Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Its only FOUR days out from #161. Attempt to Climb an Indoor Rock Wall, at RockIt Climbing Gym at Warana on the Sunshine Coast….and I Believe I might be having a bit of a ‘moment’…haha. Back in 2012, when I had decided to hold my SBH QLD (Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Queensland) “I Believe I can Climb” Fundraiser Event…never in a million years did I actually dream (at the time), that one day I would actually be ‘Climbing’ something, that others climb all the time. At the time, my ‘Climbing my Mountain…in my own way’ was, walking up the steep ocean boardwalk at Coolum – and I was completely happy with the boardwalk being My Mountain. Doing this absolutely gave me the full sensation (in my own way) of ‘Climbing a Mountain’, as I was using all my strength, energy, and focus on getting to the ‘summit’ (the top end of the boardwalk). When I reached the top that day, and looked out into the amazing view…without an absolute doubt in my mind I had reached the top of My Mountain….and it was one of the most powerful feelings I have ever felt in my life. As was, Walking down the Beach on sunset (no mobility aids in sight), and having my first Slowdance (to the beautiful song “I Believe I can Fly” – R Kelly), both also on the night of my Event.

DSC_9407resize-horzLittle did I know that, two years later, I would be facing, and choosing to actually climb something that is meant for climbing – my Wall! Once again, using absolutely all my strength, energy and focus to do it – the difference is, this time – I’ll be climbing something, that others do actually climb all the time!

My Wall...BRING IT!


Once you start pushing beyond your limits you place on yourself…your world honestly does open up to Anything, really IS Possible…in your own Way!

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