Anything is Possible, in your own Way!

Well here it is, finally after the ‘false start’ that hit in October when I first attempted to tick this off of my List (before a massive curveball hit – it taught me how much I REALLY want to achieve this though!) – this Challenge is underway! I thought I’d set up this page to document (ie. put it out there!) each day as it happens – as a way to keep myself honest ie accountable! πŸ˜‰
My physical therapist is also keeping me accountable, by me updating him whenever I see him in our sessions…
Total (minutes): 691
Day 1. 20mins Ball therapy work (to assist with my hand-eye coordination), out in the sunshine at home. Was a low-energy day for me, so am (as I always am!) pleased with this effort!

Day 2. Solo hit-out at O2 Performance 1hr (including walking 150m, timed, no rest – plus weights work on the gym floor).

Day 3. Yoga practice (Yoga with Adriene on Youtube) – 17 mins. This felt so great, after a full, heavy day at my desk, it was awesome to stretch my body out, spending some time on my mat connecting in with myself. Today was a humid/hot early summer day here in sub-tropical SE Qld, so ‘exercising’ was the last thing on my mind especially after such a heavy day – but, I made this time for myself, moving my body (Yoga can actually be quite a workout, believe it or not – depending on the practice you pick for that day, and how your body is feeling that day)…and it was so worth it!)

Day 4. Well that was a push to get today done…with temps in the high-30s (C) πŸ˜…*another “whyyyy did I choose to do this Challenge now?!?!” moment haha*, with these high temps set to continue. Summer sure has arrived! At the end of a busy Friday and this heat..I thought I’d dive back into a little bit of hip hop I’d started teaching myself (Youtube) during my first attempt of this in October. So much fun… the moves all came flooding back from memory. Today’s session: 16mins…a tough 16mins in this heat – but I’m so glad I didn’t think “bugger it, once summer is over I’ll attempt this again”. I’ve got this! πŸ‘Œ

Day 5. Whew…that was fun..but wow, with today being in the high-30Cs again, that was a tough 12 minutes of dance fitness (again on Youtube). Todays intention was to head over to O2 Performance as I normally do on Saturdays for a hard hit-out..but my body vs this weather got the better of me..dammit. We’re expecting this wave of higher temps until Tuesday, so I need to keep watch on my energy output (I’m unable to regulate my body temp effectively – basically I ‘cook from the inside, with no release valve’). Bring on Wednesday (Day 9) when it cools…I’ll be making up for it then! πŸ’ͺ😁

Day 6. Some people pay to do Hot Yoga…I decide to do it on a 39C (102F) day at home! I was waiting till later in the day in hope the temp would fall to a more comfy level, but by 5pm it was still 32C. “Its now or never!” and of course “never” just didn’t cut it, so on my mat I went. 19mins later, and all I know is, my cold shower has my name on it BIGTIME! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ₯ΆπŸ˜‚ proud of myself for sticking to this Challenge & commitment, even during this heatwave! I had intentions to get back to the pool today – my energy levels decided otherwise!

Day 7. Another high heat day…another effort that I’m very proud of especially right now…1hr Exercise Physiology session in at O2 Performance. That clocks my minutes total so far to OVER 200…204mins in 7 days! goes to show that even with smaller stints of exercise – done consistently, it all adds up! I’m not focussing on my minute count as such, just making sure every day gets done – but I’m pleasantly surprised at 204mins after a weeks effort! 😁😁πŸ’ͺ

Day 8. Resistance band work at home. 30mins.

Day 9. Physio (over Zoom) 1hr – focussing mainly on resistance straps (my new kit, with Nathan giving me various ideas to get the most out of them.

Day 10. Hip Hop (Youtube) 16mins
It was at this point that I started thinking…I have no regrets in life – but What. am. I. thinking(!) haha, attempting this during a very busy end of year, madly trying to wind everything up, finish various life admin tasks etc before I go on a Xmas-New Year break just before my birthday (22nd Dec), in the heat of summer – including a heatwave?!? – basically not giving me much spare energy – or time – to fully focus on this Challenge. BUT…this is proving to me that no matter what, even a little bit of movement/fitness work can be done – it all adds up – even a little bit of movement is better than none, if you have the motivation to just get it done!

And so, as the word from Tega Orhorhoro speaks to me in my head. “Continue”. (Seriously, look Tega up, she, and what she stands for, is amazing! πŸ˜€ )

Day 11. 1hr Solo over at O2 Performance. Track work, and a little weights, too.

