Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

I LOVE my birthday – each year is another milestone….another year that I am ‘still here’! On my birthday (Sunday December 22nd 2013), I started the morning by walking down on Maroochydore Beach with my friends and Mum there to support me, writing a message in the sand (“Dare to Dream”), and watching the waves wash it out into the ocean! Such a special way to celebrate my birthday – a lot of hard work went into achieving this (walking on the sand is very hard work for me!), and I had to get help to get back up the beach by some awesome Maroochydore Beach lifeguards (I also got to ride in their vehicle!) – but I did it! Thank you to everyone who helped me make this happen! 🙂


…the rest of my birthday was pretty low-ley – it was a huge effort to not only walk down that beach (including a stretch of very soft sand!), but to also stand there balancing on only one crutch while writing my message in the sand with my other hand!

Walking down the beach on my birthday with friends….such a simple pleasure, but such hard work at the very same time! 🙂

Anything is Possible….when you take pleasure in the simple things in life!

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