Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

I recently got the chance to aim some ‘friendly revenge’ towards my PT, Mike from MG Personal Training (Mike is also a certified Crank-It Fitness (suspension training) Instructor) – as a ‘thank you’..and perhaps alittle bit of ‘karma’ haha 😉  for all the amazing (and hard!) work he’s pushed me through, to enable me to Smash my Fitness Goals the last few years.  I have been working with this amazingly dedicated man and fantastic Trainer, who really has a passion for helping others, and for the fitness industry itself, since 2008.  I also happened to be Mikes first sign-up, when he first started working at Suncoast Fitness, in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast! Meant to be….Mike’s really grown to understand ‘how I work’, he really gets me, and the depth behind each and every Fitness Goal I attempt to smash, which is just brilliant!  Working with Mike, and seeing his growth from his early days at Suncoast, to now owning his own business in the industry – I am so proud of him, and feel very lucky to have such an awesome Trainer, and friend 🙂

All smiles before the Session...

All smiles before the Session…

Here’s a little snapshot of what went down in our Train the Trainer session! The program was put together by me, so Mike had NO idea what was coming…hehe. I think he was a little smashed at the end of it! bahaha…Great work Mike!

Apparently it was harder than it looks!!

Apparently it was harder than it looks!! oops…lol..


“You seem a little bit Smashed, Mikey!” Sorry not sorry! haha 😉

Thank you Mike, for absolutely everything you have brought into my life the last seven years – your belief in me (especially at the times when you knew I didn’t have a lot of belief in myself), and the hard work you have encouraged me to do, has been a huge part of my achieving all my Fitness Goals I have achieved, and being the person I am today.  Thank you also for this awesome opportunity to ‘put the shoe on the other foot’ and set you a program…every PT client should do this with their Trainer – its so much fun! It also taught me just how much I have really learnt and taken in, over the last few years, to be able to put this Session together, without Mike’s help! Thank you also to my awesome assistant/photographer on the day, Connor, a student from Fit College who is training up to be a PT, encouraging others to achieve their Fitness Goals (so awesome!)…I wish you well in your career in the industry, Connor!

ANYTHING is Possible….when you take up opportunities to ‘give back’ (even if it was a bit of ‘friendly fire’ aimed back at my awesome PT haha)

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