Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

When I woke on the morning of September 17th 2015, I had absolutely no idea I would end the day dressed in a chicken suit and wandering around in public! haha…so random! I happened to see a note on a local community board, stating that someone was looking for a person to dress in a chicken suit. Straightaway I thought of my ‘Mascot for a Day’ tick! So of course, I contacted them…next thing I know, I’m organised to help promote Taste of Coolum café and their yummy chicken….by getting into the chicken suit, and wandering around a local shopping centre where the café is, handing out chicken samples, menus, and lollies! It was SO much hilarious fun!!

Thank you so much to Taste of Coolum cafe owners Sebastian and Lucky, and to Lyndal for initially putting out the note, and being so keen for me to do this, when I contacted you!


You just NEVER know what is around that corner in life!! Buk Buk!! haha

ANYTHING is Possible…when you include something completely random in your day!

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