Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

**UPDATE May 2013:  UNFORTUNATELY BECAUSE OF HEALTH ISSUES, I AM NOW UNABLE TO COMPETE/ATTEMPT THE 2KM DISTANCE IN THE SUNSHINE COAST MARATHON IN 2013 – BRING ON 2014 WHEN I WILL ATTEMPT TO CROSS THIS OFF THE BUCKETLIST! Thank you to everyone who has supported me, once I decided to enter the Marathon, your support and encouragement means a lot**

145. Get a team together and do a fun run/part-marathon type event, (walking on crutches – or part walk/part chair), to raise money for charity

Doing it ‘my way’ for SBH Qld – Walking up on my crutches, the 2km, in the Sunshine Coast Marathon – August 25, 2013.

Would you like to join me in ‘running’ (walking) the 2km distance in the Sunshine Coast Marathon 2013, to be held on August 25, 2013 – and help raise funds for charity at the same time? Doing something like this will be so much more fun (not to mention encouraging!) with a group of us doing it, rather than by myself!

If you’d like to join me on the run/walk, please visit – all the details (and cost – $20-$30 for the 2km – entry fee rises the longer the distance) of joining in, are on this page. (You have to submit an entry to the marathon, to join in with me).  If you do decide to do it with me, please let me know and I will keep in touch with you – (I have created a Facebook group for the purpose of anyone joining in this, with me – you can be added to this Group if you wish).

My Everyday Hero – SBH Qld fundraising page is connected to the Sunshine Coast Marathon – SBH Qld would be very grateful if you are able to either donate, or spread the word – it is a very worthy cause, supporting a large number of adults, children, and our families affected by Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus.  Thank you in advance for your support! 🙂

Doing it for SBH QLD!

Maybe running a marathon is on your own bucketlist? If you’d like to enter the Marathon for yourself, perhaps a longer distance…(and not join alongside me to do it) – there’s your opportunity, right there! 😀  If you’re not anywhere near the Sunshine Coast, or wont be in August – there are a number of ways you can find out about marathons in your own town – Google (like I did), ask friends who have entered them, local Council, local Health Clubs…its a matter of asking/looking around, and the opportunity will present itself, ready for you to grasp it! 🙂

Its official...Im entering a Marathon..Anything is Possible! :)

Its official…Im entering a Marathon..Anything is Possible! 🙂

My motivation behind doing this?
After the feelings of exhiliration, pride, determination and effort I put behind my 2012 Fitness Goals, and loving every bit of how my “I Believe I can Climb” SBH Qld Fundraising Event came together – my thoughts soon switched to – OK, whats next for my Fitness Goals?  Then an idea came into my head – I remember being so inspired by people I knew who entered the (inaugural) Sunshine Coast Marathon in 2012, and thinking “I’d love to do that, Id love to have that feeling!”.  A quick search on the Sunshine Coast Marathon website led me to the exact Goal I was looking for…a 2km distance in this Marathon – yay! 😀

I decided then and there, that this would be my major Fitness Goal for 2013, for both my personal achievement…and as a way of raising further funds for SBH Qld – awesome! 🙂  The feelings that went through me, when I submitted my entry, and recieved official confirmation that I was registered…one of the most amazing, and motivating feelings in the world, feelings which I have grown to love.  Making it happen!

At first glance, 2km doesnt look like much  – but, getting up on my crutches out of my chair, and walking the entire distance – oh yeah, its quite a long way! When I think about it, its approx. 33x the pathway I walk along at my gym, in training – the most Ive ever walked this pathway is 6x.  Ooooh….lol.  But, I am seriously looking forward to training for this….I cannot wait to sink my mind and body into the whole experience of, once again, reaching beyond what I thought was possible with my body and its strength, to achieve an awesome Fitness Goal at the end of it – and raising funds for the charity which has been my lifeline for so many years.  Bring it on!

Anything is Possible…when you are motivated to do it for a cause!

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