Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Along this journey of mine, when sharing it with others I often mention the fact that, once you take an opportunity – you just never know where that opportunity will lead you…or what other opportunities will come, from that first one – it is very surprising at times what other ‘doors’ in life it will open – today was a classic example of this!  Back in March 2012, I decided to join in with the Disabled Surfers Association Sunshine Coast and tick off #77 on my bucketlist – ‘Give Disabled Surfing a go’.  It was an amazing, fun, experience, one I will never forget – I faced a fear that day, and I DID it!  (As the DSA season is only a few times a year, my 2012 Event (and the recovery) meant that I wasn’t able to participate in ‘Summer 2012’ with DSA..but I hope to join back in with the fun this season again!)

Anyway…back to today – and this new opportunity!   A local helicopter Flight Training School, Chopperline decided to very generously put on a ‘joyflight morning’ for Sunshine Coast DSA participants and our families/carers – and when I heard about it, I jumped at the chance – what an incredible morning it was!

Up, up....and away! :)

Up, up….and away! 🙂

To see the Sunshine Coast coastline/land from above was amazing…to watch the other participants go on their flights, some facing ‘the complete unknown’ and doing it anyway, with a lot of encouragement, cheers and support from everyone…what a humbling experience.  To have my Mum come on the flight with me was so special too…Mum had never been up in a helicopter before (I had been up a few years back, on Tangalooma Island Resort, as something on my bucketlist I’d always wanted to do) – I am so proud of my Mum for braving it, as she was a little hesitant at first – but she ended up loving it! She faced her fear…and she DID it! SO proud! 🙂

SO proud of my Mum for doing the flight for the first time.  Awesome to share this experience with her! <3

SO proud of my Mum for doing the flight for the first time. Awesome to share this experience with her! ❤

Thank you SO much to Chopperline for putting on this amazing morning for us all – to see the ocean which we have so much fun in with DSA, from above was just awesome!

Take opportunities in life wherever, and whenever, you can…you just never know what other fun may be had, or what other doors may open in life, from them!

Anything is Possible…when you grasp at opportunities life brings to you!

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