Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Ever since the moment in 2012 at my (the now former) SBH QLD (Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Queensland) “I Believe I can Climb” Fundraiser Event, when I achieved ‘Walking down the Beach on Sunset’ with my two amazing PT friends Mike & Kea by my side supporting me (it was such an incredible feeling – but such incredibly hard work!!)


– I have yearned to find a way to go for a nice, relaxing stroll down the beach all by myself.

Fast forward to 27th October 2015, with the awesome assistance from Janelle from Alexandra Headlands Surf Club, and lifesavers Rob and Shane to give me a boost when needed, as I pushed my new outdoor terrain wheelchair down the steep beach ramp and over the soft sand (my setup doesnt do soft sand that smoothly…but once I was on that harder/wet sand I was free to go wandering myself!) – I finally achieved what I have wanted for so long…words cannot describe the freedom and bliss I felt (especially at the moment the guys checked that I would be OK…and then left me by myself), just strolling along completely by myself down on that beach, at the waters edge. To do something which I’ve observed so many do over the years, enjoying our beautiful beaches in this way – I was now ON that beach, enjoying the pure freedom and solitude at a place that I love with all my heart – right next to the ocean close enough to touch it, instead of looking down at it, from up near the Club building!

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Thank you SO much to Janelle, Rob and Shane from the Alex Surf Club for your assistance in making this possible, I wouldnt have been able to achieve this without you! I cannot wait to get back down there for another wander, soon!

The ocean feels like my ‘home’ in my heart…so to be able to finally achieve this sense of freedom at a place which I love, deep down inside – pure bliss!

Oh…and I had to laugh….the very first thing I saw when Rob & Shane left me on my own – a seagull walking just in front of me! You cannot have a trip to the beach without a seagull!
(Now to find my special someone to go for a ‘long romantic walk down the beach’ with, for the first time!) 😉 😀

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE…when you strive to go ‘home’ inside your heart!

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