Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Walking 2km in the upcoming Sunshine Coast Marathon on Sunday August 31 – it’s a very LONG way for my body to do this (for me its going to feel that Im running a full Marathon, I know it) – while walking for the ablebodied just basically involves your lower body/legs/core etc for the most part (and I imagine that you don’t really have to think about walking – you just ‘do it’ on autopilot) – but, walking for me involves my entire body – starting from up in my mind, for the absolute pure focus I have to switch on, to just be able to stay standing up, let alone take each step forward as well – down to my neck (which is also a vulnerable part of my body as it doesn’t take much for it to go ‘out’ and start to be painful), my shoulders, arms, and back for using my crutches to hold me up – down to my core which is a big part of what Im using to keep me upright lol…and then down to my legs to do my actual physical ‘walking’. This walking caper, its serious business! haha

I’ve only got an hours timeframe (as they have to re-open the roads at a certain time, as per Council regulations etc) to do this – and I know that (going by my times/distances covered in my training) its physically impossible for me to walk 2km in an hour (I know, I know haha, I don’t like the word ‘impossible’, as its just not in my vocabulary normally….but I have to be very real about this!) – but you know what, I am going to give it my absolute ALL, to do as much of this as I can, up on my feet, in the time allowance – but also, giving me enough time to, start over the line walking.  I will have to ‘push’ (in my wheelchair) in the middle part of it to cover some of the distance at a quicker pace…then I will make absolutely sure that I will cross that 2km finish line, up on my feet. I admit that I’m a little teeny bit disappointed that I wont be walking the entire way, no matter how long a time it would have taken me to do it – but you know what….I am going to give it my absolute BEST SHOT to do whatever I can, up on my feet, on Sunday!

BRING it on!

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