Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

Ford Racing Alf is the mischievious furry little alien from Melmac, who is a massive supporter of motor racing – especially Ford teams, such as Dick Johnson Racing.  Gotta love an alien who supports DJR as much as I do! hehe…

I’d watched his antics on his Facebook page over many months, loved seeing all the mischief that he gets up to!  My dream was to meet this little guy in person one day – and on Sunday 22nd July, 2012 – thats exactly what happened.  The sneaky little thing took me completely by surprise…hehe…

I headed to the AWESOME Pacific Ford FPV Show in Maroochydore, excited about seeing not only the display of beautiful Performance cars which were going to be there, but also knowing that Allan Moffat and his beautiful ‘Moffstang’ was making an appearance… also, Shane van Gisbergen and Lee Holdsworth (two Ford V8 Supercar racedrivers) were going to be there as well…awesome, what a special day this is going to be!  Little did I know who else I would be meeting that day as well!

I strolled around looking at all the different Fords from many different eras – some old, some brand new…but ALL awesome, I was in awe of these beautiful machines in front of me.  Stopping to talk to some of the owners/drivers, and loving hearing their passion they have for their cars.  Seeing two of Allan Moffats racing beasts in the Showroom was just…wow…  Then came the moment that Im sure more than a few of us were waiting for, the moment when Allan Moffat was standing right next to his beloved Moffstang, being interviewed by Dan Bowden from Bowdens Own Premium Car Care – and the magic moment, when Allan climbed into the beast, and started her up….OMG…what a moment..absolutely magic.  Actually meeting the man on this day when he stopped for a photo with me, meeting this legend of the motor racing world, was just amazing…

Meeting Shane van Gisbergen and Lee Holdsworth after their interview session was brilliant…these guys have my ‘dream job’!  Getting to go for a ride in the little Ford GT40 which was there – SO much fun.  On a public road, the driver obviously wasnt going to push her much (lol), but she went like a little rocket…wow!

But…the moment which I was completely unaware was going to happen on this amazing day, then arrived.  In the Showroom, talking to some fellow DJR Team Mates, I looked around and saw someone familiar, who I’d known from Facebook as well – ‘Mrs FRA’ (special friend of Ford Racing Alf’s), and then I thought…oooh…does this mean what I think it means?  And yes it did – the next minute, who did I meet, but the infamous Ford Racing Alf himself….WOW! haha what a moment… 😀

Meeting the infamous Ford Racing Alf!

Chatting away and laughing with Ford Racing Alf, and Mrs FRA, and other DJR Team Mates, was just brilliant…I couldnt believe the sneaky little alien pulled that on me, sneaking up on me like that..haha…but as I was also soon to find out…this little guy surely was full of mischief, for sure…as next thing we knew, he had snuck into Allan Moffats Moffstang….he’d climbed into this priceless piece of motor racing history.  Naughty, NAUGHTY, Alf!!

Alf in the Moffstang..Hilarious!!

Dan Bowden trying to get Alf out of the Moffstang..

What a little mischief-maker…but..there was more to come, as I was to find out. In the second week of August, I ran into Ford Racing Alf on a number of occasions…to witness even MORE mischief!…

During the Tour through the Bowdens car collection (31 July, 2012)..sneaking into Dick Johnsons Greens Tuf machine….*shakes head at Alfs brazen naughty-ness lol

“Willie!! I think I ran over the CAT!!”

At the DJR Team Mates night(1 August, 2012)

Oh…look who Ive ran into again?! 😀

Stare-Out competition…or Alf being busted doing something he shouldnt have??

Oh dear…Alf! You better watch out Dick’s not around to see this! Alf smooching up with Jillie Johnson

Sneaking in another cuddle with the little guy…

And yet again…out at Qld Raceway, Ipswich, while watching the DJR Superteam work their magic on the track..(5 August, 2012)

Ford Racing Alf and Muffy, meeting the Pink FPR Falcon…

…getting acquainted with the Falcon. “Oh please, get a room!”..haha…

All I can say is….after meeting the furry little alien and witnessing his mischievious antics in person…he was well worth the wait – Hilarious! I wonder what he will get up to NEXT…..the mind abolutely BOGGLES!! haha..

This ‘tick’ off my List right here, is proof that, as I say to people when Im talking about Chasing my Dreams…your Goals and Dreams (and your list if you have one) are as diverse as you are. Some people wouldnt ‘get’ that a dream of mine was to finally meet Ford Racing Alf, they woudnt ‘get’ the buzz about meeting a ‘soft toy’ lol – but to me, and the way it happened, was just such a fun, special, tick off the list, coz I just adore the furry little mischief-maker lol…

It doesnt matter that not many would ‘get’ it – because as long as your goals and dreams are important to YOU – and no matter how big or small they are – they matter! 🙂

Anything is Possible….especially with Ford Racing Alf around….ANYTHING could happen! lol…

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