Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

This past weekend, on Sunday 28th June 2015, I was very lucky to meet someone who I had been wanting to meet, literally since I was a teenager way back in the 1980’s (yes, all those years ago! haha) – 2 x ATCC (Australian Touring Car Champion) winner, and allround awesome man and racer – Glenn Seton…otherwise known as the “Baby-faced Assassin” on the racing circuit! What a special moment! glenn Back when Glenn first started racing in the ATCC, I was just a teenager in absolute awe at this guy who was just a few years older than me (the ‘Baby-faced Assassin’ has just turned 50 – but you can still see the ‘Babyface’ in him haha…in looks and in attitude)…absolutely giving all he has got out there on the track, in his racing. At the Event I was at on the weekend (the filming of Series 2 of the Shannons Legends of Motorsport television episodes, up at the iconic Bowden’s Own Premium Car Care​ ‘Shed’ which is full of so much incredible Australian racing cars and history), as Glenn was one of the ‘stars of the show’, it wasn’t really a ‘meet and greet’ situation as such. We were priviledged to just be there in the audience, sitting back and watching the filming, and interviewing of these Legends (this day also included showcasing legend Bob Morris) unfold in front of us – hearing these men recall their memories from back in the day was an incredible experience!

But I was very lucky as, inbetween episodes when the cars were being moved around to film the next episode, I happened to catch Glenns eye – next thing I know, we were chatting away about his racing – here was this man, this racer I had been in awe of for all those years, right in front of me, talking away with me…wow! 🙂 I’d often heard Glenn (and other racers), say the phrase “I’m Living the Dream”, with their eyes and smile lighting up their face – you can absolutely see how much bringing their Dream to life of racing, has fulfilled them – hearing Glenn say directly to me “Im Living the Dream!” and seeing that familiar glint in his eye and smile…it was a moment of pure magic, as I know myself, in my own way, just how special that feeling is!

Glenns first racecar...this car was also raced by Glenns Dad, Barry 'Bo' Seton - keeping the Dream in the it!

Glenns first racecar…this car was also raced by Glenns Dad, Barry ‘Bo’ Seton – keeping the Dream in the family…love it!

Meeting Glenn happened completely by surprise – I knew he was going to be at the Event, but I certainly didn’t expect I’d be spending time one-on-one, meeting and chatting with him!  Life – it certainly is full of surprises!

This day was also another opportunity for “92. Have more TV experiences” – I loved being there behind the scenes, watching the production crew (and Bowdens crew), all working together very professionally to bring these episodes together.  When you watch a TV show on the screen…there is a LOT more work which goes on behind the scenes, which we as viewers have absolutely no idea about – I find it fascinating to see how a show is put together, and all the equipment they use!

The Bowdens Own Shed transformed into a TV studio!

(part of – there is MUCH more to the ‘Shed’ than this!) the Bowdens Own Shed transformed into a TV studio!

ANYTHING is Possible…when you are Living the Dream!

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