Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

On the evening of July 31, 2012, I headed to the ‘Bowdens Shed’ on the Sunshine Coast, for the most unbelievably epic evening – a tour through the Bowdens car collection.  I had wanted to have an opportunity to get to the collection for years…and here it was, right in front of me.  I couldnt believe it when I heard that this night was unfolding!  As a Dick Johnson Racing ‘Team Mate’, we were offered an exclusive invitation (the Shed isnt open to the public generally, its basically invite-only, or by ticket to one of their special Tours).  To do the Tour, with a whole group of racing/car enthusiasts and fellow ‘DJR’ supporters, was just something so special…

Words cannot explain the sight that was in front of us, when we walked through the doors of the first level of the Shed.  Oh…my god…the beasts which were in front of us were just amazing.  I dont know about anyone else, but I felt so, so lucky and blessed to be in front of this gorgeous, and immacutely kept collection of racing car history.

Everywhere you looked, everywhere you turned, there they were….the history, the muscle, the ‘tough’ of the cars…..right in front of us!  Wow…you could really ‘feel’ the energy of the cars, and the passion that Bowdens have for them, when you were in the Shed, with them.  Dan Bowden did an amazing job of recalling a lot of the history and knowledge behind the cars, as we drifted from car to car, marvelling at what was right in front of us….I could have sat and listened to his stories for hours..


To be right in amongst some of Dick Johnsons iconic racing beasts….Wow..

What I thought was also awesome about this collection was, there were no fenced/roped off areas..the cars were right there in front of us, we could very easily just reach out to them….but with the nature of who gets to visit this beautiful collection (purely car enthusiasts, as its not open to the general public), we respect the cars  – and the Bowdens – enough to know that, when we were told not to touch the cars – we didnt touch them, even though we could have, simple as that.

Ive put together a little video clip of the beasts, this can probably explain what went down that night, better than any words I can put down on paper…

Tour through Bowdens Collection

Thank you so much to Dan, Darren, and Bowdens Own, for allowing us into the doors of the Shed, for this magical night!  (Bowdens Own has a diverse range of car care products.  They are an awesome range – developed by a team of people who genuinely love cars with an absolute passion…so you know that when you are using Bowdens Own on your cars, your cars are truely getting some love!) 🙂

Anything is Possible….when you believe it will happen!

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