Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

A spur of the moment Tick off the list happened this weekend!

Having a creative personality myself, but my drawing ability extending only to the classic ‘stickman figure’ haha…I’ve always been fascinated with artists, and people who are able to bring out their creative visions that they have in their mind, onto paper (or whatever surface/medium they are choosing to create with). One form of art that has really captured my attention the last few years is ‘3D Street art’ – drawings on the ground in open public spaces, which seem to pop out at you, so realistically. From a feeling that you’re looking down into a waterfall, or the road has suddenly opened up in front of you and you could easily ‘fall into the depths of the earth’…this type of art really fascinates me!

From the moment I found out that we have our very own Street Artist, Brian Tisdall  here on the Sunshine Coast (Brians art is in no way limited to street art – from his website “He lives to paint, and paints to live; there are no boundaries or limits to imagination“), I set out to find a way to meet him. Imagine my delight when I found out that he was going to be attending a mini-Festival in the Park this past weekend, in my very own home town!

53Meeting Brian, seeing just a touch of his work right in front of me….and also having the opportunity to talk to yet another person in this world who is living his passion (I LOVE these conversations with people who are, like me, living their passion and doing exactly what they know they are here to do, in this life), was fascinating! Thank you for taking the time to chat with me Brian, and taking a photo with me, beside your work on Saturday!

ANYTHING is Possible….when you discover hidden talent, and other ‘hidden gems’, by exploring in your own home town!

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