Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

This Tick off of the bucketlist was the BEST FUN EVER!! haha I have never laughed so much in my life, I’m exhausted, I have no voice, Im starting to get REALLY sore…but I would not have it any other way!! SUCH A FUN TICK off the List!! haha…

By sheer coincidence, this day coincided with the final day of the current Fit College course, and it was arranged for the students to join me in the ring as part of their celebrations! It was all a big surprise for them, all they were told was that it was ‘something bouncy’…when they approached the Group Fitness room, the ‘surprise’ was revealed – the faces of some of the students as they walked into the room and saw the huge inflatable boxing ring, were priceless! haha.

The Bounce House boxing ring - SO much fun!

The Bounce House boxing ring – SO much fun!

I loved that I was able to share this fun Tick off the List, with these guys and girls who had worked hard in their course, and were about to embark on their own journey of not only chasing their own goals and dreams in the fitness industry – but also to train and encourage others to reach their own goals, too!

DSCN9011 DSCN9026 DSCN9034 DSCN9050

Imre – Suncoast Fitness PT, graciously getting KO’ed by a girl! haha 😉

Mike, my trainer from MG Personal Training, and I also had a bit of fun,

smashing each other about in the ring! (good-naturedly of course!)

Mikeyandme3 Mikeyandme5 Mikeyandme7 Mikeyandmed

Thank you so much to Helen and Peter from The Bounce House Sunshine Coast for bringing in your awesome equipment to Suncoast Fitness, for me to tick this off my bucketlist, and so we could have some BIG KID fun..and thank you to Mark and staff at Suncoast Fitness for opening up the Group Fitness Room so we could have bucketloads of fun! And lastly, thank you to ALL of you from Suncoast Fitness, and Fit College who came in to share this awesome Tick off the bucketlist with me…you all really got into it haha there were some serious moves going on in that room today! SO MUCH FUN!!

ANYTHING is Possible…when you take time out to have some good ol’ fashioned, Big Kid, FUN!

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