Anything is Possible…in your own Way!

On Saturday, March 17, 2012, I was very blessed to be able to proudly support a friend of mine in her new venture – the Launch Event for her new ‘arm’ of her business – “Finding Gorgeous” – a concept she has developed (which she has an absolutely natural talent for), to empower women, and to encourage us to ‘find our gorgeous’, to feel great about ourselves, both on the outside, and from the inside.

The day included not only me ‘strutting my stuff’ down the Catwalk, which was SO much fun and VERY empowering – meeting the other models was awesome, I felt such a sense of ‘inclusion’ with them…I was also interviewed on ‘my journey’ by Macushla Montell from XLR8 Results Coaching & Training – yet another opportunity to share my story with others…and yet again, it captivated and inspired others (the business, being called ‘Finding Gorgeous’ is all about women ‘finding their gorgeous’, and with the way Ive totally embraced life and myself as a woman lately, is why Mandy chose to have me share my story on how I ‘found MY Gorgeous’).

This interview with Macushla has ended up opening so many new doors for me, for my future….exciting times!!!

Nicola & Adam from Suncoast Fitness (my gym)

Mingling with others, drinking champagne after the Event, being approached by other women at the event, them being curious about my journey was surreal…they, some of them which were professional business women on the Coast, wanted to speak to me?? As much as this is my journey, I am feeling so blessed that others are taking what they are, from what Ive done with my life, and are motivated to change something about their own. It feels like an honour that this little journey Im living (although it feels HUGE right now with the changes that are happening in my life!), is having a positive effect on others around me.

Pure Happiness..exactly where I knew I was meant to be….

Finding Gorgeous Launch, Sunshine Coast – 17th March, 2012.
I felt so proud to be a part of my friend Mandy Hargreaves special day…

Oh…and after the Event, a woman who approached me, started talking about her horse (yes I know, I have no idea – ‘finding gorgeous’ and ‘horse’ – no connection, right? haha)…and immediately I thought ‘Opportunity!’. After further chatting with her, and seeing a photo of her gorgeous boy, we now have plans for me to ‘get back up on that horse’, and tick off something else on my list! Opportunities linking together – again. Awesome!

ANYTHING is Possible…when you strut your stuff down the Catwalk!

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