Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Making it happen in 2013!

While 2013 definitely has a ‘quieter feel’ to it (after my amazing, and very full-on 2012, where I ticked off 31 Dreams off of my Bucketlist, Ive come into 2013 with full intention of more of a ‘calmness’ about myself, and my life…but still fully intent on Chasing my Dreams!), there is still lots happening, and to look forward to!

…Im playing a bit of a ‘waiting game’ at the moment!  Heres what 2013 is about for me, what Ive got coming up (not including whats happened already, so far this year!):

April – Outdoor Music Festival – Big Pineapple, Sunshine Coast, Qld – (#162 on the list)
August – 2km in the Sunshine Coast Marathon – (#145)
Sometime soon, but maybe not till after Easter now – Jet Ski-ing (#3)
Sometime in the next couple of months, hopefully – confirmed but awaiting date – Plant a tree/take part in a conservation project (#114)

Im also looking into doing a couple of pretty awesome things off my list, later in the year….wont say what just yet..all will be revealed, all in good time 😉 – but they are going to be epic when they unfold!   Theres also a couple of SBH Qld fundraising opportunities which I will be following up… and there are other opportunities for other things on my List which I will be making happen! 😀  Lots going on behind the scenes!

I LOVE ♥ the feeling of anticipation when, you know something awesome is going to be happening, its locked in, or all but locked in..but its not happening just yet, you still have to wait a bit longer – its better than Christmas, because you’ve created the ‘gift’, yourself….you’ve made it happen! 🙂

Make it Happen
How is your 2013 shaping up…are you Making it Happen? 🙂

*UPDATE: True to form, as things happen when you continue to grasp opportunities – literally as soon as I pressed Submit on this blog..I get a followup email about #114 Plant a Tree….haha awesome….I love how that often happens in my life, now! – we now have a date for it to start happening – 12th April! Bring it on! 🙂  

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