Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

**UPDATE – Unfortunately, due to an unexpected issue which came up mid-October, I just could not continue to give this Challenge the focus it deserves. I was having SO MUCH FUN with it too, I got to Day/Oct 16th, moving my body every single day, in fun ways like: teaching myself a little bit of Hip Hop, Dance fitness, Zumba, Body Jam (Youtube is filled with so many fun ways to encourage us to move!), as well as my usual heading to my gym, and my yoga practice, nature wanders etc. Bring on December when I attempt this again – through the first month of our sub-tropical summer, ‘silly season’ (Christmas), and my birthday month, too!! 😀

During September 2020, I had (unfortunately) let go of my Dream of Climbing Mt Ngungun in 2020 – just days before gym closure in March, was when I had originally set this Goal firmly in my mind…

Then Covid hit – and our world as we knew it, fell apart. With a couple months isolation, the associated stress and strain which took a toll on me & my life, including my mental health, my mobility and other factors, then there was the gym closure – and before I knew it, a number of Covid-Curves had crept on…

When O2 Performance opened back up June/July, absolutely that beautiful mountain came to the forefront of my mind – I was determined to at least try to make it happen – I was not going to let 2020 win!
As time went on however – and the closer it got to September – and our warmer weather here on the Sunshine Coast (sub-tropical weather, which can be very hot & humid, which puts extra pressure on my body when achieving, or preparing to achieve, my Fitness Goals), I had come to the realisation that this massive Goal of mine just wasnt going to happen anytime soon. I’ve been flat out, like so many of us, adjusting to this ‘new normal’ of ours, getting this body moving again, and getting my stress levels/mental health/and my life back on track – let alone putting myself under even more pressure, in preparing and attempting to climb this Mountain that is sitting there waiting for me! It saddens me – but I know that it WILL happen – at the time its meant to. This isnt the first big Goal I’ve had delayed – I know it wont be the last….and I know that this delay will make it even more special when I do, do it!

Then September came around…this left me with a longing to now start to push my body more, post Covid-isolation – after all, this was the time of year that I was meant to be ramping up my Game bigtime, in the weeks before this Climb of mine was originally meant to unfold! My body & mind knows that this was ‘meant to be Climb time’, I can really feel it!

Halfway through September I suddenly thought (as I’d recently been inspired by a Youtuber I follow – and I already do month-long Challenges in other areas of my life at times) – hey…why dont I set myself a month-long Fitness Challenge?!? Yesssss…that was it, I felt my insides light up like a Xmas tree! This is a perfect way to get my motivation and movement fully back on track post-iso (and kiss those Covid Curves goodbye for good!) – throwing myself in the deep end (as I love to do haha)!

So, as its the final day of September, I’m all set for tomorrow, October 1st to get into this!
I have a month calendar set out, ready to tick off each day,
I have a list written down in my fitness journal, of options I can do for each day – my aim is to do at least 30mins/day (although I havent set an actual daily fitness plan out – this is going to depend on my fatigue/energy levels each day, so its best for me to wait until I know how I’m doing each day before picking something off of that List, to train (I’ve also got options for my higher fatigue days that may hit me so I dont have to pass on that day)
…..and my mindset is switched on, to give this everything I’ve got!

OK my Body & Mind – you just dont know what’s about to hit you haha….LETS DO THIS!!! 😀

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