Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Its no secret that this whole journey of mine started with me bringing to life my most sentimental, and fulfilling Life Dream, of racing on a racetrack (racing like my family did…in my own way) in with Steve Johnson of Dick Johnson Racing/Jim Beam Racing – being raced around Qld Raceway! Wow!

(onboard camera of this amazing lifechanging moment)

(photo compilation of this magical day)

Since this day in August, 2011, my life and mindset have changed in ways I never, ever expected it to – it was far more than just ‘racing around a track’ because of the effects it has had on my life!

One thing I missed about this day was having my Mum with me on this special day which changed my life…she, along with my stepdad, were out in the middle of Australia somewhere, on their 4wd/caravanning adventure, living their own Dream, when I was fulfilling my own

But…on last Tuesday 29th October, I was able to fulfill the one thing what I missed on this day with DJR…to not only have my Mum watch me racing (like she would have watched my sister race, when we were growing up, and I was unable to join in because of my disability), but to also have my stepdad race with me…we were both gifted, through a competition, the amazing opportunity to sit alongside David Reynolds from The Bottle-O Racing Team/ Pepsi Max Crew FPR in his Bottle-O Ford Falcon, and race around the iconic Lakeside Park Raceway, Qld!  To not only be racing again, but to be on this iconic track full of inclines, curves, character…SO MUCH FUN! haha.  To have my Mum finally be able to ‘watch her other daughter race’, and to do this with my stepdad, so, in my way I was finally ‘racing with my family’ – just like when my original Dream came to life with DJR, this day with FPR was absolutely priceless!

Racing with my family - on such a FUN track, as Lakeside! EPIC!

Racing with my family – on such a FUN track, as Lakeside! EPIC!

I’ve always said that the racing/car community is an amazing community full of heart  – and this day, just like when I raced in with Steve from DJR, proved it, once again.  Thank you to both of these awesome race teams Dick Johnson Racing and Pepsi Max Crew FPR/Bottle-O Racing for making my dreams come true, in such an epic way – 240/250km/hr….yeeeewww!!


In with Steve Johnson and David Reynolds – two guys out there following their their racing dreams! 🙂

Chase your Dreams, no matter what they are – you may be surprised as to where they lead you!!

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