Adrian from Sealife, who organised for this amazing experience to happen – we were then introduced to Annie and Shannon, our Guides for our Swim.  As we were guided out the back of the complex to change into our wetsuits and be safety briefed etc – this all of a sudden got very, very real.  Those sharks were there waiting for us to join them in the water! Ooooh…lol…

The awesome Team (and Sharks!) at Sealife Mooloolaba!

The awesome Team         (and Sharks!) at Sealife Mooloolaba!

Inside the tanks…the sharks drifted past, some well within reach! (but of course we weren’t permitted to touch them)

…the sharks you can see in the image, got even closer than this, to us! Billy who was sharing this experience with me, had one literally within ‘brushing up against you’ distance…INCREDIBLE!! I TOTALLY recommend it, even if you’re a little scared of sharks, but curious about them – honestly they were not a threat at all…such a calming experience, I didn’t want to get out of the water!

I know I’ve said this before…but this experience, and ‘Tick off the List’ was up there as one of the coolest things I have ever done!….it was amazing…I’m even going to use the word ‘tranquil’ (yes I know, tranquil, and sharks, don’t usually belong in the same sentence!) – because that’s exactly how it was, gliding around in amongst the many sharks, and a gorgeous mix of other marine creatures for about 20-30 minutes in the water!

Thank you so much to Adrian from Sealife Mooloolaba for organising this experience, and taking the photos from outside the tank; to Anna and Shannon also from Sealife Mooloolaba who were our Guides for the awesome experience…thank you all for making this happen – also my friend Billy for coming with me – you all made it so much fun!

ANYTHING is Possible….when you don’t feed into ‘societal fears’ (apparently sharks are something to be feared?! Not by this chickie!) and DO IT anyway!

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