Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Sometimes, no matter how much we would love to attempt something, to chase a dream, to achieve something we put all of our heart and soul into …sometimes, it is just not the right time for it.  Simple as that. The Universe works in amazing (and sometimes strange!) ways, both in placing opportunities right in front of us to achieve some amazing things in life…and also, in giving us signs that maybe, just maybe, its just ‘not the right time’ to do something – but this doesnt mean that we can never achieve it – just ‘not right now’.

I have, this morning (late May 2013) made the sad decision to pull out of the Sunshine Coast Marathon in 2013 (#145 off my bucketlist), to get a team together and compete in a marathon/fun run type event to raise money for charity – getting up out of my chair and walking the 2km distance Running for a Reason 2013 ).  This really hurts to make this decision, and its a decision Ive been avoiding for the last month or so….until my body has been giving me increasing signs that now is simply ‘not the right time to do this’, and I had to face the decision once and for all – it is now 3 months out from the Marathon – the decision would have been more heartbreaking if I got say, one month out, and then had to make it.   I was, once I made the decision to enter into it, SO excited about competing in this Marathon in ‘my way’ (getting up out of my wheelchair and walking the 2km distance on my crutches) – and I was feeling that my whole heart and soul was being put into it…until a longstanding health issue I have had, has started to rear its head more and more, as time has gone on, this year.

This has resulted in my not being able to exercise as much as I normally absolutely love to do (these days, I LOVE pushing my body to its limits!) – let alone put efforts into training for this Event – and I also havent been able to put efforts into the fundraising side of my Marathon entry (fundraising, of course, was going to go towards my/Chasing my Dreams charity of choice, (the now former) SBH Qld).   Most of my efforts right now have to be directed towards my health.  Unfortunately its a waiting game for me, as surgery is what is going to ultimately ‘solve’ this issue…but, when the surgery is over – WATCH OUT – haha..I will be back, stronger than ever! I will be practically running that 2km next year! ;)(haha..wishful thinking..but yes, once this surgery is over, my life is going to be so different to what it is right now)…

Chasing my Dreams on my bucketlist has had to be slowed right up at the moment too… soon as this surgery is over – Bring it on! 😀

I thank each and every one of you who have supported me, not only in this whole crazy Chasing my Dreams journey…but also in my decision to tick this #145 off of my bucketlist.  It means the world to me, to have the support of others…this sure is one crazy rollercoaster ride, this whole bucketlist lifestyle….and the magic of it is, when health issues DO crop up – by looking at my list, and thinking ahead – I always have ‘something to look forward to’ (which, incidentally, was the last piece of advice my beloved Nana ever gave to me, before she passed away)

To everyone who is competing in SC Marathon 2013 – I wish you all, all the very best of luck, and fun –  I fully intend to be on those sidelines, cheering everyone over the line! 😀

Sunshine Coast Marathon 2014 – BRING IT ON! 😀

Anything is Possible…when its the right time to achieve it!  Sometimes the ‘right time’ is right in front of you…..sometimes its further down the track in life – the key is to hold onto that dream, so when the ‘right time’ does come up, its even more magic than when you attempted it the first time! 

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