Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Today I received something in the post, which took my breath away – an actual ‘paper’ book I created through a ‘Photo gift’ site – (Snapfish – you upload your photos to the site, and you can create any number of awesome gift ideas/stationery/useful items, with your photos on them).  I decided to compile a photo from each of my ‘2012 ticks’, and create them into a photo book (courtesy of a voucher I had emailled to me, from the site).  It wasnt going to cost me anything, so I thought ‘why not?’  But…I had no idea how excited I was going to feel, once I knew that the book was on its way! I didnt intend to tick off ‘Write a Book’ with this (truth be known, it didnt even cross my mind!)…until the day I knew that it was going to arrive.  I knew that this book was, when I received it, going to mean something very special to me, and so I thought…why not connect it to my List? 🙂  Sure, I didnt ‘write’ the book, its not going to be a bestseller, its not for sale..and it may remain a once-off…but I did decide to create it, I placed the photos into it, with the captions, and I got it ‘published’….the book tells the story of my life in 2012, from the cover right through to the back page.  Just like ‘regular’ books tell a story – well this certainly does! 🙂

Collage of photos from my book....

Collage of photos from my book….

When I received it….wow…the pride I felt when I saw the front cover was just amazing to feel!  Looking through each page, knowing that *I* was the one who created this ‘life story’, of what happened during ‘my 2012’…what a feeling! 🙂  With this book in my hands, I knew right then that this could become a useful ‘tool’ in my Chasing my Dreams journey – I could use it in any future motivational talks which may come my way, I could use it to promote ‘what I do’ when Im out fundraising for SBH Qld etc…this book puts into pictures (and words!) exactly what I now choose to do with my life.  This little book has opened up my mind to so many more possibilities of where this little journey of mine could very well go.  Awesome!!

My website, and my Facebook page is ‘my book’ – but the satisfaction of having this book I created, actually in my hands – I can pick it up, look through it, and know that this is MY life, right in front of me – such a brilliant feeling…

Anything is Possible….when you choose to your own way!

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