Day 12. One of my favourite fitness sessions of the week…where I just get pumped up right into it, no holding back, fully in the Zone, full weights/other work and just not stopping till I’m completely, just Done. “Saturday Hard Hit-out, at O2 Performance”. Missed it last week because of the high heat – but well and truly made up for it today – hit it for 1hr 30mins!! Loved every second of it!
Side note: even though as I mentioned I’m not tracking my minutes count – I sat down at O2 and worked out my total minute count – and I’ve now hit over 400mins! That is amazing to me, and I had to check it again just to make sure! That’s an average of just over 38mins/day, since this began…I am so proud of myself πŸ™‚

Day 13. What a difference a week makes! From last Sunday being a horrible 39C(102F) and all I could muster up the energy for was Yoga (‘Hot Yoga’! haha), to today – a very, very unusual rainy and cold (24C/75F) ‘sub-tropical summers day’ – which made todays fitness effort MUCH more comfortable – even with yesterdays awesome DOMS (post-workout muscle pain, which I LOVE to feel!) after my 1hr30min gym floor effort! Today I pulled up Youtube again, and enjoyed 34mins of dance fitness. So much fun!! πŸ˜€ Youtube is getting a workout during this Challenge, too – now that its cooler at the moment (wow, that was weird to say in December!), when this rain event lifts hopefully soon, I will be heading out to nature during this Challenge – the weather gods have been against me almost this whole month so far!

Day 14. While I was at O2 Performance for 1hr Exercise Physiology session, plus about 30mins afterwards solo on the track, and boxing – I’m calling today just 1hr total. My EP and I spent a fair amount of time in discussion-mode, rather than actual movement/effort during our session. All very relevant, and needed – but its not right to say I did 1hr30 today…when I didnt πŸ˜‰ haha

Day 15. Does battling Christmas crowds and traffic down on the coastal strip, moving around down there in and out of the car for 6hrs on a hot summers day – count as a workout? It sure raised my heartbeat – awesome cardio! haha. When I eventually got home (after waking up bright and super early at 4.30am this morning!), I just couldnt even think of moving my body (or my mind) anymore today – I was done. I was trying to think of a way to ‘tick today off’ on this Challenge, and was going to settle for just a few simple stretches (but in the back of my mind thinking nooo I can do more than that!) – but, after a lovely cool shower, I went outdoors just before sunset – my favourite time of day, threw on my hip hop class I’ve been doing on Youtube lately – and 16mins later I was done. Feeling so much better, and revived, too! As I’d done the class regularly, I didnt have to use my brain, my body just flowed with the routine I’d grown to know and love! 16 minutes of fitness, after a big day – done!

Day 16. I hit the wall today – bigtime! But…this Challenge was not going to beat me…I had zero energy for the entire day – but, late afternoon I threw on a Youtube video (yes, Youtube to the rescue once again! haha) of dance fitness – guided dancing to the classic 80s hit – Flashdance! It may have been ‘only 4 minutes’, and to be honest without this Challenge I may not have done it – but it was SO much fun!

Day 17. I’ve got to be honest, I’m struggling with coming up with energy for this Challenge at the moment – and once again ‘hit the wall’…I’ve had so much to do the last few days, to ‘tie up the loose ends of 2020’ (and this summer heat has hit a very humid patch with this rain about) so I can go on my break with nothing on my mind/schedule except to relax (and continue with this Challenge till New Years, of course!).
So, I decided to Challenge my brain as well as my body, with a different Hip Hop track than the one I’d been teaching myself – and wow was it a Challenge in itself! A lot of fun, and a brilliant workout, too. Mixing up your fitness, keeping it interesting is such a great motivator! 16 minutes – done for today!

Day 18. Really, really craving a wander out in nature – but once again the weather gods vs my commitments were against me today. I had all intentions of going for a wander along a local rainforest track (over 1km total – I intended to do 2xlaps at least) – I even drove there on the way home after my mornings commitments when the blue sky came out (plus high humidity with the rains we’ve had!) – but I just couldnt find a park in the area – the Christmas crowds are well and truly taking over my region!
So, today I’ll count, as I had 1hr physio – 30mins of that as todays part of this Challenge – because my physio stretched and moved my body in so many different directions – phew, it was a workout in itself! Even if I wanted to do a tougher fitness stint – I thought I’d give this body of mine the ‘break’ it deserved, after my physio treatment loosened it up awesomely!

Day 19. Well if I wasnt time/energy poor enough at the moment with everything going on – I decided to throw something else into the mix! I spent a number of hours this afternoon decluttering the last area of my home that has needed sorting for so, so long now – lots of bending, stretching, moving things about the space, out to the shed, some in the bin – but now, its done. Exhausted enough after this, I knew I had to keep with the momentum (and commitment!) of this Challenge – so threw 31mins of dance fitness into the mix! (I did this straight after the decluttering effort, as I knew that if I stopped for a while after the mammoth task was done for a break – I’d definitely run out of steam. I sure have now!)

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