Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

I recently posted a blog on wanting to ‘plant a tree’…and how once again something that I ‘put out to the universe’, magically appeared into my life not long after – and turned into something more special than I originally thought it would be.  Well the day has come and gone, and I feel so blessed to have been able to experience this 🙂

Early on Friday May 10th 2013, I headed to the Model Railway site, in Florence St, Nambour Qld – to take part in the official Launch of the ‘Namba Creek’ Planting Day/conservation project.  It was such a beautiful morning..made even more special by the partial solar eclipse that occurred that morning – almost as if ‘all the planets had aligned’ or something! 🙂

After a bit of a mingle with other people participating, and the formalities/speeches/introductions were over (this was a Unity Water/local Council-funded project), we were all set to get ready to put all these beautiful trees and plants into the ground (1300+ plants went into the ground on this day).  I was lucky enough to be allowed onto the very cute miniature train, to be taken around the site, to the area where I was doing my planting…I felt just like a big kid! haha…

Riding the miniature train...we were all big kids! :D

Riding the miniature train…we were all big kids! 😀

Getting down onto the ground, and placing my hands on the dirt, running my fingers through it…what a magical experience this always is.  Having no feeling in my feet, and living life from my wheelchair, I have never had the experience of actually physically feeling what it would be like to run my toes through the dirt…so when opportunities like this come up, I really feel the experience, right through to inside my soul.  This wasnt just ‘putting a few plants into the ground’ for me – this was not only playing my little part in nurturing this land back to life…but it was very nurturing, personally.


After gloving up, and being shown the process of how the plants were going to be put into the ground…I picked up my trowel, and dug the hole, for my very first tree – a Tuckeroo tree – how exciting..I was planting my very first tree! 🙂  Of course, Ive planted herbs and vegies before, in my raised garden bed…but this was different…this was getting down onto the ground, and planting into the actual ground, not a raised garden bed/box.

I looked at this little baby tree, and I was so proud of this little growing piece of nature…haha…weird to feel proud, but I looked at it, and almost willed it to start growing…Im looking forward to watching it grow over time!  I planted a few more trees (not sure what these were), but they were cute – and before I knew it, my little area was all done.  I had now made my mark in this area, and helped in my small way to bring this piece of land back to life.  There is something special about helping another living being (whether that be a person, an animal, or a plant) to grow 🙂

My very first tree! How cute it is! haha...

My very first tree! How cute it is! haha…

Unfortunately I wasnt able to stay for the ‘after-planting’ BBQ, as I had to head off, to get ready to get on the road to the Poker Run…but it was still amazing to actually have the time to take part in the Planting itself before I had to head off.  At first  when I found out about the rescheduled date for the Planting Day (it had to be postponed because of rain) I was worried about the clash of the Poker Run as well as the Planting….but it all worked out perfectly.

Im looking forward to the monthly working bees, where we get to do other tasks in this park, to help it not only survive..but to thrive! 🙂  My little want to get down and ‘Plant a Tree’ has turned into something awesome –  I am so glad I took this opportunity to follow up on the leaflet I found in my mailbox a few months ago!

Thank you to Nadia from the Sunshine Coast Regional Council, and Norm from the  Petrie Creek Catchment Care Group Inc. for welcoming me onto the project, and assisting me to be fully included in the Planting Day….and thank you to everyone who helped me on the day.  Looking forward to seeing ‘our little area’ grow and thrive! 🙂

Anything is Possible…when you not only nurture yourself, but your world around you!

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