Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

And here it is…a week where I had the opportunity to ‘tick off’ THREE incredible Dreams off of my List…. 

#73. Do a tour through Bowdens Own car collection – 31st July 2012
(As a DJR Team Mate, I had the priviledge and opportunity to Tick this one off, and experience the magic…)

Just a few of the amazing collection of cars, at ‘the Bowdens’…lineup of Dick Johnsons racing beasts…

#75. DJR Team Mates night on the Gold Coast – 1 August 2012
(My first DJR Team Mates night…AND seeing Dick and Steve for the first time, since that magical day in August 2011)

Dick and Steve Johnson, with the gorgeous #17 Beast in the background – awesome. First time I had seen them both since Steve drove me to my Life Dream, and Dick made it happen, in 2011..a priceless moment, right there!

#76. Watch the Dick Johnson Racing/Jim Beam Racing V8 Supercar (and of course Steve Johnson & the gorgeous #17 beast) team race live, at Qld Raceway
– 5th August
(Something special – my first time seeing the V8 Supercars race live, AND seeing the #17 beast, along with the DJR SuperTeam, out on track.  Last time I saw the beast out on Qld Raceway, was the day I raced around this very track.  Magical to see the Beast again, working her magic, with Stevie J at the wheel)

Heading out onto the track, from Pit Lane


What an INCREDIBLE experience, this week has been!!  I will be putting up Blogs for each individual ‘Tick’ off the list that happened in this BEYOND awesome week – they may take a little while to get up onto the site, as Im full-on into Event planning/Training, right now…but they will get there! 

What I will say is…I definitely was ‘where I am meant to be’, this week (which to me, is what having my Bucket List is all about…putting yourself in situations that follow your heart, your passions…make you feel truely ALIVE!)…an entire week framed around The Team who I adore, fellow Team Mates who are just the most awesome, beautiful people (another Team Mate said ‘we are Family’, and he is SO right in saying that), I had Team Mates reach out their hand to me in support when I needed it, which was just lovely to experience.  I had SO much fun this week, surrounded by these beautiful people, this Team, a whole STACK of beautiful cars to admire and look at with complete wonder and awe….and getting right in amongst a sport which I love with a passion – motor racing.  Awesome….just an awesome week….

(Oh, and I managed to tick off an ‘extra’ two items on my List, that I was hoping for, but they came completely unplanned, which made them even more awesome….haha.  Yes its true what people say…I dont do things by halves!!)

(People I’d love to meet)
1. John Stephenson (the man behind ‘Junior’ the replica #17 Jim Beam Racing Beast) and LOVE to meet ’Junior’, himself! – ‘Half completed!’ – met John at 2012 DJR Team Mates night, but it was too dark to go and meet ‘Junior’

14. Dick Johnson Racing/Jim Beam Racing photographer – met at Team Mates Night

…Blogs to come, for all of these incredible experiences, in the one week! Stay tuned…

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