Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

On Friday 21 November 2014, I had the incredible opportunity to go out to the famous and historical (and so much fun!) racetrack, Lakeside Raceway, to witness ‘my Team’ – Dick Johnson Racing, the Team behind the start of my Chasing my Dreams adventures – at the very special unveiling of the racecar which Australian V8 Supercar Champion, (and for the last 9 years, NASCAR driver in the USA), Marcos Ambrose will be racing in the last V8 Supercar round for this year in Sydney in two weeks time, before he takes on the full race season in 2015, in with DJR. Marcos has just been signed up with the Team, along with their partnering up with motorsport identity in the US, Roger Penske/Team Penske. Marcos literally just arrived back in the country on the Wednesday (after getting out of his NASCAR racecar from his final race earlier in the week, and straight on the plane to Australia) – the Friday was his first hitout back on the track on Australian soil, after 9 years, in a V8 Supercar. It was also a ‘Rides Day’ where passengers had the amazing opportunity to get into the car beside him, while he raced them around the track! I could not miss seeing this! Little did I know what was going to unfold that day…when, as I was sitting there chatting with Dick Johnson and others who were there, Dick looked up and a little grin appeared on his face – Marcos himself just strolled up behind me, to say hello and have a chat! WOWzers! I have admired this man for so, so long, from back in his days of racing in Australia, and following his NASCAR career in the USA – this is a man who is giving absolutely everything he has, to his passion of motor racing – when I found out he was joining in with the Team that I love with a passion, I was SO excited!

What an awesome surprise, to meet Marcos!

What an awesome surprise, to meet Marcos!

I am so, so proud and inspired by Dick Johnson, and his iconic Team – no matter how many battles he and the Team go through, no matter how many times he has got knocked down over the years – he just gets right back up swinging…this latest development in the Team, with the partnering of Team Penske, with Marcos Ambrose – such an amazing way to step up the game! Dick and his Team are proof that, no matter what…keep the belief, keep the faith…and you just never know what is around that corner, to help support and keep you on the track of living the life of your Dreams!

"I am exactly where I want to be in my life"...I LOVE this look in people who are following their passion!

“I am exactly where I want to be in my life”…I LOVE this look in people who are following their passion!

Going out to the track on Friday, I knew it was going to be something special because we were going to be witnessing history with the unveiling of the car, and Marcos hitting the track (not to mention, this is the track that I will be out on, when I get my own car on the track – to be there again with my own car sitting trackside was amazing!). With all the media & corporate sponsors, and the busy schedule Marcos had out on the track…I didn’t think I would get to meet him – but he was the one who approached me haha how cool is that! Thank you so much to staff at DJR for allowing me into the ‘pits area’ so this could happen..and thank you to Marcos for taking the time while on a break between the very busy schedule to meet me!

Grasp at opportunities – because you just never know where they may lead!

#24. ‘People I want to Meet’ – Marcos Ambrose – TICK!!

Anything is Possible….when you don’t even expect it!

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