Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Setting out to achieve your Goals and Dreams often takes you down roads, opens up new doors, experiences, takes you places, and meeting people, which you never expected along the way.  That’s the magic of achieving your Goals and Dreams….you just never know what else it may throw your way, when you’re experiencing them. Im constantly amazed, everytime I tick something else off the list, and look back and think about how blessed I was, to experience what I have just done….and when I think about what other ‘doors’ the experience has opened up for me, often longer-term, in my life.  A ‘tick off the list’ is definitely not about just ‘crossing something else off the List’ that day (on paper) for me!

My “68. Do a ‘Photo a Day’ Challenge” (which I set myself a mission to find a way to start it off on Jan 1, 2013) has opened up my world again to the colour, creativity and my love of photography itself – something which I had lost in 2012, when things started to get crazy busy for me, with the Event/3 major Fitness Goals challenge, I had set myself.  It has introduced me to a whole new community of creative people, who I love interacting with – and will continue to interact and be inspired by, long after #68 is crossed off the List.  Leading into 2013, I told myself I wanted to ‘get my creativity back’ – and this Photo a Day challenge, which, magically, the info for it appeared on my Facebook newsfeed on the morning of Jan 1, 2013 (got to LOVE how things appear in your life *just* at the right time….this often happens along my Chasing my Dreams journey, its amazing how it happens time and time again!) has brought my creativity back, in such a brilliant way, by constantly being inspired by the Photo a Day community itself…and by making the effort to take a different photo every single day.  Its also made me, as I now call it ‘step back from the busy’ – 2012 was chock full of incredibly amazing experiences, and meeting a large number of amazing people – but now, in January 2013, its a time just for me, to step back, relax, spend time by myself (which I love and crave at times, but lacked in a big way in 2012 because of how the year unfolded) and regroup for what may come my way in 2013 when I continue to Chase my Dreams! 🙂

Click on the image below, to see the compilation of Photos from this Challenge! 🙂

Busy - 'stepping away from the busy'

Busy – ‘stepping away from the busy’

If I hadn’t have set myself this Photo a Day challenge, I would have: just dismissed that post I found in my Facebook newsfeed on Jan 1; I wouldn’t have been introduced to this wonderfully creative community; I wouldn’t have rediscovered my love of photography in this way – and I wouldn’t have taken myself to Maroochydore beach on January 11, when the daily ‘word prompt’ for that day was ‘early’.  (Getting up at 4am – VERY ‘early’! – to capture and watch the sunrise!  SO glad I didnt throw the alarm against the wall that morning, like I wanted to when it woke me! lol).  If I hadnt have been open to this experience that life was putting right in front of me,  and if I hadnt have made the effort…I wouldnt have experienced this most incredible sight, right in front of me…

Magic...pure magic...and I was there to experience it.  So blessed...

Magic…pure magic…and I was there to experience it. So blessed…

The times that I have decided to go and watch the sunrise in the past – every single time (Ive only done it less than a handful of times), I have said to myself  “I must do this more often!” as, every time I am blown away by the magic right in front of me – the peaceful serenity, the colours, the magic of the realisation that Mother Nature does this every single morning for us, as the sun rises every single day – and when we are still either tucked up in bed, or just waking up at home…out there on the horizon, Mother Nature, every single day, turns on the magic.  But, after I get home, and get on with my day, after sorting through the photos – after a couple of days the thought of ‘doing this more often’ has just been dismissed…

So – after making the effort to get up, and witnessing this absolutely spectacular morning (it was the most incredible sunrise I had ever seen, this time!), I made a commitment, there and then, to capture the sunrise at least once a month, for the entirety of 2013. And I came home, and put it straight on the bucketlist, to do this…

Instead of letting the thought go to the back of my mind whenever I do make the effort to watch the sunrise “I must do this more often!”…and never doing it…instead of killing the alarm at 4am that morning on Jan 11 and going back to sleep…I made the effort, I got up and drove over 20 minutes to the beach while the world around me was still sleeping.  And now, Im committing myself to experiencing this at least once a month, for the next year.  Awesome!

Just added  to the List! ‘#174. Watch/capture the sunrise at least once a month, for a year.’

Ive now captured the sunrise twice this year already – cant wait to experience it again! 🙂

Anything is Possible…when you make the effort to experience the magic of Life!

(If anyone is interested in doing the ‘Photo a Day’ challenge, here is the info  (or visit #amonthof on Facebook).  You can do it in photos, blogs, artwork…anything you like.  And just because January is behind us, doesnt mean that your opportunity to do it has passed.  You can start on any day that you like – you can do it for a month, do it for a year (even if you start on Feb 1, you can do it until Feb 1 2014 *or however long you choose to do it for* – there is absolutely nothing stopping you achieving it ‘in your own way’) 🙂  If you do decide to do it, have fun! Feel free to  contact me and let me know if you do it, I love being inspired by others – especially if its something Im also doing, myself! 🙂

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